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FIMBULVET - New Album 'Portale' via Trollzorn Records & Einheit Produktionen - Lyric Video

Just right in time for their 20th anniversary, German Pagan Metallers FIMBULVET return with their new album "Portale".

Without a doubt, mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Stephan Gauger crowns his previous work with this violent hammer blow.

Produced by Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak, Sun of the Sleepless) at Klangschmiede Studio E, "Portale" will be released in a noble artbook CD edition, limited to 500 copies with a 36-page booklet.

A lyric video for the song "Feuertod" is available here: https://youtu.be/pOg6Ib7B_NE

"Portale" will be released on April 28th, 2023 in cooperation with Trollzorn Records & Einheit Produktionen.

01. Schwelle zur Inbrunst
02. Portale
03. Neiding
04. Feuertod
05. Krieg der Ratten
06. Drachentor
07. Wie ein Blatt im Wind
08. Der finst‘re Poet
09. Traumfänger
10. Patron des Lebens

https://www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/FimbulvetOfficial

MACE 'N' CHAIN - Debut Album 'Among Ancient Pillars' via No Remorse Records - Lyric Video available

MACE 'N' CHAIN was formed in Sweden at the end of 2020 by David Nilsson (singer of Swedish death metal band Feral) to pay homage to the genre that originally got him into metal in the first place: true, sword-wielding, heavy, goddamned, metal!

The debut demo "Upon the Anvil Formed" was released shortly thereafter in 2021 to high praise in the underground metal scene leading MACE 'N' CHAIN joining No Remorse Records, with David Nilsson commenting, "I am extremely honored to be teaming up with No Remorse Records! And I simply could not imagine a better place for MACE 'N' CHAIN than this highly respected label".

"Among Ancient Pillars" is highly recommended for fans of Eternal Champion, Wrathblade, Manilla Road, Cirith Ungol, Brocas Helm, Ironsword, and Manowar. It is raw, epic and thunderous, faithful to epic heavy metal legends, old and new, yet it has the original touch of composer and multi-instrumentalist, David Nilsson. Lyrically, "Among Ancient Pillars" is inspired by a variety of sources including myth and fantasy, literature and the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, Robert Jordan, Robert E. Howard. This is just the beginning…

The album will be released on March 24th 2023. It was recorded in Pagan Hell Studios, mixed by Peter Nilsson at Soner Produktion and mastered by Bart Gabriel. The artwork and logo were created by Bram Bruyneel.

A lyric video for the track "The Key to Ancient Riddles" has been premiered at this location: https://youtu.be/XKa_5n-MxzY

1. Bloodied Talons
2. The Key to Ancient Riddles
3. Defying the Gates
4. By the Peal of Thunder
5. Labyrinthian Black
6. Mound of Ashen Skulls
7. Fountain of Voices
8. Upon the Anvil Formed

https://www.noremorse.gr +++ https://www.facebook.com/macenchain

PUTRID YELL - Debut Album 'Consuming Aberration' via Pulverised Records - Details and Trackstream revealed

Chilean Death Metallers PUTRID YELL have announced their debut full-length, "Consuming Aberration"!

The album will be released on April 14th 2023 via Pulverised Records. It was recorded and mixed by Cristian Leon at Lion’s Roar Studio (Ripper, Hellish, Dearthsvn, etc), mastered by Damien Herring at Subterranean Watchtower Studio (Horrendous, Suffering Hour, Blood Incantation, Rope Sect, etc) and comes with a brilliant artwork by Putrid Matt (Coffins, Bones, Hooded Menace, etc.).

Cold and reptilian but akin to nails impaling with precision and mastery, PUTRID YELL is the inch-perfect blend of contemporary Swede-saw, proto 90’s outta-control chainsaw sound that fascinated the extreme music world and that undeniable first-gen primal Cogumelo worship; a grating orifice of the absolute radiance of the glorious 80’s South American Black/Death Metal movement.

A first track entitled "Indescribable Evil Instinct" can be streamed here: https://youtu.be/5pwvrrgAt6E

01. The Search
02. Consuming Aberration
03. Desire Of Death
04. Re-Animator
05. Forgotten Souls
06. Charred Corpses
07. Indescribable Evil Instinct
08. Process Through Death
09. Deadly Ashes
10. Wrenching Putrid Yell

https://www.pulverised.net +++ https://www.facebook.com/putridyellchile

BLOOD RED THRONE - Kings of Norwegian Death Metal to release new single 'Latrodectus' via Soulseller Records

In celebration of their 25th year of existence, Death Metal destroyers BLOOD RED THRONE will unleash a brand new single, entitled "Latrodectus", on February 24th!

It is available for pre-saving to your favourite playlist here: https://orcd.co/dl9bpke

Founding member Daniel “Død” Olaisen comments:

“Latrodectus marks the 25th anniversary of BLOOD RED THRONE and despite we're getting older, our music gets f*ckin' better!”

The track was recorded at Mayhem Music Sound Studio and mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at The Mixroom.

Artwork by Jon Tønnesen.

BLOOD RED THRONE will release their 11th - yet untitled - full-length album later this year via Soulseller Records.

https://www.facebook.com/BloodRedThroneOfficial +++ https://www.soulsellerrecords.com

ATOMWINTER - New Album 'Sakrileg' out now via Trollzorn - Video Clip Premiere

To celebrate the release of their new album "Sakrileg", German Death Metallers ATOMWINTER have premiered a new video clip!

Check out "Ov Blood And Flesh" at this location: https://youtu.be/Nss-o19-a7k

The band’s fourth full-length is out now via Trollzorn Records on Gatefold-LP and Digi-CD, digitally, and as a limited boxset.

Almost 5 years after the highly acclaimed predecessor, "Catacombs", ATOMWINTER are returning with a new vocalist, stronger than ever! The new material is dripping with hate and scorn and the band has managed to sound more varied than ever before, without denying the roots of their own past. Old school death metal is the law, that's for sure, but ATOMWINTER aren't afraid to incorporate other elements.

Join this sonic hellride!

01. Intro
02. Ov Blood And Flesh
03. The Lungs Ov Hell
04. Brutal Scriptures
05. Catatonic Pathway
06. The Dark Void
07. Sakrileg
08. Cryptic Death
09. Until The Loss Ov God
10. Born Into Iron Coffins
11. Sacred Scum (Vinyl Bonustrack)

https://www.facebook.com/Atomwinter +++ https://www.trollzorn.de

WILD BEYOND - Debut Album via Gates Of Hell Records - Details and Trackstream revealed

Gates Of Hell Records is proud to announce the signing of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, blackened thrash metal outfit WILD BEYOND.

Their self-titled debut will be released on April 14th 2023 and will feature cover art from the acclaimed Adam Burke (ANGEL WITCH, ETERNAL CHAMPION, TEMPLE OF VOID). WILD BEYOND features guitarist/vocalist Edward Gonet (DAEVA, ex-INFERNAL STRONGHOLD), drummer Evan Madden (ex-WOE and WOODS OF YPRES) and bassist/keyboardist/guitarist Jimmy Viola.

The album’s opening track, "In the Footsteps of Mars", and pre-order options are available here: https://youtu.be/hn4Rw0pBWaM +++ https://wildbeyond.bandcamp.com

The idea for WILD BEYOND was born in the middle of the Covid lockdown of 2020, when Gonet impulse-purchased a Randy Rhodes Flying V guitar and started composing after five years of not playing. A year later, with songs and riffs under his belt, Gonet was introduced to Viola and Madden through SONJA drummer Grzesiek Czapla. The trio set forth to compose a full-length album pulsing with destructive cosmic majesty and street metal overtones.

“Back in the day, I used to hang flyers around the city to find musicians to play with, and you never knew who would show up at your house,” says Gonet. “There are fucking mutants all over Philadelphia. I didn’t have to do that this time. The band came together rather effortlessly.”

It wasn’t long, either, that the band fell onto the radar of Gates Of Hell Records. WILD BEYOND’s sound is influenced by the second wave of Norwegian black metal (DARKTHRONE, IMMORTAL) and early thrash (SLAYER, SODOM), with VADER and BATHORY thrown in for good measure.

“Black metal’s mysteriousness and the allure of darkness and evil made it an easy choice to pair with our love of thrash,” the band says. “We wanted to create a classic black metal record, but we also tend to play like speed demons.”

WILD BEYOND’s full length embodies the hyperactive imaginations, anxieties and aggressions of its personnel. This debut will inspire the metal legions to bang their heads, light ceremonial candles in seance, and summon malevolent forces from BEYOND.

“WILD BEYOND speaks to our classic inspirations, but I hope this record sounds like ‘us’ above all,” says Viola. “Eddie’s vocal venom and lyrics are one of a kind. Evan blasts like a battering ram, yet his drum parts are meticulously crafted. And the bass punches through like a frost-covered fist.”

1. In the Footsteps of Mars
2. Detonation of Secret Works
3. Frenzied at the Skull
4. Arctic Stargate
5. Sculpting the Abyss
6. Antichrist Coronation
7. Radio Burst Dark Origins
8. Exit Wounds

https://www.facebook.com/gatesofhellrecords +++ https://www.gatesofhellrecords.com

TULUS - Third Single Stream - 'Bloddråpesvermer' available

Norwegian Black Metallers TULUS have released the third and final single from their upcoming new studio album "Fandens Kall".

"Bloddråpesvermer" is streaming here: https://youtu.be/oMeg8-Amavs

The band's seventh full-length will be released worldwide via Soulseller Records on February 17th 2023 on CD, vinyl and digitally.

"Fandens Kall" captures 3 decades of true TULUS metal and shows their real spirit: aggressive, atmospheric, groovy and honest. Diverse and timeless. It was recorded and mixed at H-10 Productions by Lars Erik Westby, mastered by Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering and features guest appearances of Anders Hunstad (keyboards), Lars Erik Westby (piano) and Lena Fløitmoen (female vocals). The cover artwork was crafted by Kjell Åge Meland.

Pre-order options: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com (World) +++ https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com (Americas)

Furthermore, TULUS have published a documentary which traces the band's history and the work on "Fandens Kall". Get a look behind the scenes: https://youtu.be/MK3FzawXcV4

01. Fandens Kall
02. Lek
03. Slagmark
04. Allstøtt
05. Isråk
06. Samuelsbrenna
07. Sjelesmerte
08. Bloddråpesvermer
09. Snømyrkre
10. Barfrost

https://www.facebook.com/TULUSband +++ http://www.soulsellerrecords.com

RED RUM - New Album "Book Of Legends" via Trollzorn Records - Lyric Video revealed

Trollzorn proudly announces "Book Of Legends" - the new full-length album of UK Pirate/Folk Metallers RED RUM, who will set sails again on April 14th 2023!

"Book of Legends" is RED RUM’s most adventurous release to date, full of catchy melodies, spine crushing singalongs and undeniably raucous metal riffs. With matured songwriting skills, this new album places the band’s neoclassical take on pirate metal to new heights. It was mixed and mastered by Alboin / Nightside Audio and features artwork and layouts by Jan Yrlund @darkgroove (Tyr, Manowar, Korpiklaani, Battle Beast etc).

A lyric video for the song "Greatest Drink (In All The Land)" has been premiered at this location: https://youtu.be/yBeAlyPr4AI

The countless voyages of RED RUM have truly cemented their place in the folk metal world and beyond sharing the stage with the likes of Sodom, Skindred, Alestorm, and many more.

So prepare to brandish your steel because RED RUM are boarding your ship and drinking all your booze!

01. Book Of Legends
02. Drunk And Disorderly
03. 50 Gallons Of Ale
04. We Pirates
05. Liar’s Dice
06. Greatest Drink (In All The Land)
07. Rekt
08. Captain’s Command
09. Drunken Pirates (Ahoy!)
10. Make Port Drink Port

https://www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/redrummetal

TRAMALIZER - Third Single Stream - 'As They Are Put To Sleep' available

Finnish Death Metallers TRAMALIZER have revealed a third song from their upcoming debut full-length "Fumes Of Funeral Pyres".

A video clip (VHS style!) for "As They Are Put To Sleep" can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/lgKD-lTQlUY

The album will be released worldwide through Soulseller Records on February 17th 2023 on CD, vinyl and digitally.

Pre-order options: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com (World) +++ https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com (Americas)

TRAMALIZER formed during the years of pandemic and play metal of death like it was meant to be. Be prepared for raging riffing, shredding guitar leads, powerful vocals and lots, lots of stamina. To the death!

Cover art by Niko Partanen.

01. Tramalized
02. Point Of No Turning Back
03. Hating God
04. As They Are Put To Sleep
05. Curse Of The Lake Drag
06. Gift
07. Fumes Of Funeral Pyres
08. Looking For Reality
09. Plain Evil
10. The Rostov Ripper
11. At The Night Of Feast

https://www.facebook.com/tramalizer +++ http://www.soulsellerrecords.com

BLAZON RITE - Sophomore Album ‘Wild Rites And Ancient Songs’ - Details and Trackstream revealed

Emerging Philadelphia epic metal heroes BLAZON RITE will release their second album, “Wild Rites And Ancient Songs”, on April 14th 2023 via Gates Of Hell Records.

A first trackstream, entitled "Salvage What You Can of the Night", and pre-order options are available at these locations: https://youtu.be/Nori5AQzqjQ +++ https://blazonrite.bandcamp.com

Recorded in May 2022 with Kevin Bernsten at Developing Nations Studios, “Wild Rites And Ancient Songs” is the highly anticipated follow-up to the band’s masterful 2021 debut, “Endless Halls Of Golden Totem”. With scores of ears awaiting the band’s new long player, guitarist James Kirn says BLAZON RITE rose to the challenge.

“We are really grateful for everyone who supported ‘Endless Halls Of Golden Totem’ and hope we made something that people will always go back to,” he says. “The only pressure I think we felt was to deliver something different and fresh from what we’ve already presented to the world. While I think the new album isn’t a huge departure, we did some things creatively with this record that differ from our first full length and push us forward. At times, we simplified things and set out to make songs more hard-hitting and powerful. We really took our time with this album and I think it shows in the quality of the overall product.”

Comprising seven cuts that dig into the ethos and essence of what true metal should be in 2023, “Wild Rites And Ancient Songs” boats BLAZON RITE’s now patented blend of strident guitar melodies and true metal persuasiveness. However, “Wild Rites” emerges as a more direct and catchy offering than its predecessor, something Kirn says was the goal from the start.

“I just wanted to try new things and explore different moods and feelings with this new album. We leaned in so many different directions on this release. We have some traditional power and epic metal elements, some NWOBHM parts, and even folk vibes. I really just wanted to give the listener a wholly memorable experience. We tried to simplify the lyrics and vocal melodies a bit to make them more impactful and anthemic as well. I also think the tones we achieved on this record are great and new for us. I want to mention that Pierson [Roe] took the solos and leads to a new epic place this time around.”

BLAZON RITE rapidly emerged as one of the new leading faces in the American traditional metal scene. The excitement and strong press surrounding “Endless Halls” was significant — and justified. This year promises to be a busy one for the band. Playing as many shows as possible behind “Wild Rites” will be the next step on BLAZON RITE’s epic metal journey.

“We are really amped to hear what everyone thinks of this new album and hopefully, the word spreads even more about us,” closes Kirn. “I think people will appreciate the polish and the development we’ve put on this album. Hopefully, we can get some buzz about the album and play some cool shows with some good lineups.”

1. Autumn Fear Brings Winter Doom
2. Salvage What You Can of the Night
3. The Fall of a Once Great House
4. Mark of the Stormborn Raiders
5. Wild Rites and Ancient Songs
6. Troubadours of the Final Quarrel
7. The Coming Tide of Yule

https://www.gatesofhellrecords.com +++ https://www.facebook.com/blazonriteofficial
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