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TRÄUMEN VON AURORA - Two new albums via Trollzorn - Details & Lyric Video

German Prog Black Metallers träumen von aurora return with two (!) new albums!

"luna" and "aurora" will be released on August 19th 2022 via Trollzorn, each separately as a digipack CD and in digital versions.

With "luna" and "aurora", träumen von aurora release their third and fourth album as complementary works. A few years have passed since the release of the predecessor "rekonvaleszenz". Founder and singer Patrick Wunsch has stayed, the rest of the line-up behind the new works is different. The guitars were recorded by KRATR guitarist Marek Peperkorn, who also did the mixing and mastering. Piano, strings and the new synth sounds come from Liquid Resistance keyboardist Matthias Schäfers. Alexander Häger - known as the guitarist of Beyond Martian Skies - plays the drums and also recorded the bass and additional vocal tracks.

Stylistically, there is also a mixture of old and new elements on "luna" and "aurora". Furthermore, träumen von aurora shine in finding a balance between melodicism and heaviness by combining Black Metal and Post-Rock. Added to this are progressive elements such as unusual time signatures and rhythms, which were hinted at on "rekonvaleszenz" and have now been fully elaborated here to interrupt the melancholic Post-Black Metal foundation in the right places. The always varied vocals also show new facets to present the German and nature-loving lyrics effectively.

In a way, the two albums can be pictured as Yin and Yang: While "luna" plays in winter and tries to develop more hopeful lyrical and musical moods out of a melancholic atmosphere, spring announces itself on "aurora", but not without memories of frost and dreariness.

For a first impression check out the song "sturmgeweiht" from the "luna" album: https://youtu.be/ImmL-0Qi7d8

Tracklist "luna":
1. nicht alle dunkelheit der welt…
2. stille, mehr stille
3. luna I
4. etwas
5. luna II
6. sturmgeweiht

Tracklist "aurora":
1. aurora I
2. gram und verve
3. aurora II
4. epiphanie
5. essenz der wildnis
6. … kann eines lichtes flackern trüben

www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.youtube.com/traeumenvonaurora

SERPENTS OATH - New Single / Video Clip 'Blood Moon' available

SERPENTS OATH have unleashed the third and final single for their upcoming new album!

A video clip for "Blood Moon" has been premiered at this location: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KueuCi7vFec ; the track is also available on all usual platforms now.

The sophomore full-length of the Belgian Black Metallers, entitled "Ascension", will be released on June 24th 2022 via Soulseller Records. It was produced at the renowned Stage One Studio with Andy Classen and features an artwork by Néstor Avalos. "Ascension" is the first result of the band's expanded line-up, as SERPENTS OATH have transfomed from a trio into a sworn in quintet since the release of their debut album "Nihil".

Witness the unleashing of the beast and prepare to be crushed by skull impaling riffs of hate!

Pre-orders: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com (World) +++ https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com (Americas)

01. Invocation Pestum
02. Summoning the Ancients
03. Thy Mighty Serpent
04. Invocation Perversum
05. Blasphemy
06. Bring down the Sun
07. Invocation Maledictum
08. Sworn to the Oath
09. Of Fang and Claw
10. Invocation Infectum
11. Death the Destroyer
12. Blood Moon

www.facebook.com/serpentsoath +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com

SKELATOR - New EP 'Blood Empire' and Vinyl Reissue of 'King Of Fear' via Gates Of Hell Records

Seattle’s SKELATOR will release a new EP, entitled "Blood Empire", and a vinyl reissue of their fourth studio album, "King Of Fear", on September 23rd 2022 via Gates Of Hell Records - a double-dose of epic speed metal!

The "Blood Empire" EP was recorded in September and October 2021 at the band’s rehearsal studio and home studios. It was mixed by guitarist Robbie Houston, with mastering by Collin Jordan of The Boiler Room Mastering. The cover art was created by Max Nazaryan. Like so many of their contemporaries, SKELATOR’s 2020 plans - including a tour in support of their 2019 "Cyber Metal" album - were thwarted by the pandemic. It prompted the band to hunker down and focus on new material while also dealing with a lineup change.

"We had the framework of a song called ‘Vengeance’ which later became ‘The First Empire’,’ says guitarist Rob Steinway. “This song was our catalyst for the rest of the songs that appear on the EP. During the first bit of 2020, we parted ways with our bassist and had our friend Leona [Hayward] join. Most of 2020 and 2021 were spent working on songs remotely, exchanging files, and recording demos until restrictions in our area were eased and we were able to rehearse in person again and actually record. After completing the music for ‘The First Empire’, we began working on ‘Good Day To Die’ as our second song, which went through several revisions as well but was also the first songs that had completely written music and lyrics before we even played through the entire thing in person as a group. ‘Deeds Of Honor’ and ‘Bloodwine’ were written and finished at the same time."

Steinway describes "Blood Empire" as "less futuristic" sounding than “Cyber Metal”; drawing influence from the epic heavy metal and thrash influenced sounds of SKELATOR’s early releases and also notes the production is less pristine. Vocalist Jason Conde-Houston notes that "Cyber Metal" was inspired by German power metal bands GAMMA RAY, GRAVE DIGGER and PRIMAL FEAR with sci-fi and ’80s movies, whereas "Blood Empire" tackles new lyrical themes.

“The EP is straight-up inspired by Klingon lore from the entire ‘Star Trek’ franchise,” he says. “It’s a bit more primitive in nature, but still with some very technical skills involved. I’d say that the two epic journeys will impress more than we have in the past.”

"King Of Fear" will be brought to life on vinyl - a long overdue happening considering the number of requests SKELATOR fielded from fans to have the album on this format. The album has also been purposely re-mastered for vinyl and will feature expanded cover art.

"‘King of Fear’ had only been released on CD and digital download — we desperately wanted to release it on vinyl, but we struggled to find anyone that was wanting to work with us on that,” says Steinway. “At the time of its original release, we weren’t officially on any label, just collaborating with Swords & Chains Records to get the CD distributed. Every show we played, people always ask if we had ‘King Of Fear’ on vinyl yet, along with requests from people to our social media pages. I think we all have personally said, ‘Sometime soon; we really want to release it on vinyl’ hundreds of times. We approached Gates Of Hell with the idea and they were receptive and helped us bring it to life. The art we had is great on CD, don’t get me wrong, but having a larger version will really be a treat and the detail will stick out a lot more."

Outside of the release of "Blood Empire" and reissue of "King Of Fear", SKELATOR is also planning on making a return to the live stage.

"It’s been two years and I think our fans deserve to hear some Heavy Metal Madness once again,” says Conde-Houston. “We already have song ideas for the next release so there is no stopping this train. We will continue to deliver new material to the masses as long as there is oxygen in our lungs."

Pre-orders: https://tinyurl.com/2p84a5j9

"Blood Empire" - Tracklist:
1. Deeds Of Honor
2. Good Day To Die
3. The First Empire
4. Bloodwine

"King Of Fear" - Tracklist:
1. King Of Fear
2. Stronger Than Steel
3. Temple Of The Witch
4. Sword Of The Dawn
5. Raging Demon
6. Curse Of The Black Hand
7. Test The Metal
8. Honor Is Life
9. Necromancer
10. Master of the Universe (BONUS TRACK)

www.facebook.com/TrueSkelator +++ www.gatesofhellrecords.com

KHOLD - New Single 'Evig' available

Norwegian Black Metallers KHOLD have released the third and final single for their upcoming new album!

The track "Evig" is streaming now at this location: https://youtu.be/KRWzfmaior0 ; also available on all usual platforms.

"Svartsyn" will be unleashed on June 24th 2022 via Soulseller Records on CD, LP and digitally. It was recorded and produced with Andy LaRocque at Sonic Train Studios and features an artwork by Terje Johnsen.

Also on their seventh full-length, KHOLD remain true to their original principle: "Svartsyn" has the groove, the drive, the heavy guitar riffs... the way you know it, the way you want it.

True to the soul of Norwegian Black Metal!

Pre-orders: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com (World) +++ https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com (Americas)

01. Apostel
02. Ødslet Blod
03. Evig
04. Skarpretter
05. Helligdom Av Døde
06. Manngard
07. Dystopi
08. I Demonens Bok
09. Villvandre
10. Bryt i Udåd Ut

www.facebook.com/Khold.official +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com

NORDJEVEL - New Single "Spores Of Gnosis"

Out now via Indie Recordings: NORDJEVEL's new single "Spores Of Gnosis"!

https://orcd.co/sporesofgnosis +++ https://youtu.be/akKSW3DihX8

“Elusive and clandestine, raging and black. Like burning needles, piercing every soul and spirit-nerve" - NORDJEVEL

The sinister new track from NORDJEVEL truly captures the raw nature of true Norwegian black metal. “Spores of Gnosis” leads the listeners into an atmosphere surrounded by chaos and darkness.

NORDJEVEL entered the international black metal scene in 2015 and spread like a plague, capturing audiences at festivals such as Inferno, Kaltenbach Open Air, Wacken, Hellfest, Bloodstock, Maryland Deathfest and In Flammen Open Air. They were founded by Doedsadmiral, and consists of established musicians from bands such as Ragnarok, Myrkskog and Dark Funeral.

NORDJEVEL`s brutal and true take on black metal impressed. Their atmospheric and committed sound paired with high technical finesse, unique interplay and raw, unfiltered imagery, has the chills go wild on any black metal fan.

A new full-length album is now on the horizon in 2022.

CONTINUUM OF XUL - New EP 'Falling Into Damnation' out now via Lavadome Productions

Italian death metal pyromancers CONTINUUM OF XUL explode out of the gate with fury!

The band’s new 5-song EP, "Falling Into Damnation", was released on May 27th via Lavadome Productions on CD and digitally.

You can listen to it in its entirety at the following locations: https://continuumofxul.bandcamp.com/album/falling-into-damnation-ep-24-bit +++ https://youtu.be/xpdHfTXgbOY

The core of CONTINUUM OF XUL consists of Matteo G. (guitars) and Tya (vocals). Bass guitar has been executed by Void and session drums were recorded by Giulio Galati. The EP was mixed and mastered at MSTR Sound Studio by Andrea Petucco (AD NAUSEAM).

Disciples of the MORBID ANGEL school of death metal, CONTINUUM OF XUL carry that torch proudly. But they also will not hesitate to put a more personal stamp on things, with compositional affinities honed to a deadly edge by the members’ experience in bands like AD NAUSEAM, HIDEOUS DIVINITY and ANTROPOFAGUS.

Orders can be placed at: https://continuumofxul.bandcamp.com/album/falling-into-damnation-ep-24-bit +++ https://store.lavadome.org

1. Hellmouth
2. I Shall Be Thy Lord
3. Dreaming In The Underworld
4. Blasphemous Redemption (Praise the Flame)
5. An Equinox of Fathomless Disheartenment (Absu Cover)

www.facebook.com/ContinuumOfXul +++ www.instagram.com/continuumofxul333

HEAVING EARTH - New Track Premieres - "Darkness Of God" via Lavadome Productions on May 27th

Czech Death Metallers HEAVING EARTH have revealed two more songs from their highly anticipated new full-length album, "Darkness Of God"!

A lyric video for the track "Apologetics (Of Failure and Fall)" is available at this location: https://youtu.be/a5IciHBgtpc

In addition, an exclusive premiere of "Forever Deceiving Dismal Gods" is streaming at Metal Injection: https://metalinjection.net/av/song-premiere/tech-death-tuesday-heaving-earth-find-devilish-joy-in-forever-deceiving-dismal-gods

Since their crushing 2010 debut "Diabolic Prophecies", and through the blistering 2015 follow-up "Denouncing the Holy Throne", HEAVING EARTH have pushed the envelope of intensity and creativity in their style of chthonian death metal. Now, after a seven-year wait, they return with an album that sets new benchmarks for versatility and intricate composition in its style, without sacrificing any of the monumental heaviness. Mainstay guitarist Tomáš Halama, along with all-new recording line-up, featuring members of Somniate, Hideous Divinity and Supreme Conception has forged an album that instantly captivates, challenges, and rewards recurrent listening.

"Darkness Of God" will be unleashed on May 27th 2022 via Lavadome Productions on CD and digitally.

Pre-orders: https://store.lavadome.org +++ https://lavadome.bandcamp.com

1. Violent Gospels (Ordination of the Holy Trinity)
2. Crossing the Great Divide (Prayer to a Crumbling Shrine)
3. Apologetics (Of Failure and Fall)
4. Forever Deceiving Dismal Gods
5. Cardinal Sin
6. The Lord’s Lamentations
7. Earthly Kingdom of God in Ruins
8. Flesh–Ridden Providence
9. Woeful Redemption

www.facebook.com/heavingearth +++ https://store.lavadome.org


A new Heavy Metal festival is being forged in the heart of New England!

Stormbringer Metal Festival, named after the infamous black sword of the Elric saga, arrives with an ambitious mission: to carve itself a spot on the map of some of the best heavy metal festivals of North America.

Founded by three musicians (Evgeny Gromovoy of Adamantis, Dwayne Eldredge of Mourn the Light and Carmine Blades of Seax), the festival will be celebrated on June 10-11 2022 in Worcester (Massachusetts, USA) at the legendary Ralph's Rock Diner.

This year’s headliners include Riot City (Friday June 10) and Attacker (Saturday, June 11). Supporting acts include Glacier, Gatekeeper, Icarus Witch, Greyhawk, Tower, Ironflame, Blazon Rite and Olorin among others. For most of these bands, Stormbringer will be their first appearance ever in New England.

“In addition to bringing some of the finest heavy metal acts of North America, we want to highlight our vibrant local scene” Dwayne says. This year Stormbringer will feature five New England based bands: Entierro (feat. Victor Arduini of Fate’s Warning fame), Archdruid, Mourn the Light, Seax and Adamantis. “Moreover, we hope that the festival will establish a place for the north-eastern heavy metal vendor community to thrive”, Carmine adds.

Stormbringer Metal Fest features six bands on Cruz del Sur Music/Gates of Hell labels:

Tower, Gatekeeper, Adamantis, Attacker, Blazon Rite and Olorin. “Their inclusion on the bill is testimony to the great work Cruz del Sur Music/Gates of Hell label does to support northamerican heavy metal scene”, Evgeny adds.

“This year’s festival is just the beginning of a saga, the Stormbringer saga” – the promoters conclude. “We have huge plans for years to come! Don’t miss this one, the one that started it all. It will be one to remember!”

Tickets: https://ralphsdiner.ticketleap.com/stormbringer-metal-fest/dates/Jun-10-2022_at_0100PM


MOSAIC - New Video Clip "Teufelsberg"

Thuringian folklorists MOSAIC have released a new track entitled "Teufelsberg".

You can check out the video clip at this location: https://youtu.be/-uho1p4h6Nk

The idea behind the song "Teufelsberg" (The Devil's Mountain) came from a regional legend from the Thuringian Forest. There is the so-called "Übelberg" (Mountain of Evil). Before Christianization, this mountain was a pagan place of power where many rituals were held.

In the course of Christianization, such places were demonized in order to gradually replace the old customs with Christian ones. Thus, it was claimed that on this mountain on Walpurgis night the witches and devils dance and during the twelve nights Hulda rises from the so-called "Hörselberge" (Hear-The-Souls-Mountains) and leads the wild hunt. It is said that it is better for everyone to stay away from this place. The text is inspired by the ballad "The First Walpurgis Night" by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe from 1799.

The video was shot and directed by LES FLEURS DU MAL FOTOGRAFIE and shows an archaic ritual and consecration. For the video version, additional music for the intro and credit scenes was recorded by Valkenstijn in his House of Inkantation.

MOSAIC's highly anticipated new album, "Heimatspuk", will be released on April 22nd 2022 via Eisenwald.

1. Wir sind Geister
2. Die alte Straße
3. Teufelsberg
4. Hullefraansnacht
5. Blutnelke
6. Der Köhlerknecht
7. Nordwaldrauch
8. Heilstatt
9. Unterhulz Zoubar
10. Tief verschneit die ganze Welt (bonus track CD/tape/digital)

www.facebook.com/mosaicofthefallenone +++ www.eisenton.de

DISQUIET - New Single / Video Clip "Wrecked" available

Dutch Thrashers DISQUIET have published another video clip for their upcoming new album "Instigate To Annihilate"!

Check out "Wrecked", featuring Vicky Psarakis of The Agonist, at this location: https://youtu.be/CC1xjog5k3E

The single is also available on all usual streaming platforms.

"Instigate To Annihilate" will be released on May 6th 2022 via Soulseller Records on CD, LP and digitally. It was mixed and mastered at Tomster Studios and features an artwork by Wouter Florusse.

With their third full-length DISQUIET takes you to the far reaches of thrash and melodic death metal, offering you epic heights. The band shows its determination to challenge itself and explore new dimensions like collaborations with vocalists Charlotte Wessels (ex-Delain) and Vicky Psarakis (The Agonist), guitarist Damir Eskic (Destruction) and Koen Romeijn (Heidevolk) and even an instrumental song for the first time. Even with all the innovations, DISQUIET has not lost its focus: Ferocious and crushing riffs, catchy sing-along choruses, and hints of old school thrash with uplifting rhythms that take you into the critical message called DISQUIET.

01. Rise Of The Sycophants
02. Demonic Firenado (ft. guest solo by Damir Eskic / Destruction)
03. Designed To Violate
04. Instigate To Annihilate
05. Wrecked (ft. Vicky Psarakis / The Agonist)
06. No Moral Dignity
07. Destroyance
08. Sicario
09. A Dying Fall
10. The Final Trumpet (ft. Charlotte Wessels / Ex-Delain)

www.disquiet.nl +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com
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