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SARKE - New Single Premiere - New Album "Endo Feight" via Soulseller Records

Pioneering Norwegian Metallers SARKE have revealed another track from their upcoming new album "Endo Feight", coming on June 21st 2024 via Soulseller Records.

You can listen to "In Total Allegiance" here: https://youtu.be/QR_OhnTvzJU

"Endo Feight" was recorded and mixed at H10 Productions by Lars-Erik Westby and mastered by Sofia von Hage and Thomas Eberger at Stockholm Mastering. The cover illustration was created by Kjetil Nystuen.

The band's 8th full-length covers everything from SARKE's lightest parts to the hardest. Prepare for a unique musical journey that breaks barriers within the metal scene, featuring Nocturno Culto from the legendary DARKTHRONE on vocals.

Pre-order options: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com (World) +++ https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com (Americas)

1. Phantom Recluse
2. Death Construction
3. Lost
4. Abyssal Echoes
5. Old Town Sinner
6. I Destroyed The Cosmos
7. In Total Allegiance
8. Macabre Embrace

Nocturno Culto -Vocals
Sarke - Bass, Drums
Steinar Gundersen - Guitars
Anders Hunstad - Keyboard

https://www.facebook.com/SOULSELLERRECORDS +++ https://www.facebook.com/sarkeofficial

SCALD - New Album Ancient Doom Metal via High Roller Records - Track Premiere

High Roller Records proudly announce the new full-length album of Russian Epic Doom Metallers SCALD.

"Ancient Doom Metal", the follow-up to 1997’s classic debut "Will Of The Gods Is Great Power“, will be released on July 26th 2024.

After a one-off live appearance at the Hammer Of Doom festival in 2019 and a 7” single called »There Flies Our Wail!« on High Roller in 2021, SCALD are back for good with a brand new studio album aptly christened »Ancient Doom Metal«. It was recorded by the four original SCALD members Velingor (bass), Harald (guitars), Karry (guitars), Ottar (drums and percussion) plus Felipe Plaza Kutzbach (known for his work with Procession and Capilla Ardiente) on vocals.

Bassist Velingor indeed sees a direct spiritual connection between SCALD’s original debut album »Will Of The Gods Is Great Power« and their brand new offering: “Despite the fact that the first Scald album was composed and recorded back in the 90s, and »Ancient Doom Metal« was created during last three years, they are worked in the same style. Both albums are filled with the same atmosphere – that of the north, of ancient Scandinavia and Russia. In both cases the music and lyrics are based on mythology and mysticism of these regions. Of course, now we have become much more experienced musically than in the 90s, but we tried to keep the epic vibe of northern cold vastness, the very same we managed to create back then. And it is very important that Felipe feels and expresses it as well as we do.”

As Velingor explains, songs like the haunting “The Master Of The Lake” are quite heavily influenced not only by classic epic doom metal but also folk music: “We sometimes use elements of not only Slavic, but folk music of the North in general. But it's worth noting that SCALD is not a folk metal band. Therefore, these elements do not prevail in our creativity. As for ‘The Master Of The Lake’ – this song is filled to the brim, both in music and in lyrics, with the dark, cold mysticism of the North.”

“As for the lyrics in general”, he continues, “it was me who was responsible for the basic ideas. I found inspiration in ancient Scandinavian, Slavic and Finno-Ugric legends (after all, our entire Yaroslavl homeland in ancient times was a crossroads of all these cultures), and used some scientific articles on the subject.”

A first track, entitled "ALU (My Protection)", has been premiered at this location: https://youtu.be/3tKDfqcE4mw

Pre-order options: https://www.hrrecords.de/SCALD

1. Ancient Doom Metal
2. Young God Resurrected
3. The Master of the Lake
4. Far Northern Corner
5. ALU (My Protection)
6. The Liberating Spells of Fire
7. The Enemy Among Us (Bonus track)

https://www.hrrecords.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/scaldepicdoom

BOMBUS - Deal With Black Lodge Records - New Album in 2024

The mighty BOMBUS is now a part of the Black Lodge Records family! The Swedish metal act has inked a deal with Black Lodge Records and will release their fifth full-length and long-awaited album, "Your Blood", later this year.

A Vulgar Display of Metal 'n' Roll : Gothenburg’s BOMBUS returns with their new album, "Your Blood", marking the dawn of a fresh musical chapter. With this album, BOMBUS ventures down a somewhat different path, yet fans need not worry; the essence of BOMBUS remains intact. "Your Blood" is classic BOMBUS with a twist - a blend of heavy metal and classic rock, layered with modern elements.

Musical Evolution : The songs and production of "Your Blood" reveal a band expanding their sonic horizons. The album traverses from heavy metal to classic rock, introducing a more melodic side not previously featured. Despite these new directions, the band's core sound - heavy, raw, and unmistakably BOMBUS - persists.

Produced with Precision : "We decided early to record 'Your Blood' ourselves, without external influences," the band explains. This self-reliance allowed for a meticulous and unhurried recording process, with each member deeply involved. The production, handled by Petter Lithvall at Stigbergstudion, achieves a dynamic sound - thick, beefy bottoms, crispy highs, and punchy mids - all while maintaining clarity and space.

Influences and Sound : "Your Blood" still resonates with the band's foundational influences like WASP, Motörhead, and Metallica. However, this album introduces hints of Sisters of Mercy and Queens of the Stone Age, merging with a classic rock vibe. The result is a BOMBUS that feels familiar yet refreshingly new, embodying what could be described as "Metal 'n' Roll".

Discography Summary : Since their inception in 2008, BOMBUS has built a formidable presence in the Scandinavian rock scene. Their self-titled debut in 2010 set the stage, followed by "The Poet and the Parrot" (2013), "Repeat Until Death" (2016), and "Vulture Culture" (2019). Each album solidified their reputation, and "Your Blood" continues this legacy with a bold new twist.

Final Notes : "Your Blood" is an album where BOMBUS successfully melds their past heaviness with a new, melodic edge. It’s a testament to their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots. Prepare for a powerful display of Metal 'n' Roll, as BOMBUS delivers "Your Blood" with intensity and purpose.

Let’s metal 'n' roll!

https://blacklodge.se +++ https://www.facebook.com/bombusmusic

CLOVEN HOOF - Heathen Cross - Full Album Premiere via High Roller Records

High Roller Records have premiered the full new album of CLOVEN HOOF, one of the most legendary bands of the entire New Wave Of British Heavy Metal movement.

You can listen to "Heathen Cross", featuring new vocalist Harry "The Tyrant" Conklin, in its entirety at this location: https://youtu.be/Dz-DpX_O848

Main man Lee Payne comments: "'Heathen Cross' is CLOVEN HOOF’s most dark and heavy album yet! It has the Satanic undertones of our debut album, but with the best vocalist the group has ever had. Personally speaking it is hands down my favourite CLOVEN HOOF album. We wanted to recapture the spirit and the supernatural majesty of the debut album. Talking to the fans we have given them what they wanted most, a return to the roots of the NWOBHM. They are going to love it!"

Officially out on May 31st 2024: https://www.hrrecords.de/CLOVEN-HOOF

01. Benediction
02. Redeemer
03. Do What Thou Wilt
04. Last Man Standing
05. Darkest Before the Dawn
06. Vendetta
07. Curse of the Gypsy
08. Frost and Fire
09. Sabbat Stones
10. The Summoning

Lee Payne - Bass Guitar
Harry (The Tyrant) Conklin - Lead Vocals
Luke Hatton - Lead Guitar
Chris Coss - Lead Guitar
Ash Baker - Drums / Backing Vocals
Chris Dando - Keyboards / Backing Vocals

https://www.hrrecords.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/clovenhoof1979

VANHELGD - New Full-Length Album "Atropos Doctrina" via Dark Descent Records - Details and Trackstream revealed

Dark Descent Records have announced the new album of Sweden’s VANHELGD: "Atropos Doctrina" is set for release on July 12th 2024 on CD, LP, cassette and digital formats.

After six long years, VANHELGD has finally installed a successor to 2018’s monumental "Deimos Sanktuarium" on the notorious Svensk Dödsmetall throne. But as the saying goes, good things are worth waiting for, and as the Fates would have it, the Swedes’ sixth opus "Atropos Doctrina" might just be the best of the bunch.

“Six years of pandemic, crisis and war have passed since we last announced the impending doom of mankind. Much and nothing has changed. Tragedy, ecstasy and doom are still our perpetual companions and the age of man is indefatigable crawling towards the end of its path. The moirai spun and measured your thread of life and now it’s in the hand of Atropos the Inflexible One…”

"Atropos Doctrina" was recorded under the watchful eye of Marduk’s Magnus “Devo” Andersson at Norrköping’s Endarker Studios, and the odds are you won’t hear a heavier production for a good wee while. Backed by ice-cold performances and precision from the band, "Atropos Doctrina" might just be the biggest sounding album of 2024 to date!

Despite its Latin title, all lyrics on the record are in the band’s mother tongue, marking an end to their Anglo-Swedish lyrical approach. An indifference to trends and scene sentiments persists as VANHELGD’s trump card. And after 17 years the band remains just as uncompromising as ever, honing their unique blend of atmospheric death and black metal to perfection.

A first track, "Kom dödens tysta ängel", can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/vbuig6Bu0lI

Cover artwork by Mattias Frisk.

1. Saliga äro de dödfödda
2. Kom dödens tysta ängel
3. Ofredsår
4. I ovigd jord
5. Atropos Hymnarium
6. Galgdanstid
7. Kerernas törst
8. Gravjordsfrid

https://www.ddmsuo.eu +++ https://www.facebook.com/vanhelgd

ABYSMAL WINDS - Debut Album "Magna Pestilencia" via I Hate Records - Trackstream and Details revealed

I Hate Records proudly announces the debut album of Swedish Death Metallers ABYSMAL WINDS. "Magna Pestilencia" will be unleashed on June 21st 2024 on CD, LP and digitally.

Darkness returns in all aspects! Real Death Metal, where DEATH is always in the foreground, inspired by American and British sounds.

For fans of Incantation, Sadistic Intent and Grave Miasma!

A first track, "Obliteration", is streaming now at this location: https://ihate.bandcamp.com/track/obliteration

1. Incantation (Intro)
2. Sacrilegious
3. Obliteration
4. Blood Prison
5. World Cadaver
6. A Slumbering God
7. Ivory Tomb
8. Horrid Visions
9. Magna Pestilencia

https://www.facebook.com/ihaterecords +++ https://www.facebook.com/abysmalwinds

COLDCELL - New Album "Age Of Unreason" via AOP Records - First Single

Swiss Black Metallers COLDCELL have revealed the first singe from their upcoming new album "Age Of Unreason", set for release on July 26th 2024 via AOP Records.

You can listen to "Dead to the World" here: https://youtu.be/2h-kTVOR2Wk

ColdCell was founded in 2012 in Basel / Switzerland and released its first album “Generation Abomination” in the following year. ColdCell is rooted in the Swiss underground black metal scene and has always been eager to put up dark and atmospheric live shows.The impressions of the dark, eerie and extreme are expressed within ColdCell’s works like: “Lowlife” (2015), “Those” (2017) and “The Greater Evil” (2021).With the latest album “Age Of Unreason” which will be released in 2024 ColdCell furthermore ventures deeper into social abysses and explores the (un)reasonofbeing.

1. Hope and Failure
2. Dead to the World
3. Left
4. Solidarity or Solitude
5. Meaningless
6. Discord
7. Sink Our Souls

https://shop.aoprecords.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/coldcellofficial

OCTOHAWK - Sophomore Album "Determinist" via Crime Records - New Lyric Video

Norway's progressive sludge masters OCTOHAWK have revealed a second track from their upcoming new album "Determinist", set for release on June 7th 2024 via Crime Records on Digipak CD, limited Gatefold LP and digitally.

Check out the lyric video for "Decode" here: https://youtu.be/beDEAyvCyvc

OCTOHAWK's sophomore album takes the listener out of the prehistoric world from the debut "Animist" and into the current and future era of determinism: humanity has left the world of mysteries, wonders, and chance. In a reality where all is calculated, analyzed, and predetermined, humans thrive on scientific progress, but at what cost? If everything is certain, humans have deprived themselves of the illusion of free will and the wonders of life.

"Determinist" is a synopsis of the deterministic era, from the humble experimental beginnings to the complete coalescence with ever-flowing information. Each of the seven tracks represents the significant stages in this endeavor, from man on the ground to being a part of the eternal stream.

This will hit fans of The Ocean, Mastodon, and Igorr right in the face - with expanded diversity, heavier, and more of the good stuff!

1. Arcane Dawn
2. Quantum Age
3. Decode
4. Momentum
5. Earthrise
6. Beyond Tomorrow
7. Gateways

https://crimerecords.no +++ https://www.facebook.com/octohawkband

TZOMPANTLI - New Album "Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force " via 20 Buck Spin - New Track released

Southern California-based Death/Doom Metal act TZOMPANTLI has released another song from the upcoming sophomore abum "Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force" , set for release on May 17th 2024 via 20 Buck Spin.

You can listen to "Chichimecatl" here: https://youtu.be/GGltwsyQJC4

With their debut "Tlazcaltiliztli", TZOMPANTLI - the brainchild of Brian "Itztlakamayeh" Ortiz of metallic hardcore outfit Xibalba - called forth a penetrating strike of Death and Doom Metal like a poisoned arrow through the heart. The band’s foundation in Indigenous / Native rituals, history and lore, and merging of traditional instruments into their sound made for one of 2022’s most uniquely voiced metal records.

Now TZOMPANTLI have again been summoned from the smoke of the ancient fires with a new offering at the altar of human sacrifice, "Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force". Fearsomely brutal marches of war-like, percussive Death Metal are contrasted with melancholy passages of longing spirit and entrancing ceremonial invocations to the ancestors. The TZOMPANTLI tribe has greatly expanded on this second album with 10+ musicians enlisted in the conjuring of wrathful deities and collection of invader skulls.

There has been no shortage of fantastic Death/Doom records in recent years and TZOMPANTLI’s latest entry in the genre’s pantheon demonstrates its continued expansion into wider musical and thematic arenas. The anguished fortitude at the heart of "Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force" exalts in the blood and ash of empire and would be conquerors, a fiery lamentation to centuries of erasure.

"Beating The Drums Of Ancestral Force" was recorded, produced, mixed & master by Erol Ulug at Bright Light Studios. The cover artwork was crafted by Adam Burke.

1. Tetzahuitl
2. Tlayohualli
3. Tlaloc Icuic
4. Chichimecatl
5. Tetzaviztli
6. Otlica Mictlan
7. Icnocuicatl

https://www.20buckspin.com +++ https://www.facebook.com/tzompantlidoom

WORMWOOD - New Album "The Star" via Black Lodge Records - Video Clip Premiere

It's all over, you are cosmic driftwood, finally at peace.


Watching from afar as everything is being turned to dust.

In typical Wormwood fashion, "Ro" is a strongly emotional, provocative, and beautiful song that blends genres and emotional expressions. This is also very apparent in the accompanying video which is released today two days before the actual release date on the 26th of April. Smart link: https://orcd.co/wormwood-ro

“Ro” is taken from the upcoming album “The Star”, which is set to be released on the 31st of May 2024 via Black Lodge Records:

The release of “The Star”, concludes the magnificent trilogy about death (NATTRAVET, ARKIVET, THE STAR). "NATTARVET" was about the grim famine that plagued the people in the 19th-century Nordic region. "THE ARCHIVE" focused on the inevitable downfall of mankind and "THE STAR" tells the story of the end of the universe. There is no doubt that WORMWOOD musically has taken another big step forward, both in terms of songwriting and performance. Nothing is left to chance, and everything is refined down to the smallest detail, and this without sacrificing the bands unmistakable raw sound.

Pre-order options: https://orcd.co/the-star

1. Stjärnfall
2. A Distant Glow
3. Liminal
4. Galactic Blood
5. Thousand Doorless Rooms
6. Suffer Existence
7. Ro

https://blacklodge.se +++ https://www.facebook.com/WormwoodSWE
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