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JADE - Debut Album 'The Pacification Of Death' via Pulverised Records - Details & Track Premiere

Atmospheric Death Metallers JADE have announced their debut full-length, "The Pacification Of Death".

The album will be released on November 25th 2022 through Pulverised Records on CD, LP and in digital versions.

It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios, Barcelona (Graveyard, Teitanblood, Foscor, etc) and is adorned with an astounding artwork by Adam Burke (Loss, Occultation, Vektor, Evoken, etc).

Expect six tracks of ritualistic Death Metal, with a deep reverence for the history and tradition of Mesoamerican and Eastern culture.

A video clip for the title track has been premiered at this location: https://youtu.be/JpRejRybhjc

1. The Pacification Of Death
2. Dragged Fears & Drowned Bones
3. Emanation Of Decay
4. Silk Ransoms
5. Ghastly Eyes
6. The Saddest Night

https://www.pulverised.net +++ https://www.facebook.com/jadestonemask

SPEGLAS - New EP "Time, Futility & Death" via Pulverised Records - Details & Track Premiere

Swedish dismal masters SPEGLAS have premiered the opening track from their upcoming new EP "Time, Futility & Death".

You can listen to "Avow" at this location: https://youtu.be/s0tpRBOeBu0

"Time, Futility & Death" will be released on November 18th 2022 via Pulverised Records on CD, MLP, tape and digitally.

It was recorded at Studio Humbucker by Robert Pehrsson (Dead Lord, Death Breath, Carpenter Brut, Under The Church, etc), mixed by Robert Andersson (Sweven, ex-Morbus Chron, ex-Temisto, etc) at Tonrummet and mastered by Tore Stjerna at Necromorbus Studio (Watain, Funeral Mist, Portrait, etc). The artwork was created by SPEGLAS mastermind Isak Rosemarin.

A true gem for the discouraged ones from some of the most prodigious craftsmen in melancholic dark-rock!

1. Leap
2. Avow
3. Voyage
4. At The Precipice
5. One Last Midnight

https://www.pulverised.net +++ https://www.facebook.com/SPEGLAS

IRON FLESH - New Album 'Limb After Limb' via War Anthem Records - Details & Lyric Video

French Deather Metallers IRON FLESH raise the chainsaw again and proudly announce their third full-length album!

"Limb After Limb" will be released via War Anthem Records on November 4th 2022.

It was recorded, mixed and mastered by David Thiers at Secret Place Studio / Bordeaux and features a cover artwork by Skadvaldur (Cryptic Brood, Misthyrming, Sinmara, Ripped To Shreds).

A lyric video for the new track "To Become One With The Dead" can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/tFrsUouPTEA

IRON FLESH combine amazingly varied songwriting and eerie melodies with a massive, heavy wall of sound. "Limb After Limb" keeps the band’s 90s Swedish old school roots alive but also incorporates some new influences which are giving them a more own caracter. Expect their best effort to date!

01. Overthrow ov The Sermon ov God
02. Cursed Within
03. In Agony You Must Reborn
04. Limb After Limb
05. Blessed Be The Creators
06. Sacrorum Profanationem
07. Honor In Death
08. To Become One With The Dead
09. As Ghouls March On
10. Procession of Living Cadavers

https://www.facebook.com/WarAnthemRecords +++ https://www.facebook.com/IronFlesh

SUBORBITAL - Debut Album 'Planetary Disruption' via War Anthem Records - Track Premiere

War Anthem Records proudly announces the debut full-length album of German Death Metallers SUBORBITAL!

"Planetary Disruption" will be released on November 4th 2022.

A video clip for the title track is premiered at this location: https://youtu.be/jq9gjasBxLg

"Planetary Disruption" seems like a time machine and reminds in many ways of milestones like Morbid Angel’s "Altars Of Madness", Nocturnus’ "The Key" or Pestilence’s "Spheres“ with its technichal yet catchy Death Metal riffing, exaggerated solo outbursts and tons of threatening-groovy parts. The fantastic analog mastering at World Famous Studios by hands of Pete De Boer (Blood Incantation, Faceless Burial, Spectral Wound) gives the whole production additional warmth and the necessary special feeling that reminds us of the time before today's usual standardized glossy productions.

A must for all those who mourn the blessed times of technical Florida Death Metal, as well as for fans of the new OSDM wave with bands like Skeletal Remains, Blood Incantation and Undeath.

01. Planetary Disruption
02. Gyroscope
03. Solar Portal
04. Sands Of Uranus
05. Astral Chasm
06. Sicknature Of Galactic Imperium
07. Stellar Explosion
08. Consumed On Power Altars
09. Fatal Alert
10. Sub-Orbital
11. Stench Of Orbit

https://www.war-anthem.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/Metaoccultist

ALTARS ABLAZE - New Album 'Life Desecration' out now via Lavadome Productions - Full Stream available

"Life Desecration", the debut full-length of Czech Black/Death Metallers ALTARS ABLAZE, is out now via Lavadome Productions on CD and in digital formats!

You can listen to the entire album at these locations: https://youtu.be/N3SzVtcWnho +++ https://lavadome.bandcamp.com/album/life-desecration

ALTARS ABLAZE has been created by members of Heaving Earth, Supreme Conception and Elysium to venture their vigorous urge to create an ultimate musical soundscape, merging the most extreme of the black and death metal subgenres.

"Life Desecration" consists of 8 elaborate but-to-the-point songs graced by the art of Nuno Zuki of Belial NecroArts. It was recorded at Davos Studio and mixed and mastered by Christian Erkens at Cyphx-Audio.

1. For The Lifeless Love Of A Crucified Corpse
2. Life Desecration
3. Shrine Destroyer
4. Across The Empires Of Death
5. Drenched In Wrath And Blood
6. With Bone Crowns And Iron Scepters
7. Beneath The Smouldering Ruins
8. Glorification Of Rats

https://store.lavadome.org +++ https://www.facebook.com/ALTARS.ABLAZE

ELLENDE - New Single "Freier Fall" available

ELLENDE'S new single "Freier Fall" is released: https://youtu.be/BrabWj6OHMc

The song translates to "Free Fall" and deals with the feeling of falling and Todesangst, knowing there will be an impact in the end.

It is taken from the upcoming album "Ellenbogengesellschaft" - to be released on 30th September 2022 via AOP Records.

Austrian Black Metal formation ELLENDE around mastermind L.G. releases their seventh record and fourth full-length album “Ellenbogengesellschaft”. After 10 years of existence as an international established live band and studio project their unique approach to atmospheric black metal will be forged into another milestone and released through AOP Records Germany in September 2022 on various sound carrier formats.

Personal statement of L.G.: “I am very excited and proud that a new full-length album will be released after many years of work. Together with Markus Stock and Klangschmiede Studio E we were able to create one of our most sophisticated records until now, incorporating some fresh elements as well as staying true to what Ellende is and was always striving for. Thanks to all involved and supporting, and of course, enjoy the ride.” L.G., 2022.

1. Ich bin
2. Unsterblich
3. Ruhelos
4. Hand aufs Herz
5. Someday
6. Freier Fall
7. Abschied
8. Verletzlich

https://shop.aoprecords.de +++ www.ellende.at

DREAM UNENDING - Sophomore Album 'Song Of Salvation' via 20 Buck Spin - Details and Trackstream

DREAM UNENDING, the atmospheric dream doom project of Derrick Vella (Tomb Mold) and Justin DeTore (Innumerable Forms, Sumerlands, Solemn Lament), will release their 2nd full-length "Song Of Salvation" on November 11th 2022 via 20 Buck Spin.

It was recorded by both Sean Pearson and Arthur Rizk and mixed/mastered by Arthur Rizk and J.K. Allison. The cover was painted by Benjamin A. Vierling

The first single, "Secret Grief", can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/GsfLcOWi__E +++ https://20buckspin.bandcamp.com/album/song-of-salvation

It features a guest vocal contribution from Phil Swanson, and the multi-talented Leila Abdul-Rauf of Vastum on trumpet.

The 2021 DREAM UNENDING debut album "Tide Turns Eternal" was a marked shift in musical ambition for Vella and DeTore. While structured with a foot firmly in Death/Doom, a far loftier purpose and progressivism was its hallmark, as such distancing itself from others pursuing the style. Now returning only a year later with the stunning "Song Of Salvation", that exploratory zeal is given substantially greater allowance to soar and shine. DREAM UNENDING’s rapid evolution on the boundless panorama of "Song Of Salvation" is, crucially and intrinsically, a continued departure from limiting genre norms and an adept redefining of them.

1. Song of Salvation
2. Secret Grief
3. Murmur of Voices
4. Unrequited
5. Ecstatic Reign

https://www.20buckspin.com +++ https://www.instagram.com/thedreamisunending

THEOTOXIN - New Album "Fragment : Totenruhe" via AOP Records - Video Clip

Austrian Black Metallers THEOTOXIN have announced their new full-length album!

"Fragment : Totenruhe" will be released on October 28th 2022 via AOP Records. It was recorded, mixed & mastered at Klangschmiede E studios. Guitars & Bass recorded at Oakpath Audio. Artwork by Jose Gabriel Sabogal/ M.P. Soszynski / SAROS Collective.

A video clip for the song "World, Burn for Us" can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/jsDn18HTNyE

With the intention of creating supreme black metal art, this quintet ascended from the catacombs of Vienna, Austria in 2016 and consists of experienced individuals exclusively. The brand new 2022 album "Fragment : Totenruhe" will be their second strike under the banner of AOP records and a worthy successor to the 2020 album "Fragment : Erhabenheit". Marking a total number of four releases since the founding days, Theotoxin stands for longevity, continuity and ongoing advancement. Theotoxin is a guarantor for intense live performances and delivers an unprecedented show with deep yet aggressive atmosphere. With plenty of live appearances and a tour through Europe accomplished so far, the band is eager to spread their black chants even further.

Theotoxin looks back at a variety of single shows and concerts all over Europe, devastating small clubs and open air stages alike. Furthermore, Theotoxin will conquer new territory along with Archgoat and Whoredom Rife in November and December 2022.

1. World, Burn for Us
2. Catastrophe in Flesh
3. Towards the Chasm
4. Demise of the Gilded Age
5. After Thousands of Years
6. Perennial Lunacy
7. …Of Rapture and Dissolution
8. Totenruhe
9. Frontschwein (Original by Marduk)

https://shop.aoprecords.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/TheotoxinOfficial

FIRTAN - New Single "Labsal" available

German Black Metallers FIRTAN have revealed another track from their upcoming new album.

Check out "Labsal" here: https://youtu.be/B83MRArjZTw

"Marter", FIRTAN's highly anticipated third full-length, will be released on September 30th 2022 via AOP Records on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Since their fortuitous formation in 2010, FIRTAN have been dedicated to a unique strain of extreme metal and have steadily built an enraptured audience across countless shows in their native Germany and abroad. Granted, the band's roots lay in black metal, particularly those pivotal days of the 1990s, but over the course of two acclaimed albums - 2014's "Niedergang" and especially 2018's "Okeanos" - FIRTAN have effortlessly integrated an eclecticism that has become more self-contained and increasingly kaleidoscopic. Now, they arguably deliver their masterwork: "Marter".

Immediately, the trademark FIRTAN sound is felt - riffing that's raging yet gorgeous, atmosphere that's autumnal yet cliche-free, compositions that span epic lengths yet remain judiciously compact - and "Marter" stuns after first listen. However, delve deeper and you'll find that FIRTAN have become more daring in their soundfield, incorporating more acoustics, synths, and strings to flesh out that always-poignant atmosphere. Amazingly, the band never busy up that soundfield; everything sounds rich and robust but in its proper place, every tone resounding endlessly through the soul. That FIRTAN take "Marter" in sometimes diametrically opposed directions - violent vs. restrained, explosive vs. placid, righteously black metal vs. something approaching neoclassical - often all during the course of a song, speaks to the band's masterful approach to songwriting. Some might even liken Marter to "post-black metal," which is okay with them: FIRTAN are simply performing their own interpretation of black metal.

Fittingly, the theme of Marter deals with the isolation of the modern individual who finds himself torn between spiritual hope and existential failure - and FIRTAN vividly paint this panorama in their most dazzling hues yet. And just like its massive predecessor, Marter was recorded at the esteemed studio Klangschmiede E with Markus Stock of The Vision Bleak/Empyrium. Completed by grandiose cover art courtesy of Władysław Podkowiński, Marter is a milestone of the dynamic German black metal scene - and FIRTAN have arrived as reigning kings.

1. Faðir
2. Amor Fati
3. Labsal
4. Lethe
5. Parhelia
6. Odem
7. Menetekel
8. Peraht
9. Medomai (Bonus Track*)

*available on vinyl and CD boxset

https://shop.aoprecords.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/Firtanofficial

TIMOR ET TREMOR - New Album "Realm Of Ashes" via Trollzorn - Details and Lyric Video

After 6 years without release, German Melodic Black Metallers TIMOR ET TREMOR finally return with a new album!

"Realm Of Ashes" will be released on October 28th 2022 via Trollzorn.

TIMOR ET TREMOR’s new material is shaped by a consistent evolution and the addition of new elements, while still carrying the typical characteristics and essential cornerstones of the band’s sound like melodic guitars, varied songwriting and the unmistakable mix of clean and harsh vocals. The renowned Woodshed Studio delivered a clear and massive mix, capturing every detail and enabling an immersive insight into the world of TIMOR ET TREMOR.

"Realm Of Ashes" is the band’s most personal album to date and clearly stands out from its predecessors.

Check out the lyric video for the song "Of Wolf And Sun" to get a first impression: https://youtu.be/JL-9bxKV1bY

1. Mirrors And Smoke
2. Voices From The Coffin
3. A Hundred Days Of Rain
4. King Of The Lost
5. Of Wolf And Sun
6. Catharsis
7. A Crown Of Bones
8. Bearer Of The Accursed Sands

https://www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/chatticblackmetal
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