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ADAMANTIS - New Video Clip "Voron (The Ravensong)"

Massachusetts based ADAMANTIS have revealed a video clip for the track "Voron (The Ravensong)"!


The song is taken from the band's 2020 debut album "Far Flung Realm", which will see its full international release via Cruz Del Sur Music on March 19th 2021.

Get ready for soaring vocals, dueling guitars, a battering ram of a rhythm section and songs that both engage and inspire - timeless and majestic Power Metal!

"Far Flung Realm" was produced, mixed and mastered by Christian ‘Moschus’ Moos / Spacelab Mixing and features a cover artwork by Piotr 'Kaenshin' Bednarczuk.

1. Into the Realm
2. Unbound Souls
3. Misbegotten Dream
4. Puppeteer's Bane
5. Fire and Brimstone
6. Imagination
7. Journey's End
8. The Oracle's Prophecy
9. Second Sight
10. The Siege of Arkona
11. Voron (The Ravensong)

www.facebook.com/adamantisband +++ https://www.cruzdelsurmusic.com

NECRONOMICON - New Video Clip "Me Against You"

Cult Thrashers NECRONOMICON have published another video clip for their upcoming new album "The Final Chapter"!

Check out "Me Against You" at this location: https://youtu.be/X0BjYyGc-HQ

"The Final Chapter", the band's tenth full-length, will be released on March 26th 2021 via El Puerto Records. Mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler.

It's for the first time that the band features an international line-up with Canadian drummer Rik Charron (ex-Exciter) and American guitarist Glen Shannon, beside founding member Freddy and Marco Lohrenz on bass.

Be prepared for a blistering sonic assault - intricate, hard hitting, powerful!

"Wall Of Pain" - Video Clip: https://youtu.be/p8UlLyEi0aM

Preorders: https://shop.el-puerto-records.com

1. I Am The Violence
2. The Final Chapter
3. Wall of Pain
4. Purgatory
5. Burning The Fury
6. Spilling Blood
7. Selling Nightmares
8. World on Fire
9. The Devil's Tears
10. The Unnamed
11. Me Against You
12. The Stormreaper

https://www.facebook.com/necronomiconofficial +++ https://www.facebook.com/ElPuertoRecords

HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY - Debut Album "Rise Of The Rotten" via Pulverised Records - Details & Track Preview

Swedish/American supergroup HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY have announced their debut, "Rise Of The Rotten"!

The album will be released via Pulverised Records on CD and digitally on April 23rd 2021. The vinyl release will follow on May 14th.

Comprising of Sweden's busiest Death Metal overlord Rogga Johansson, Monstrosity frontman Mike Hrubovcak and Paganizer drummer Matthias Fiebig, HOUSE BY THE CEMETARY are paying homage to the Fulci-directed cult horror film from 1981 with a relentless chainsaw assault.

"Rise Of The Rotten" was recorded in different studio locations, mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at EAP Productions (Bodyfarm, Bone Gnawer, Cut Up, etc) and is adorned with a morbific artwork by Malaysian illustrator Iron Gravefix (Thorns Of Hate, Abigail, Bone Gnawer, etc).

The title track is streaming at this location now: https://youtu.be/Z5HtJbwcYT4

1. Rise Of The Rotten
2. Contagious Madness
3. Crematory Whore
4. Defleshed By The Seasons
5. A Morbid Scent
6. Into The Murky Depths
7. Eaten By The Horrid
8. The Wretched One
9. March Of The Undead

https://pulverised.bandcamp.com/album/rise-of-the-rotten +++ www.pulverised.net

INFLABITAN - "Intrinsic" - Full Album Stream

INFLABITAN have premiered their debut "Intrinsic“ in its entirety!

You can listen to the album at this location: https://youtu.be/3MHppdX03Cg

INFLABITAN started as a one-man band in the early nineties and was part of the early Norwegian Black Metal scene before going into hiatus for a long period. On "Intrinsic“, the project’s initiator Inflabitan took care of all guitars, bass and vocals, while the drums were handled by AntiChristian (Tsjuder, Beaten To Death, The Cumshots) and the lyrics were written by Aldrahn (Dødheimsgard, Urarv).

Debuting after dwelling in the underground for 28 years, this riff monster of black-death-thrash arts is not to be overlooked!

The album is available via Soulseller Records on CD and in digital formats now; a vinyl release follows on May 7th.

1. Mental Radiation Fix]
2. Avanti Cristo
3. Crown Of Horns
4. Egocide
5. Divine Prostitution
6. Introvert Vile Domain
7. Symbols
8. The Evil Mainframe
9. The Great Surrender
10. Children Of The Damned

www.facebook.com/inflabitanintrinsic +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com

XEPER - "Ad Numen Satanae" - Full Album Stream

Black Metal created with power, grandeur and passion - XEPER proudly present a full stream of their fourth full-length!

You can listen to "Ad Numen Satanae" in its entirety at this location: https://youtu.be/xNkwsKDn24w

The album will be available on CD and digitally via Soulseller Records on February 26th 2021. The vinyl release follows on May 7th.

XEPER was formed in 2007 in Treviso / Italy by guitarist Guh.Lu, best known as a former member of bands such as Setherial or Impiety and currently as the bass player of Gorgoroth. The project features musicians from the worldwide Black Metal scene like V. Einride (Whoredom Rife) on drums, Maelstrom on vocals and guest appearances of Blasphemer (Vltimas, ex-Mayhem), Mantus (Patria) and various others.

Artwork by Marcelo Vasco.

1. Fiat Interitus
2. The Hidden Genesis
3. Under The Will Of Satan
4. Riding The Spiral Of Lilith
5. Purity And Death
6. Snake That Brought The Flame
7. Ad Numen Satanae

www.facebook.com/xeperofficial +++ http://www.soulsellerrecords.com

KANKAR - New Trackstream "Dunkle Millennia"

Black Metallers KANKAR have revealed the title track from their upcoming debut album, which will be released on March 19th 2021 via Eisenwald.

Check out "Dunkle Millennia" at this location: https://youtu.be/3JSH3zLyS1g

KANKAR are a black metal duo hailing from Thuringia, Germany. The band began in 2016, and two years later had released their debut EP, "Elemental Fury". Now, they make their first grand statement with their debut full-length. Immediately recognizable as KANKAR but bolstered on every level - songwriting, performance, production - "Dunkle Millennia" literally bristles with an electricity that's undeniable. It was produced by Markus Stock (Helrunar, Bethlehem, Empyrium, Secrets of the Moon etc.) at his renowned Klangschmiede Studio E. The artwork was created by Northem Art and House of Inkantation.

1. Gier
2. Krater in Sarx
3. Zerfall des Lichts
4. Vergeltung
5. Thüringer Schwarzmetall
6. Der Schütze
7. Neid
8. Festmahl für die Krähen
9. Pilgerreise
10. Die Sonne über Ikarus
11. Dunkle Millennia

www.facebook.com/kankarofficial +++ www.eisenton.de

VALDAUDR - "Drapsdalen" - Full Album Stream

Norwegian Black Metallers VALDAUDR proudly present their upcoming debut in its entirety!

A full stream of "Drapsdalen" is available at this location: https://youtu.be/nMg0Xu6EUfM

The album will be out via Soulseller Records on February 26th 2021 on CD and in digital formats. The vinyl release is set for May 7th.

VALDAUDR roots on the project Cobolt 60, which was initiated by guitarist Død (Blood Red Throne, ex-Satyricon), and offers a time travel to the glorious nineties Black Metal era. Think of Darkthrone meets early Ulver meets Primordial!

1. Liket Skulle Vaert Brent
2. Trass og Vrede
3. Evig Langt Inn I Tiden
4. Den Evige Ild
5. Du Vantro Og Vrange Slekt
6. Drapsdalen
7. Kom, Bestig Vaare Fjell

www.facebook.com/valdaudr +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com

HELSLAVE - New Album "From The Sulphur Depths" via Pulverised Records - Details and Trackstream

Italian filthmongers HELSLAVE return with their hellbent sophomore full-length album!

"From The Sulphur Depths" will be unleashed via Pulverised Records on CD and digitally on April 23rd 2021, followed by a vinyl release on May 14th.

With riffs mercilessly churning out that lusciously thick buzzsaw from hell, the album opens up a gateway to suffocating, leviathan-like Death Metal at its finest. It was mixed and mastered by Swedish Death Metal godfather Dan Swanö (ex-Edge Of Sanity, ex-Bloodbath, Witherscape, etc) at Unisound Studio and features an artwork by Juanjo Castellano (Portrait, Revel In Flesh, The Black Dahlia Murder, etc).

A first track, "Unholy Graves", is available at this location: https://youtu.be/aP41EdFlr2o

1. From The Sulphur Depths
2. Unholy Graves
3. Thrive In Blasphemy
4. Perpetual Damnation
5. Last Nail In The Coffin
6. Thy Will Be Undone
7. Funereal Lust
8. Desecration
9. Rotting Pile Of Flesh
10. The Sentence Of The Living

www.facebook.com/HelSlave +++ https://www.pulverised.net

SPITFIRE - Join No Remorse Records - New studio album "Denial To Fall" to be released in Autumn 2021

Formed in 1984, SPITFIRE is the most legendary heavy metal band of Greece. The debut album "First Attack" (released by EMI in 1987) stands in the top of the greatest metal albums coming from the country and has built a strong following over the decades. At the3 same time, the band suffered a major blow when original singer Dinos Costakis was seriously injured in a car accident and along with a few more problems rooted in the music industry, SPITFIRE's career entered a dark period while they were also pushed to change the name to SPEEDFIRE for a while, releasing also the live album "100% Live" in 1990.

With important line-up changes and the SPITFIRE moniker back in the mid-90s the legendary act kept performing live and released the second studio album "Die Fighting" in 2009. Over the years they have shared the stage with many bands including IRON MAIDEN and SCORPIONS, and in 2020-2021 the recording line-up of Elias Longinidis - Guitars, Tassos Krokodilos - Lead and backing vocals, Panos Hatziioannidis - Guitars, Nikos Michalakakos - Bass and George Paximadis - Drums completed the recordings of the third studio album that will be released in autumn of 2021 on CD and vinyl format under the title "Denial To Fall".

1. Stand And Fight
2. Wasted
3. Denial To Fall
4. On My Own
5. Unholy
6. Ready To Attack
7. Many Lies
8. Naked Fire
9. Back To Zero.

"Denial To Fall" is more than a title, it is a statement and SPITFIRE are looking forward to hit the stage.

SPITFIRE's current line-up is: Elias Longinidis - Guitars, Tassos Krokodilos - Lead and backing vocals, Panos Hatziioannidis - Guitars, Nikos Michalakakos - Bass, Nick Adams - Drums.

https://www.facebook.com/Spitfire-Hellas-44583097734 +++ https://www.noremorse.gr

WODE – Third Full-Length "Burn In Many Mirrors" via 20 Buck Spin – Details and Trackstream

20 Buck Spin proudly announces the third full-length album of England’s WODE, offering a visceral and ruthless combination of black metal and death metal with 80s metal classicism!

"Burn In Many Mirrors", the band’s most potently wild and predatory work yet, will be released on April 2nd 2021.

Shrouded in sepulchral black metal atmosphere and freezing cold melodies "Burn In Many Mirrors" displays a studied regard for songcraft and motive well beyond mere convention, transforming into a concentrated dark chorus of ruin and abomination. It was recorded by Joe Clayton at NØ Studio March-August 2020, mastered by Magnus Lindberg and is adorned with an artwork by Santiago Caruso.

A first song, entitled "Vanish Beneath", is available at this location: https://youtu.be/u3r_FY9RfRk

The band states: „We’re just as excited about the new record now as we were when writing it. And it’s great to be working with a label that we admire in 20 Buck Spin. Burn in Many Mirrors is the best realisation to date of where we’re coming from and marks a new chapter in our saga of chaos.”

1. Lunar Madness
2. Serpent's Coil
3. Fire In The Hills
4. Sulphuric Glow
5. Vanish Beneath
6. Streams Of Rapture (I, II, III)

https://www.facebook.com/Wodecult +++ https://www.20buckspin.com
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