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MINAS MORGUL - New Album 'Nebelung' via Trollzorn Records - Lyric Video Premiere

Trollzorn Records proudly announces the new full-length album of German Black Metallers MINAS MORGUL, entitled "Nebelung".

It will be released on June 2nd, 2023 on Digipak-CD, Gatefold-LP and digitally.

After a quarter of a century, MINAS MORGUL have arrived at the core of their artistic identity with their eighth opus. The last two remaining founding members Saule (guitar) and Berserk (drums) have created a tremendously personal, intense and moving album that brings out the band's Black Metal side more than ever with its repellent coldness. Thus it is more reminiscent of the Norwegian 90s than of the German Black/Pagan Metal scene that MINAS MORGUL have helped to found since 1997.

"Nebelung" also features the band’s revamped line-up with Alboin (Eïs, Plutonyan), who was responsible for the bass, keyboards, parts of the guitars and some vocals, as well as for the production under the banner of Nightside Audio, and vocalist Stef (ex-Jörmungand), who was already heard as a guest singer on the previous album "Heimkehr". Both have joined the band as full members, so MINAS MORGUL are now ready as a quartet to present "Nebelung" on stage after a four-year live break.

Last but not least, Ferndal-mastermind Lestaya fulfilled a long-cherished wish of the band and gave the album a cello piece as an intro.

A lyric video for the new track "Inter Stellas" can be checked out at this location: https://youtu.be/ZktnKQ-0s0s

1. Beginn
2. Nebelung
3. Trümmer
4. Ritual
5. Inter Stellas
6. Morast
7. Wolfskind
8. Aufbruch
9. Lethargie

https://www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/MinasMorgul

SACRED OUTCRY - Sophomore Album "Towers Of Gold" via No Remorse Records - Lyric Video Premiere

No Remorse Records proudly announces "Towers Of Gold" - the sophomore album of Greek Epic/Power Metallers SACRED OUTCRY, set for release on May 19th, 2023.

Written and arranged by mastermind George Apalodimas, "Towers Of Gold" is the first album featuring the band’s new line-up with axeman Steve Lado, drummer Defkalion Dimos and the legendary Daniel Heiman (ex-LOST HORIZON) behind the mic.

The long-awaited successor to the highly acclaimed debut "Damned For All Time" (2020) is a full concept album directly tied to the golden age of late '90s and early '00s power metal, fused with the legendary '80s US metal scene, where WARLORD meets BLIND GUARDIAN and MANOWAR joins LOST HORIZON on a mystical journey through ten chapters of dark epic metal.

The cinematographic story of "Towers Of Gold" is fully connected with the gripping variety of the music, which is full of emotion and power. Hidden messages can be found all over the album, from the breathtaking cover art, the concept and the lyrics, to the multi-layered music that will keep growing with every listening.

A lyric video for the track "The Voyage" has been premiered at this location: https://youtu.be/9GlXopKZ6sw

For pre-order options check: https://www.noremorse.gr/products?searching=sacred+outcry

01. Through Lands Forgotten (At The Crossroads Of Fate)
02. The Flame Rekindled (Lurid Lights And Drunken Revelry)
03. The Voyage (Towards Immortality)
04. Into The Storm (Beyond The Lost Horizon)
05. Symphony Of The Night (The Curse Of The Blind)
06. A Midnight Reverie (Whispers In The Wind)
07. The Sweet Wine Of Betrayal (The Perennial Sin)
08. The City Of Stone (The Burden Of The Crownless Kings)
09. Towers Of Gold (Tempus Edax Rerum)
10. Where Crimson Shadows Dwell (And Ouroboros Dreamt)

https://www.facebook.com/NoRemorseRecordsGreece +++ https://www.facebook.com/SacredOutcry

ROTPIT - Debut Album 'Let There Be Rot' via War Anthem Records - New Lyric Video revealed

German/Swedish gorelords ROTPIT have revealed a second song from their upcoming debut full-length album "Let There Be Rot", set for release on April 14th 2023 through War Anthem Records.

A lyric video for "Night Of The Ultimate Rot" can be checked out here: https://www.deaf-forever.de/videopremiere-rotpit +++ https://youtu.be/ttPDOZfjtXw

ROTPIT is a project band consisting of Jonny Pettersson (known from Wombbath, Massacre, Berzerker Legion and others), Ralf Hauber (Revel In Flesh, Heads For The Dead) and Henrik Posingis (Revel In Flesh), heavily inspired by early Finnish and British Death Metal and several other obscure underground bands from the early days of the movement.

Raise the volume for some sickness! Death Metal - the raw, simple and heavy way!

Artwork by T. Kannibalet Hietomaa.

1. Slimebreeder / https://youtu.be/3yAOxkKw78g
2. Night Of The Ultimate Rot
3. Let There Be Rot
4. Rottenness
5. Beastfeaster
6. Shitburner
7. Deathtrip
8. Into The Rotpit
9. The Serenade Of Rot

Jonny Pettersson - Guitars / Bass / Mix & Mastering
Ralf Hauber - Vocals / Lyrics & Concept
Henrik Posingis - Drums

https://www.war-anthem.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/Rotpit666

NECRONOMICON - New Video Clip Premiere 'They Lie' - New Album via El Puerto Records

German Thrash Metallers NECRONOMICON reveal a second song from their upcoming new album "Constant To Death", set for release on April 28th, 2023 via El Puerto Records.

Check out the video premiere for "They Lie" at this location: https://youtu.be/IyxzCtusZQU

With their twelfth studio album, NECRONOMICON embark on an explosive tightrope walk between Thrash, Punk and Power Metal. It was recorded and produced it in the band's own headquarters and mixed and mastered by Achim Köhler. The cover artwork was designed by Kattrin Peter of Kudulounge.

Frontman Freddy describes "Constant To Death" as his most modern and at the same time most personal album: "There's everything in these 12 songs, from typical NECRONOMICON sounds to catchy Power Metal to my musical origins of Punk."

Due to the worldwide events, the album title "Constant To Death" is also the main theme of the lyrics. The Russian war of aggression on Ukraine, churches and their sexual abuse, child poverty and hunger...there are very serious and sociocritical lyrics, which turn out accordingly dismal.

A video clip for the title track can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/MvL2ZD27GfU

01. Constant To Death
02. They Lie
03. Redemption
04. Stored In Blood
05. The Guilty Shepherd
06. A Voice For The Voiceless
07. Black Rain
08. Children Cry Alone
09. Bloodrush
10. Down From Above
11. The Blood Runs Red
12. Poverty Show
13. Outro

Freddy - Vocals / Melody & Rhythm Guitar
Marco Lohrenz - Bass
Rik Charron - Drums
Glen Shannon - Solo Guitar

https://www.facebook.com/necronomiconofficial +++ https://shop.el-puerto-records.com

OLD FOREST - New Single 'Master of Arachnids' via Soulseller Records

With "Master of Arachnids", British Black Metallers OLD FOREST present the third and final single for their upcoming new full-length album.


"Sutwyke" will be released on March 31st, 2023 via Soulseller Records.

It was mixed by Florian Dammasch / Nightside Studios and features a wood engraving by Robert Paterson as the cover artwork.

Pre-order options: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com (World) +++ https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com (Americas)

OLD FOREST continue their path of orthodox and melodic Black Metal art. Written & recorded during the pestilence of 2020-22, the music is rich in folk horror and stylistically firmly rooted in the golden era of early to mid 90's.

1. Faust Recants (Satan Cometh)
2. Black Hearts of Sutwyke
3. Zodiac of War
4. Winter Years Begin
5. Master of Arachnids
6. Witch of Prague pt. 1
7. Witch of Prague pt. 2
8. Effigies to the Flames

https://www.facebook.com/oldforestofficial +++ https://linktr.ee/Soulseller

VREDENSDAL - New Single 'Svøpt I Blod' via Soulseller Records

US Black Metallers VREDENSDAL have premiered the third and final single for their upcoming new full-length album.

"Svøpt I Blod" is streaming here: https://youtu.be/Kyu8SG6ZC1E

"Sonic Devotion To Darkness" will be released via Soulseller Records on March 31st, 2023.

Pre-order options: https://soulsellerrecords.bandcamp.com (World) +++ https://soulsellerrecords.aisamerch.com (Americas)

VREDENSDAL, founded 2018 by The Goblin Reaper in Green Bay, Wisconsin - with the intention to alter the typical expectations of what Black Metal can be, integrating multiple influences into a single dynamic force to call out the primal desire within all to look deeper into our own inner shadow. Dubbed "N.W.O.U.S.B.M." by fans, the music features styles both, the familiar and the unknown, which weave a tapestry of homages to the masters of yesteryear and explore new takes on the genre, most often in a thrashing & grooving madness. Fans of both the classic and contemporary Black Metal sound will find this outstanding act warrants repeated listening.

Cover artwork by Marek Soszynski.

1. Between Worlds (Intro)
2. The Chaos Rite
3. The Eye in the Well
4. Nightgrasp
5. Sonic Devotion to Darkness
6. Cyclical Despondancy
7. Svøpt I Blod
8. My Right to the Throne
9. Eyes Glowing Black

https://www.facebook.com/vredensdal666 +++ https://linktr.ee/Soulseller

OBSEQUIAE - Full Live Performance Video via 20 Buck Spin - Fire in the Mountains 2022

20 Buck Spin proudly presents a video of OBSEQUIAE's live performance at "Fire in the Mountains" (2022), featuring a soundboard recording / mix and professional camera work.

Check it out at this location: https://youtu.be/tQM-4n3Iq3E

Bandleader and guitarist Tanner Anderson states:

Performing at Fire in the Mountains in 2022 was powerful. After two years of pandemic and quarantine, people had a real need for the kind of engagement and sincerity that a festival like FitM has cultivated. The connection between everyone - onstage and off - felt more genuine and heartfelt than any other I've encountered in my life. As a band that doesn't play live often, it meant that much more for us to enjoy such a privilege, including the spectacular hospitality extended to us in that valley in Wyoming.

Our live band had collectively endured profound losses between 2020 and 2022. It brought us closer and made our work together more important, with Fire in the Mountains as a culmination of this. We felt it in each other, the audience, the staff - even the land itself. We shared stories, tears, and laughter with old and new friends. For the band, it was a celebration of our friendship with one another and our work, though not without a touch of the bittersweet; two weeks after we returned from Fire in the Mountains, Eoghan would move to Dublin, Ireland and I would move to Boston, Massachusetts. It wasn't so much that we wouldn't still work together or see one another - it was that we both had large transitions on our minds during a time where everyone seemed to already be in a state of some great transition as well.

As the festival got underway, the idea that we really weren't going to see each other afterwards for quite some time began to deepen. So, we wanted to see if anyone at FitM might keep this performance as a record, even if it was just for us. We were extremely fortunate to meet some kind people with cameras, access to the soundboard recording, and a willingness to do just that with no notice at all. Rather than keep it to ourselves, we offer this to you here since it was a profound and collective effort. Thank you to Fire in the Mountains and all who took part in this singular experience.

Obsequiae performance at Fire in the Mountains: July 24, 2022 at Heart Six Ranch in Moran, Wyoming on the lands of the Newe Sogobia (Eastern Shoshone), Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla, Shoshone-Bannock, Tséstho’e (Cheyenne), Arapaho, and Crow.

Soundboard Mastering by Adam Tucker/Signaturetone
Director of Photography: Jason Nix
Additional Camera Operators: Alex Pace & Kim Denver

Brendan Hayter - vocals
Roger Connaghey - bass
Eoghan McCloskey - drums
Tanner Anderson - guitar
Carl Skildum - guitar
Matt Kirkwold - guitar

1. In the Garden of Hyacinths
2. Autumnal Pyre
3. Ceres in Emerald Streams
4. Anlace and Heart
5. Against All Feudal Lords
6. Morrígan
7. Until All Ages Fall

https://www.20buckspin.com +++ https://www.instagram.com/obsequiae

KOMMAND - New Album from LA's Death Metallers via 20 Buck Spin - New Track Premiere

Los Angeles based Death Metallers KOMMAND have released a second song from their upcoming new full-length, "Death Age".

Check out "Global Death" at this location: https://youtu.be/3U7qUltWNn4

The album will be unleashed on March 31st, 2023 via 20 Buck Spin on CD, Vinyl, Tape and digitally.

It was recorded by Mike Kriebel and mixed/mastered by Arthur Rizk. The artwork was created by Bharatadanu.

The ominous atmosphere on ‘Death Age’ heralds the single-minded concentrated objective; to batter, demolish and destroy with no quarter given. Death Metal of this kind taps into the most primitive, untamed instincts, advancing like a convoy of tanks through occupied territory, heedless of whatever or whoever stands in its path. From opener ‘Final Virus’ to closer ‘Collapse Metropolis’ KOMMAND’s vision of a dystopian hellscape, cities permanently scarred by heavy weaponry, and those unfortunates who survived the onslaught never relents or offers respite. ‘Death Age’ thus renders a terminal epitaph on the bloody trash heap of near-future history.

1. Final Virus
2. Chimera Soldiers
3. Global Death
4. Polar Holdout
5. Fleeing Western Territories
6. Collapse Metropolis

https://20buckspin.bandcamp.com/album/death-age +++ https://www.20buckspin.com

VOIDCEREMONY - 'Threads Of Unknowing' via 20 Buck Spin - New Album Announcement and Trackstream

The new VOIDCEREMONY album "Threads of Unknowing" will be released on April 14th, 2023 via 20 Buck Spin.

A first track, "Writhing in the Facade of Time", can be check out here: https://youtu.be/_e4nCWykuXI

"Threads of Unknowing" is a journey which resurrects concepts on earlier display and summons evermore progressive and technical compositions. Mastermind and guitarist/vocalist Garrett Johnson and guitar virtuoso Phil Tougas (Atramentus, Chthe’ilist, Worm, First Fragment) share both vocals and lead guitar duties here, while bass god Damon Good weaves both fretted and fretless bass mastery and drummer Charlie Koryn encompasses not only speed and brutality, but a fine mix of precision and improvisation from jazz fusion. The end result is VOIDCEREMONY and their signature sound: Time-melting Death Black Fusion!

Mixed/Mastered and reamped in Milan, Italy by Gabriele Gramaglia.

Cover Artwork by Juanjo Castellano.

1. Threads of Unknowing (The Paradigm of Linearity)
2. Writhing in the Facade of Time
3. Abyssic Knowledge Bequeathed
4. Entropic Reflections Continuum
5. At the Periphery of Human Realms (The Immaterial Grave)
6. Forlorn Portrait: Ruins of an Ageless Slumber

https://www.20buckspin.com +++ https://www.facebook.com/VoidCeremony

FIMBULVET - New Album 'Portale' via Trollzorn Records & Einheit Produktionen - Lyric Video

Just right in time for their 20th anniversary, German Pagan Metallers FIMBULVET return with their new album "Portale".

Without a doubt, mastermind and multi-instrumentalist Stephan Gauger crowns his previous work with this violent hammer blow.

Produced by Markus Stock (Empyrium, The Vision Bleak, Sun of the Sleepless) at Klangschmiede Studio E, "Portale" will be released in a noble artbook CD edition, limited to 500 copies with a 36-page booklet.

A lyric video for the song "Feuertod" is available here: https://youtu.be/pOg6Ib7B_NE

"Portale" will be released on April 28th, 2023 in cooperation with Trollzorn Records & Einheit Produktionen.

01. Schwelle zur Inbrunst
02. Portale
03. Neiding
04. Feuertod
05. Krieg der Ratten
06. Drachentor
07. Wie ein Blatt im Wind
08. Der finst‘re Poet
09. Traumfänger
10. Patron des Lebens

https://www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/FimbulvetOfficial
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