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SOMNIATE - Sophomore Full-Length "We Have Proved Death" via Lavadome Productions - Details and Visualizer Video revealed

Relentless yet sophisticated Czech Black Metallers SOMNIATE return with their sophomore full-length album!

"We Have Proved Death", mixed and mastered by V. Santura (courtesy of Triptykon / Dark Fortress), will be released via Lavadome Productions on July 14th, 2023.

Thematically the album is based on the utopian short book "In Watermelon Sugar", written in 1964 by Richard G. Brautigan (1935-1984), and animates the unearthly beauty and earthly terror of the future.

Magical realism fuses with the black art, telling a story through blast beats, aggression and melancholy, shrouded in both clarity and dirt. A psychedelic mixture of harmony and dissonance, both unpolished and elegant; black metal visions from the realm behind our eyelids.

A visualizer video for the track "Black Soundless Sugar" is available at this location: https://youtu.be/gKUHxGso5Us

For pre-order options check: https://lavadome.bandcamp.com/album/we-have-proved-death & https://store.lavadome.org

Act I. I Am Here and You Are Distant
Act II. A Lamb at False Dawn
Act III. The Statue of Mirrors
Act IV. Black Soundless Sugar
Act V. Non-You
Act VI. We Have Proved Death

https://www.facebook.com/lavadome +++ https://www.somniate.net 

AGELESS SUMMONING - Debut Album "Corrupting The Entempled Plane" via Dark Descent Records - Details and Trackstream

Dark Descent Records has announced the debut album of UK's Death Metallers AGELESS SUMMONING!

"Corrupting The Entempled Plane" will be released on July 21st 2023 on LP, CD, tape and digitally.

A first track entitled "Epoch of Souls" is streaming at this location: https://youtu.be/myvJEPdJ1Bk

"AGELESS SUMMONING was inspired by the otherworldly death metal of Steve Tucker era Morbid Angel and the discord of Immolation. We try to emulate the sludgy malevolence and desolate atmospheres of the likes of 'Gateways To Annihilation' and 'Here In After'", declares vocalist Ali Lauder. "We felt that the unique atmosphere and mythos conjured by that slower-paced, brutal, and hypnotic style were underappreciated and overlooked, and we didn't know of many bands doing things in that vein, so we thought we'd try it ourselves."

Whilst admiration of the US American masters is unquestionable, AGELESS SUMMONING display a jaw-dropping level of originality in their approach to the sub-genre.

Featuring members of such long-running U.K. acts as Of Spire & Throne, Haar, Úir, Scordatura, and Abyssal, the band has several combined decades of desecration under their belts. Wrapped in one of the most stunning and sinister Paolo Girardi artworks in recent memory, "Corrupting The Entempled Plane" is not to be missed.

01. Usurper of the Void
02. Descent from the Infinite
03. Epoch of Souls
04. Among the Worms
05. Corrupting the Entempled Plane
06. Incarnate Nothingness
07. Toward the Fractal Absolute
08. Retribution Eternal
09. Invocation
10. Salvation in Ash

https://www.ddmsuo.eu +++ https://www.facebook.com/agelesssummoning

GAROTED - New Album 'Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages' out now via Lavadome Productions - Full Stream

"Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages", the new and fourth full-length of Kansas-based Death Metallers GAROTED, is out now via Lavadome Productions.

A full stream is available at this location: https://lavadome.bandcamp.com/album/bewitchment-of-the-dark-ages

With each album, GAROTED have consistently pushed the boundaries of their craft to deliver a more extreme and proficient form of Death Metal. So they do on "Bewitchment Of The Dark Ages" which serves as a contemporary testament to the vicious emanations of the genre's early days, and promises an all-out sonic assault showcasing finest unhinged aggression.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at [Axel Harvey] Productions. Cover Illustration by Misanthropic-Art.

Official Video Clip for "Unfathomable Manifestation": https://youtu.be/PW9Kc1lOBjE

1. Infernal Death’s Majesty
2. Black Canticle Of Horror
3. Rites of Sinister Defilement
4. Pestiferous
5. Khaos Soul Pandemonium
6. Arcane Shadow Idolatry
7. Unfathomable Manifestation
8. Harkening to the Age of Blood & Plague

https://store.lavadome.org +++ https://www.facebook.com/Garoted

BLOODLETTER - New Thrashing Album 'A Different Kind Of Hell' via Wise Blood Records - Details and Trackstream revealed

Wise Blood Records proudly announce the new album from Chicago based Thrash Metallers BLOODLETTER!

"A Different Kind Of Hell" is a scorching thrashterpiece with the band’s most lethal songs yet. Blackened speed. Epic harmonized leads. BLOODLETTER forges distinctly melodic yet technical thrash metal with solos hotter than a burning chvrch.

The first single is now streaming, appropriately titled "Blood is Life": https://bloodlettermetal.bandcamp.com/album/a-different-kind-of-hell

Lyrically, the album is a concept record based on the hellbound journey of a lone adventurer. Fans of Kreator, Death Angel, Slayer, melodic death metal, and black thrash will love exploring the netherworld with BLOODLETTER's razor-edged riffs.

"A Different Kind Of Hell" will drive you to madness on July 21st, 2023. Coming on vinyl, CD, cassette, and digitally. Recorded and Mixed by Peter Carparelli & Bloodletter at Haunted Hill Recordings. Mastered by Matt Engstrom of Burn the Furniture Studios. Album artwork by Andre Trindade.

01. The Howling Dead
02. Blood is Life
03. Bound & Ravaged
04. From Hell They Came
05. The Last Tomb
06. His Will Be Done
07. Obsidian Offering
08. To Darkness Damned
09. Lord of Pain
10. What Lies Beneath
11. Flesh Turned to Ash

https://www.facebook.com/bloodlettermetal +++ https://www.facebook.com/wisebloodrecs

TEMPLE OF DREAD - New Album "Beyond Acheron" via Testimony Records - Details & Lyric Video Premiere

German Death Metallers TEMPLE OF DREAD proudly announce their fourth full-length album, entitled "Beyond Acheron"!

The follow-up to the highly acclaimed "Hades Unleashed" will be released on August 11th, 2023 via Testimony Records on diverse LP versions, CD and digitally.

It was produced by drummer Jörg Uken in his renowned Soundlodge Studio and features a cover artwork by Italian artist Paolo Girardi.

Expanding from their brutal death metal base, TEMPLE OF DREAD have focussed on the cinematic aspects of their sound. On "Beyond Acheron”, the East Frisians have added more dark and heavy parts as well as a healthy dash of melancholic feeling – and even black metal inspired moments. A spicy extra is added with guest-contributions by former MORGOTH and INSIDIOUS DISEASE vocalist Marc Grewe and GOD DETHRONED's Henri Sattler.

Lyrically, "Beyond Acheron" operates both within and at the same time beyond the genre's traditional splatter-horizon. TEMPLE OF DREAD enjoy the continued support of their friend and word-smith, the psychologist Frank Albers, who has again delivered intelligent gory texts that revolve around antique myth and history featuring protagonists such as Icarus, Vulcan, Hades, Cleopatra, and Marcus Antonius aka Mark Anthony. Although "Beyond Acheron" is not a concept album, classical themes run like Ariadne's red thread through all its aspects.

The band has just premiered a lyric video for the first single "The Plague" at this location: https://youtu.be/jifJSHbYo4s

Guitarist Markus Bünnemeyer states: “Our first single "The Plague" starts very groovy but ignites the full charge of old school death metal in the chorus at the latest. Our singer Jens is supported by Marc Grewe on vocals. Without his early works Temple Of Dread would not sound like they do today. Interesting how similar and complementary the two voices are. Lyrically the song deals with The Plague of Athens: An epidemic that destroyed man from within and thereby carried off almost a whole civilization. Parallels to modern pandemics would be coincidental... The lyrics were visualized by Ecuadorian director Christian Kdrumworm (k-drumworm-media) with great attention to the details of the incredible artwork by Paolo Girardi!”

With "Beyond Acheron", TEMPLE OF DREAD have set a new benchmark for intelligent death metal brutality!

01. Charon's Call (Intro)
02. Beyond Acheron
03. World Below
04. Damnation
05. Dance of Decay
06. All-Consuming Fire
07. The Plague
08. Carnality Device
09. Asebeia
10. Hades

Jens Finger - Vocals
Markus Bünnemeyer - Guitars, Bass
Jörg Uken - Drums, Keys

Guest musicians: Marc Grewe (ex-MORGOTH, INSIDIOUS DISEASE) - additional vocals on "The Plague" & Henri Sattler (GOD DETHRONED) - guitar solo on "Beyond Acheron"


BLOODGUTTER - Debut Album "Death Mountain" out now via Trollzorn Records - Video Clip Premiere

"Death Mountain", the debut full-length album of Danish Death Metallers BLOODGUTTER, is out now via Trollzorn Records!

The release is accompanied by a brand new video clip for the track "Torture Sacrifice": https://youtu.be/44Hl-5V8Wo0

The band's buzz saw guitar tone alongside the genuine production makes you think of the golden years of Death Metal. Delivering a catchy, heavy, groovy and gritty sonic assault, BLOODGUTTER have often been described as a bastard mix of Entombed and Obituary.

So if you like your Death Metal raw, simple and oldschool, you should definitely give these Danes and their debut a shot!

Mastered by Jacob Bredahl at Dead Rat Studios.

01. Katabatic Death Wind
02. Rot Awaits
03. Artillery Supremacy
04. Torture Sacrifice
05. Down The Gutter
06. For The Empire
07. Unternehmen Gericht
08. Fill The Graves
09. Whirlwind Of Doom
10. Jaws Of Death
11. Our Final Conflict

https://www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/bloodgutterband

OMNIKOLOSS - Debut Album "Wandering Through Concrete Valleys" out now via Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork

The wait is over! OMNIKOLOSS' debut album "Wandering Through Concrete Valleys" is finally here, showing influences from Black Metal, Synthwave and Industrial.

Featuring members of STELLAR MASTER ELITE, DER ROTE MILAN, PLUTONYAN, ICHOR and CAPTAIN CAVEMAN, this release delivers a unique blend of heavy and atmospheric soundscapes that will take you on a journey in a world not so distant in the future through the darkest corners of the human psyche, leaving you both terrified and exhilarated.

Order now and secure your prologue to the end of the human race.

Dig it via: http://omnikoloss.bandcamp.com

1. A million dead eyes
2. Swallow you whole
3. Elehat0r
4. In our eyes
5. Just one fix
6. Forsaken in a lost world
7. Aren't we human anymore


DEICIDE - Tape Boxset "Screaming Ancient Incantations" via Darkness Shall Rise Productions

Darkness Shall Rise Productions proudly announces an official 4-tape box with the first 3 full length albums and the demo-compilation "Amon: Feasting The Beast" from Florida’s death metal legends DEICIDE. The release date is set for June 5th, 2023.

Housed in a heavy luxurious black case-wrapped box with transparent coating.This box set is strictly limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies worldwide and includes:

Tape 1: Amon: Feasting The Beast
Tape 2: Deicide
Tape 3: Legion
Tape 4: Once Upon The Cross

In addition to the four tapes the box includes:
- a massive hardcover book with many unseen pictures and tons of new liner notes and interviews (including an exclusive interview with Steve Asheim held especially for this box-set)
- four double sided posters
- patch
- replica of an original Roadrunner autograph card
- hand-numbered certificate

Pre-order: https://darknessshallrise.de

LUNAR CHAMBER - Full Album Stream via 20 Buck Spin - Shambhallic Vibrations

"Shambhallic Vibrations", the debut full-length of Progressive Death Metallers LUNAR CHAMBER, is streaming in its entirety now at this location: https://youtu.be/QCHEPzluRdM

The album will be officially released on April 28th, 2023 via Buck Spin. It was mixed by Greg Chandler of Esoteric and mastered by Colin Marston of Krallice / Gorguts.

"Shambhallic Vibrations" is the tale of a journey eastward in search of enlightenment and what may lie beyond. Ensconced in mysticism, the 5 track nearly 30 minute pilgrimage advances unflinchingly through insane crushing riffs, bewildering solos, tranquil acoustics and illuminated ascendent melodies.

Offering a deluge of jarringly brutal metal, overwhelming progressive physicality and instinctively accomplished memorability inspired by Buddhism, the East and esotericism, LUNAR CHAMBER have just begun their quest of ascension and enlightened knowledge.

Artwork by Moonroot.

1. Intro (Shambhallic Vibrations)
2. Spirit Body and the Seeing Self
3. Interlude (Ancient Sage)
4. The Bodhi Tree
5. III. Crystalline Blessed Light Flows... From Violet Mountains Into Lunar Chambers

https://www.20buckspin.com +++ https://www.facebook.com/lunarchamberband

FJOERGYN - German Avantgarde Metallers return to Trollzorn Records - New Album 'Judasmesse' - Video Clip Premiere

Trollzorn Records proudly announces the return of German Avantgarde Metallers FJOERGYN!

The band’s sixth full-length album "Judasmesse" will be released on June 2nd, 2023 - right in time for their 20th anniversary.

Critical, cynical and more topical than ever before, FJOERGYN ignite a firework of musical rejection and also reinvent themselves on "Judasmesse". While the orchestral component dominated on all previous albums, the Thuringians present themselves more open to experimentation and sounds, which gives the new album an authoritative retro touch rarely found in this genre. Thematically the new album is dedicated to betrayal and pays homage to its most famous protagonists.

No comparisons, no compromises - FJOERGYN put their finger in the wound and offer a musical cosmos beyond the mainstream! An ode to art, freedom and contempt! Long live the betrayal!

A video clip for the new track "Kain" has been premiered at this location: https://youtu.be/apKgDFxkb2k

1. Sturz
2. Kain
3. Komm Abel lass uns aufs Feld gehen
4. Prometheus I – Briefe eines sterbenden Kosmos
5. Prometheus II – Uranos Zorn
6. Prometheus III – Plagen
7. Vater(s)land
8. Non Serviam
9. Warfarin

https://www.trollzorn.de +++ https://www.facebook.com/Fjoergynofficial
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