[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Hagalaz Runedance > > News Pictures News Hagalaz Runedance go.to/hagalaz-runedance With her latest album Frigga's Web - the high-light of HAGALAZ' RUNEDANCE , ANDREA HAUGEN has announced that the circle has closed for Hagalaz' Runedance. After all she considers herself to be an artist and thus she feels the need for new inspiration in her music, and create a new sound. She longs for more artistic freedom in her musical expressions and will focus more on her personal feelings, dreams, inner visions, her obscure experiences and the magic that is surrounding her, inspired by images of nature, decaying cities, parallel worlds and of course mythology. She wishes to explore other artistic areas as well, create visual art and video concepts and is currently working with like-minded individuals from the alternative scene on various projects. And it thus appears that the 'NEBELHEXE' (fog-witch), was merely dormant, because Andrea has decided to bring new life to her old name. She has new reasons to re-use this name as well, amongst those are magical encounters with what she interpretates as her "ghost birds" - white ravens, white crows and white owls, that have inspired her spiritual world. Rumours has it she is currently also working on a musical project and a theatre play with Martin Walkyier (ex-Skyclad and Sabbath). For more information: www.nebelweb.com or www.nebelhexe.com This is what she can tell in her own words: "It thus seems that she - the old 'Nebelhexe' - (which translates to 'fog-witch' in English by the way), had not completely died in me, she was merely dormant. But I also have new reasons to use this name again. I came across interesting magical connections, inner and outer images of what I considered to be my "ghost birds" - white ravens, white crows and white owls, that started to inspire my outer and inner spiritual world. I came across a specific white owl that was called "Strix Nebulosa". Strix is latin for owl, but also a name for witch, since in Rome the witch was also called "the owl-like woman". Nebulosa is obvioulsly Nebel (fog). Thus this little white owl was referred to in German as 'Nebelhexe'. I thought this was quite significant. I also came across the 'fog-raven', and one of the war sisters of the Celtic battle queen Morrigan, who's name means 'white crow'. All this gave new meaning to the name and the magical concept of my creative works. In my writings I have already mentioned the importance of the white or grey horse in the Germanic and Celtic Pagan world. Also folklore tells us especially of white cats that could change into ghosts or that at least are joining ghosts on their restless walks. The white horses are believed to carry the souls to the otherside and to me it appears that also the white ravens, crows and owls I see are travelling between this world and the ghost world." "I should mention that I obviously am inspired by my life and happenings in my life, I live here and now, and I try to see meaning and challenge in the world surrounding me. This can be nature, this can be myth and magic and this can be the urban life, many aspects I do enjoy living out. I do believe people like us, who live the alternative music life-style do have a much more interesting and meaningful time than 'ordinary people'. I love being involved in the alternative music and art scene. I love meeting like-minded people, and get more ideas for interesting projects." "I already have written in my book "The Ancient Fires of Midgard" and I have said in many interviews that the Pagan wisdom is just as important today and that to be a Pagan means to find ones own personal balance with nature. As I found out, many readers did not understand that and they believe that Paganism is all about 'going back to the past' and that I thus live in the woods without any technical comforts. In fact some appeared to be shocked and complained their heads off that a Pagan like me enjoys a modern life and can write about everyday life, and attempts to create 'modern' alternative art and music. I always considered Pagan wisdom to be about freedom of spirit, unfortunately even in the 'Pagan religions scenes' I have witnessed people having certain rules and concepts of how a 'believer should be like and what the believer should not do'. And I indeed came to the conclusion again that no matter what group or movement one is involved in, you always find people that need 'denial' and 'restraint' in their lives. I for my part however never intended to be a 'spiritual guide' of any kind. I merely wanted to inspire with the old wisdom, myths and magic. I am most of all an artist, a creative soul, a flying spirit, a seeker. a sorceress ..a curious person who does a lot of weird s**t in her life because it is exciting. I don't want to follow a path.I want to create my own and leave a trail." "As long as you harm none... do as you want!" NEBELHEXE [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]