[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Fear Factory > > Track By Track Fotos Track By Track Mechanize Fear Factory www.fearfactorymusic.com "Track By Track" by Burton C. Bell In the past, the lyrical concept was of a futuristic, "sci-fi" nature. An attempt to protect the ideas and logic of those involved in Fear Factory; because those who incite progressive thought are always chastised and persecuted. By placing the "story" into a futuristic, fictional narrative, the words and ideas may not have seemed threatening. Not so for MECHANIZE. These are the words of a reality that once seemed distant, that are now apparently, and evidently real. These are the words of the world in which we live; for what once seemed like a story of another time, has come to be our reality today. Welcome to the world of MECHANIZE. Mechanize , the title track, describes our world as the soulless program that it is. Every part serves a purpose. There is no such concept as individuality within the machine. We have carved our place inside the machine. We have grown banal within our apathy. We have become mechanized. Industrial Discipline: the term was taken from the book The Third Wave. It explains the path in which the industrial complex, and it's construct, initiated the path of conformity. Everyone worked for the benefit of the machine, not for themselves. The discipline begins in mass education, determining time and placement, superiors and subordinates, rank and file. Humanity has been disciplined to do the work for the machine, therefore becoming the machine. Fear Campaign: it was not necessary to camouflage the insanity of the world of today within a science fiction setting. The world today has become the world that writers predicted long ago. The controlling authorities are constantly, and successfully, utilizing the fear tactic to control the masses, through misinformation and distraction. Fear is bondage. Fear is slavery. Fear is Hell. Fear is control. Powershifter: change is an inevitable course in nature and humanity. This world has seen much change as of late, and it is true globally, nationally, and personally. This is a true story of a personal struggle against a controlling and ineffectual organization. There is always a choice, and the choice is never easy. Christploitation: Christianity has become a parody of itself. Through the ages, exploitation of myths, words, and the use of the fear tactic, have ruled the masses. We have seen so much death and destruction in the name of a man made god that it means nothing. What is faith, but the belief in an archaic superstition; an overwhelming fear to face reality of the world today. Invoking the name of Christ has become a common practice The original concept does not apply. This is control through conformity and a false sense of morality. Oxidizer: one molecule of oxygen can alter the course of the world. It can start the deterioration slowly through rust, or it can quickly incinerate everything in it's path. Either way, change is going to happen. This is about the trial by fire. Controlled Demolition: so many questions, so many lies, so perfect a destruction. All one has to do is consider the theories. Why is it so difficult to believe that our elected officials are above destructive corruption? History has proved that absolute control through violence and deception is a common theme. Consider the alternative thought, and you may see there is truth behind the False Flag. Designing The Enemy: everything that occurs is a direct consequence of our own actions, creations, and manifestations. The machine that creates will ultimately be our demise. It is coming, the future is here. Metallic Division: the rhythm of mechanical death... Final Exit: based on the organization of the same name. A group of individuals with enough compassion to assist those who are interested in "self deliverance" from their intolerable pain. Is it compassion that drives the ability to help one commit suicide? This is a statement about the world in which we live, when the only cure for cancer, AIDS, MS ( and any other debilitating disease ) is death. Where is compassion to to assist our fellow human being in their time of unbearable pain, to keep them alive without hope of survival? Where is the compassion to find a cure, or to eliminate the diseases entirely? There is no profit in the cure... only pain and suffering. [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]