[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Kontakt/Impressum ] Home > > Bands > > Archiv > > Lucifer Was Fotos The Crown Of Creation Lucifer Was www.luciferwas.com Release: Record Heaven / Transubstans Records / Indigo Info: Fifth album by Norwegian Progressive-Hardrockers Lucifer Was takes the band one step closer towards the neo-classical or rockopera scene with the addition of Kristiansand's Symphony Orchestra featuring Michala Petri (recorder) and Jan Stigmer (violin). Still the trademark elements of Lucifer Was remains, the screaming guitars, the flutes, mellotrons, heavy hammonds and Jon Ruders enchanting vocals but with a more melodramatic touch. The amazing cover done by Frank Fiedler known from german krautlegends Popol Vuh. An album that will leave no listener unaffected. Tracklist: 01. Wonder 02. Three Hammers 03. Unformed and Void 04. By a White Lace 05. Beggar’s Bowl 06. Rising Sun 07. Try Me 08. The Crown of Creation 09. Moments 10. Bethanian Theme 11. Burning Beautiful Flowers 12. Cabris Sans Cornes 13. When the Phoenix Flies Away 14. Into The Blue 15. Three Hammers Plus [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Datenschutz ] [BILD] [BILD]