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The Pulse Of Awakening


Listenable Records / Soulfood


Formed in 2003 in Geneva, Switzerland by guitar player Drop and singer Benjamin, Sybreed was created to reflect of their mutual tastes for extreme metal and industrial music, with conceptual contents revolving around social misery, everyday alienation and more generally, the decay of modern way of life. Later, bass player Burn and drummer Alex joined them, completing the band’s line-up. During the first year of existence, they begun to work on material for their first album SLAVE DESIGN and then performed around the US to unleash its electronic violence on stage, which will help them build up a solid base of fans among the American audience. Coming back to Europe, they focused on stage performance for almost two years. Then, in the end of 2006, their drummer decided to resign, forcing the band to take a few months break.

Meanwhile, Drop began to work on what would become the Slave Design's successor, re-introducing Black and Death metal influences in the process, and thus injecting a new dimension of brutality in their music. At the same time, it also developed further the melodic side, increasing the use of clean vocals, with still this electronic touch making Sybreed’s sound easily recognizable among others. For the occasion, they hired Soilwork's drummer Dirk Verbeuren, who kindly accepted to record Sybreed’s new album. Later, Kevin joined the band, bringing back stability in Sybreed’s line-up. Having joined forces with the French label LISTENABLE RECORDS, Sybreed released their second album ANTARES in October 2007: this new LP was widely praised in the international metal press for it’s catchy tunes and original use of melodies, and gave Sybreed the opportunity to open for PAIN for a couple of shows, and then embark with SAMAEL for a European tour in April 2008, to finally lead them to play at the METAL CAMP Festival in Slovenia.

Nevertheless, they soon felt the urge to work on a third album, which would push the limits of their music to an extreme end, and reinvent the Sybreed’s sound into something the band would describe as “Death Wave”. Drop, Ben and Kevin planned regular session during fall 2008, sessions which gave birth, at the end of the year, to twelve tracks of both sonic aggression and ethereal atmospheres, where the organic and the electronic would be finally reconciled in a sole entity. To achieve the becoming of this cybernetic monster, it was decided that only one artist could handle the difficult task of giving it its final form: thus, Rhys Fulber, known for his work with Front Line Assembly, Fear Factory and Paradise Lost, became the man in charge of the mixing of this new album.

Sybreed is now proud to present his new synth-pop/industrial/metal bastard spawn called “THE PULSE OF AWAKENING”, which should be the perfect tool to ravage your hears with vicious grooves, furious metallic blast, technological shivers and icy melodies.


1. Nomenklatura
2. A.E.O.N.
3. Doomsday Party
4. Human Black Box
5. KillJoy
6. I Am Ultraviolence
7. Electronegative
8. In The Cold Light
9. Lucifer Effect
10. Love Like Blood
11. Meridian A.D.
12. From Zero To Nothing


Slave Design (Reality entertainment, 2004)
Antares (Listenable Records, 2007)
The pulse of awakening (Listenable Records, 2009 )

the hard side of life
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