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Age Of Tyranny / The Tenth Crusade

The New Reality

Enough with the self deprecation
We get it, your spineless, we know!!
You honor those who are not worthy
It's shameless and vile
and so......
where is the anger, where is the rage?
Where are the people the systems enraged?
Where is the hope for brighter pastures
they promised to send us for life

and yet the pain inside
is like 10 miles wide
So consent decree
Embrace your new reality

All of our leaders insane
All of our people, fucked in the brain
Conditioned to follow the mass
Spreading the lies as news travels fast
State your opinion, state it today
Last call for life in this last chance cafe'
Globalization's great work is at hand
enslaving the people, milking the sand

We got the end in sight
and it's black and white
Oh, and it's plain to see
Embrace the new reality

Deploy all troops and tankers
sent by the international bankers
We can all use a lesson in history
to dispell shock, awe, and the mystery
It's the fall of the middle class
Thoroghly fucked up and torn a new ass
by the fed and blind legislation
drawn up by the mob that ransacked this nation
It stinks to high holy heaven
from the news at 6 to more lies at 11
You better think hard while you tuck the kids in
Tell em you love em' and that life's worth living

Yeah....it's time to wake the fuck up!

Prying for more information ever so slowly exposed
No shortage of sinful behavior, the wolf adorns the sheeps clothes
Why are the hungry not being fed?
Why are these crazy thoughts in my head?
Why must religion and culture collide,
and why is no one but god on our side?

Now we're the enemy
and we're soon to be freedom free
Embrace the new reality

I don't care whether you like me or not
You'll soon be face down in your own shit, blood, piss, and snot
Praise the lord for the tax cuts he gave you
while global elitists like Bush co. enslaved you
All pimps just peddling us cheap ho's
Holding down 3 jobs with cheap booze and no doze
Tabloid press and biblical fixation
Rapture your ass, post 3 years of tribulation
Don't say I never told you so.
It's not like you didn't have a choice, you know?
The truth hurts in the world we live in
No one's accountable and all are forgiven
Too many of us along for the free ride
The ark capsized and found us in rip tide
Hold true to the words of wisdom
Fight the power, and fuck the system!!

yeah, fuck the system!!!

All For King George

My country tis of thee sweet land of tyranny and monarchy
A dunce was preordained and he reigned to the best of his ability
Oh....I'm not the enemy, you'll see that it's really true!
There's only one of me but I'm doing more than all of you..and you, and you, and you!!

All for King George you sold everything, truth be told

Hail to the king
of everything
Let truth be told
of the souls you sold
You let the wise, the few
get the best of you
and with a noble lie
all truth's denied

When crisis seized the land, he ruled with an iron fist and a closed mind
The gods of war began to fight leaving absolute chaos behind
So just get inside, and we'll ride that freedom train
Control denied, resist the wrath of Cain! Resist the wrath of Cain!

All for King George we sold everthing, truth be told

Hail to the chief
In utter disbelief
we hang our heads
and then we forge ahead
between right and wrong
But the wars are long
and our days are few
Our days are bleak and few

He always lied to you

Pigs In Clover

Order through the chaos.
The end game is at hand.
Time is now of the essence
for us to take a fucking stand.
Internationalist fascist pigs
owned us from the start.
They marched us into oblivion,
instilled fear in our hearts.

CFR - like pigs in clover they are
running things with the grand ambitions of kings.

But the plot just thickened, the traps are set.
Amero's lurking while the dollar sweats.
Got umpteen choices, but the choices suck!
Put the nails in the coffin cause we all got fucked!

New world genocide,
a true sign of the times.
The sell outs and the media
have polarized our minds.
Masters of deception,
with sick and twisted goals.
Destined for damnation,
who's to save their souls?

Apathy can be the death of us all.
What you read is at best just a brick in the wall.
But the press knows all (like before),
but you won't hear shit from the corporate whores
who dumbed us down til our brains are slop.
But the opposition.......it will never stop!

Fuck you all.......and your wars!
Fuck you all.......and your fucking wars!

Beyond The Pale

With the strength of mystical force,
they enforce the wars of the cross,
and were sent by Jesus and God
to win whatever the cost.
But "the price of freedom is high"
said those who sold this charade,
and we chose to go and partake,
and so began the crusade.

With martyrs on all sides
instructing all to rise,
and fight the factions of evil,
they took us on all rides
as we watched the carnage and death
spriral out of control.
Then we all went on with our lives,
til all took a toll

Freedom.....Beyond The Pale

Now the case for war we reject,
but we're forced to accept
and trust in those we elect
with policies so inept.
Blind drunk with power and rage,
their propaganda was staged,
but no one dare make a sound.
Blind to facts on the ground

These trails of violence and tears
will be like this for years.
Most are numb to the pain
and ignorant to the game.
But a game was played nonetheless
that some would call a success,
with occupation the goal.
Stripping the soul.

Freedom......Beyond The Pale

3 Minutes Hate

So did you think it would ever come to this in this day and age?
That our worst Orwellian nightmare cometh,
but don't start running....express your rage
that the constitution was maimed by the fourth fucking Reich
Oh.....that comfort zone you protect must keep you in denial
that the end's in sight
So show your hate! Push it to the brink!
It's time to get the fuck up and show the world what you think!

And I endure more war like the sacrificial lamb that I am
Peak oil and globalization are coming,
but are we doing the best we can
to get the truth? Yeah, the mother fuckin truth!
Cause we the people are sick
and really fucking tired of the likes of you

So show your hate, while I get your back
Our red, white, blue, is turning to red, white, black.

So show your hate! Show your fucking hate!
The worst part of the nightmare's coming,
so don't start running cause now's the time
to show your hate, and push it to the brink!
It's time to get the fuck up and show the world what you think!

Heads Will Roll

Heads shall roll !! - the people had cried
for revenge for those that died.
That day most agreed
we were right to stand up and fight.
God willing we'd go get the villain,
green lights were given for killing.
Reminiscent of wars that passed,
new theaters, familiar cast

of big players - the most corrupt,
with big plans to fuck you up
and stay the course with no regrets.
Plant false opposition to hedge their bets

The big wheels are on display to wreak havoc.
Complete disarray of infrastructure stripped to the core
to win the hearts and the minds of the poor

Sinners and saints are the same,
all faceless and useless pawns in their game
of choice they're running the board with the goal
of taking all of us out of control

Heads Will Roll !!

Heads will roll !! - when weapons of mass
destruction are leaked by the press.
Same case is made by the brass,
so crass, insulting at best.
Who's next in the axis of evil
with no riots or state of upheaval.
Sad days, the public complacent.
Rise up, cause time is a wastin' !!

Fear reigns once again,
and who's to say when our men
will return from this godless endeavor,
if at all, so I guess now's better than never.

We let the press define the enemy
Same shit as the 60's and 70's
So may the power of Christ compel you
to shun the hoax and the lies that they tell you

Get up and voice your dissent !!
God help us all.
"We shall never relent", they told us.
But the rhetoric gets old, as does our leaders.
A sight to behold.

Heads Will Roll !!

Company Jerk

The lunatics have taken over the asylum.
With blood lust, these bitter men,
they simply see the world through binary lenses
of good vs. evil .....us or them.
All liberties are taken by this administration......ahhh....life is good when George is king
No fear of a reprisal, legacy of violence, unnecessary suffering

Oh....he's just the company jerk doing the good lords work
The king of hearts and your minds
will force the end times through death and war crimes
They plan to blow us away, cause it's a passion play and we're the stars.
In the skies we pray we're raptured and all are captured in prophecy......in the end of the world.

In unfamiliar places, the same sadistic faces
with bloodlines that never thin,
cast false flags and shadows which flawed us by design
so that good guys can never win
And all of them are guilty, most of them for treason
All time they serve is time well spent
Their endless thirst for power
justifies the reason to undermine our government

It's just the same old song, in that "it won't be long"
Oh.....what gifts they'll bring
Apocalyptic times, sadistic.
And if your TV's on, then you'll be called upon by the powers that be
to shun the others unlike you as self induces
the end of your world.

Impeach, Indict, Imprison

When freedom fell from the skies,
we were torn between the lies.
The pretext for war was the wrath
of men no longer wise.
But to grasp this inside,
foreknowledge holds the key
to unlock the truth.
The truth shall set you free.

Impeach, Indict, Imprison
I bet so few would object
So rip off their fuckin heads
and shit down their fuckin necks

This evil cabal is insane,
yet still we play their game.
A mission accomplished for some,
with thousands killed or maimed.
When all systems failed, they failed and failed again.
Contain and control by means so inhuman.

Impeach, Indict, Imprison,
beyond reasonable doubt.
They're guilty as fuckin sin
for selling us fuckin out!


World wide democide, millions are dead.
War, starvation, disease, are sent by the fed

Nineteen Thirteen set the stage, set the scene.
Criminal elements, that's who we're up against.
Lame duck media planted a seed in ya.
Biblical prophecies render you on your knees

as profits soar.....more and more
from shock and awe to martial law

Depression/recession, part of a bigger plan.
Bleeding the wealth of our nation,
gave em' the better hand.

One world government, hell on earth, heaven sent.
Evangelicals, fascist radicals,
corporate criminals, cult subliminals,
bloodlines, warcrimes,
end of fucking times !!

and profits soar.......more and more,
from shock and awe to martial law.

Life is irrelevant !! Death is the leveler !!


Sickened beyond our wildest imaginations.
Thoughts imprisoned and owned by the corporations.
God save their souls for leading us all into hell en masse.
Contempt for the dead, we learn nothing from the mistakes of the past.

Always the first to deceive, the first to believe, the last to get something done.
Our lives are at stake, and yet you've forsaken yourselves for the fortunate sons.

Oh, they promised they meant us no harm,
then sent us to die - IRAQNAM !!
They promised they meant you no harm !!
IRAQ fuckin NAM !!

Weapons of mass deception like those of LBJ,
sold by the press into your homes so your minds will decay.

False fuckin flags flying everywhere, do you fuckin care?
Always the last to know but the first to go into harms way,
loved ones are kept in the fuckin dark all alone to bear
the pain and the price that we pay for this fuckin sham !!

Live Free (or die trying)

With so much promise in our eyes,
why are we fighting?
Potential's never realized,
and we're all denying
the accusations of who we are.
We're shunned and branded the most by far.
At best our freedoms are shorn away
with all dissension kept at bay.

and I know you know there really must be something wrong.
The end results of getting fucked too fuckin long.
Our social systems getting worser by the day.
Afford yourself another chance, another way

to Live Free.........or die trying !!

Why bother trying when it's all in revelation?
The cryptic writing's in our halls across the nation.
So organize and collect yourself
and don't depend on no one else.
We the minions are lost inside
an empty place where souls have died

for our sins and sorrows in a quest for better days.
Vital resources getting stretched too many ways,
and it tests your sanity from dusk til fuckin dawn.
We're mad as hell, now it's fuckin on!!

So Live Free or die trying!!

the hard side of life
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