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Blackborne Souls


No Remorse Records


The Epic Metal Warlords are back with a vengeance! No Remorse Records proudly presents the new, highly anticipated full-length of LORD VIGO!

The band was founded at the end of summer in 2014 by Vinz Clortho (vocals, studio drums), Volguus Zildrohar (guitar, studio bass) and Tony Scoleri (guitar, studio bass) in a town near Kaiserslautern / Germany. From the very beginning, the band has written songs best described as EPIC DOOM METAL with a very unique sound.

By the end of 2014 the first 5-track demo, "Under Carpathian Sun", was recorded and released on tape only by the band itself. The reaction from fans and friends was overwhelming, so LORD VIGO decided to send the tape to magazines and labels. Becoming "Demo of the month" in the July 2015 issue of the well-known German magazine Rock Hard led to signing a contract with the Greek label No Remorse Records who released “Under Carpathian Sun” on CD in November 2015 and later also on vinyl with a great artwork from the German underground artist Karmazid. At the same time LORD VIGO played their first live-show opening the biggest German Doom Metal Festival "Hammer Of Doom". The line-up was completed by Zuul (live bass) and Murray The Mantis (live drums).

In 2016 the band started writing and recording their second album and played several festivals and shows, sharing stages with legends like CANDLEMASS, PENTAGRAM, MY DYING BRIDE, MANILLA ROAD, DIAMOND HEAD and ASPHYX.

"Blackborne Souls", so the name of the new album, will be released on 13th January 2017. Be prepared for more epic, more scatterbrained organs, pounding drums and wielding guitars!

"Blackborne Souls" - Album preview: youtu.be/crr1n5OjagY


1. Oh Mother Earth
2. When The Bloodlust Draws On Me
3. Great City In The Sky
4. Blackborne Souls
5. Blasphemy
6. Ishtar II - Hail Me, Fire In The Night
7. For Beeing Unknown
8. Eternal Saviour

the hard side of life
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