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Six Must Die


No Remorse Records
Release date: 25.05.2018 (CD) / 4. June 2018 (Ltd. LP)


Doom Shall Rise!

Evil, loud and paranormal, LORD VIGO is one of the best and most productive Doom Metal bands of our times. Hailing from Germany, they already have released two studio albums (“Under Carpathian Sun” – 2015, “Blackborne Souls” – 2017) and they descend the army of angry spirits upon the Earth to deliver Epic Doom Metal with NWoBHM-guitar harmonies and scatterbrained organs.
The new third album of LORD VIGO, “Six Must Die”, is coming like a warning, inspired by John Carpenter’s film “The Fog”. A ghostly vague chimera of sound destined to haunt you.

Highly recommended for fans of CANDLEMASS, PENTAGRAM, WITCHFINDER GENERAL, MANILLA ROAD and victims of the paranormal. Öbey the Lord and beware the Fog!

Mastered by Patrick W. Engel at Temple Of Disharmony; Cover artwork by Markus Vesper Art.

Album-Preview: https://youtu.be/lIO_Akc8Jzk


1. Elizabeth Dane
2. Doom Shall Rise
3. I Am The Prophecy
4. Thul-Rar
5. Thal-Mun-Rar
6. Evil In Disguise
7. Six Must Die
8. 21. April 1880

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