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Victim To The Blade
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High Roller Records
Distribution: Soulfood


Attention, Speed Metal fans! "Victim To The Blade", the debut EP of VULTURE is what you are looking for. Featuring members of Quintessence, Bulldozing Bastard, Luzifer, Hellhunt or Wifebeater, the band of Nord-Rhine Westphalia combines influences of early Speed and Thrash Metal with a heavy approach and use those ingredients to create fresh yet traditional hymns. „We mainly concentrate on the beginning of Thrash and Speed when Heavy was a basic part of the extreme and the fast. That makes the aggression shines brighter through power and grace.“, says vocalist Steeler and adds: “Bands such as Agent Steel and Slayer are big influences for us, but I would also add Exodus (Paul Baloff), Dark Angel (Don Doty) and Razor (Sheepdog).”

The sovereignty and focus in songwriting and arrangement is just fantastic, especially when you see that the band is founded 2015 and planed „Victim Of The Blade“ just as an appetizer demo for what is to come. Guitarist Genözider: „Actually we wanted to release „Victim To The Blade“ as a tape only demo for the next EP. Contacted for this project, High Roller Records insisted on a Vinyl and CD-release because they were so enthusiastic. This was of course a more than welcome offer because High Roller Records were our first choice for the release of our music in the first place.“
With “Victim To The Blade” VULTURE put a strong landmark in the realms of traditional Speed and Thrash Metal, and it is just natural that after such a strong first sign the band is hungry for more: „We are in the songwriting for the debut album at the moment. Concept and direction are there. We hope to finish it in summer.“ We hope so too, guys, and we are really looking forwards for some more sharp and speedy VULTURE-stuff.

"Victim To The Blade" - Audioclip: youtu.be/9IG7PjqV964


1. Vulture
2. D.T.D. (Delivered To Die)
3. Victim To The Blade
4. Rapid Fire (Judas Priest - Cover)


L. Steeler - Vocals
S. Genözider - Guitars, Drums
M. Outlaw - Guitars
A. Axetinctör - Bass

the hard side of life
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