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Pathfinder ... Between Heaven And Hell
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Distribution: Soulfood (GER) / AFM Records (World)


Germany’s cult thrashers NECRONOMICON are back with a new album! Beware the beast!

One moment that will undoubtedly go down in the annals of Thrash Metal history occurred in August of 1984 when four young men decided to launch what was to become one of the countries’ cult Thrash Metal acts: NECRONOMICON. Recognizing the urban character and punk roots that made the band so original, fans and media alike responded enthusiastically to the debut album “Necronomicon” which was released in 1986. It caught the attention of the whole Thrash Metal scene and garnered not only praise, but also created the solid foundations of a fan base that has remained with the band throughout the years and the following three albums “Apocalyptic Nightmare” (1987), Escalation (1988) and “Screams” (1994).

The highly acclaimed fifth full-length “Construction Of Evil” (2004) signified a great comeback for the band after a longer release hiatus and several difficulties in the mid/end nineties. The outstanding reviews were like soothing balm on the band’s wounds as they watched it rise to number 6 in the Spanish charts. With the next albums, “Revenge of the Beast” (2007) and “Invictus” (2012), NECRONOMICON crawled further out of the shadows of the great Thrashers, making it into the top 20 of several rock charts and capturing many new hearts whilst on tour in Europe and Russia.


01. Pathfinder... Between Heaven And Hell
02. Betrayed
03. Inside The Fire
04. Reborn
05. Under The Gun
06. We Are The League
07. Alone In The Dark
08. Farewell To A Friend
09. Monster
10. Out Of Hell
11. Killing Pain (BONUSTRACK)


Freddy - vocals, guitar
Mike - guitar, backing vocals
Chris - drums
Marco - bass, backing vocals


Necronomicon (1984)
Apocalyptic Nightmare (1987)
Escalation (1988)
Screams (1994)
Construction of Evil (2004)
Revenge of the Beast (2008)
Invictus (2012)
Pathfinder … between Heaven and Hell (2015)

the hard side of life
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