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The Grander Voyage
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Black Lodge
Distribution: Sound Pollution / Rough Trade


NETHERBIRD was founded in Sweden in 2004 with the intention of creating harsh metal music somewhere in the borderlands of melodic death and black metal. During 2004-2014 the band released three full length albums and a number of EP:s and also did three international tours.

And now, almost three years after the release of “The Ferocious Tides Of Fate” NETHERBIRD return with their strongest album to date: “The Grander Voyage”. Filled to the brim with their signature style of songwriting, which incorporates black, death and even doom metal, this record is a new monument of harsh yet melodic music craft. They keep true to their origins also lyric-wise as Nephente keeps weaving his dark and personal reflections upon the world into the songs. This album is a journey spanning seven songs, and you are now invited to join the descent into uncharted territories. Onwards!

"Pillars Of The Sky" - Official lyric video: youtu.be/184VUV5ECDY

"Windwards" - Official video: youtu.be/emXzcWbs-7U


1. Pale Flames On The Horizon (2:19)
2. Hinterlands (7:51)
3. Dance Of The Eternals (2:02)
4. Windwards (6:45)
5. Pillars Of The Sky (7:20)
6. Silvan Shrine (8:19)
7. Emerald Crossroads (7:16)


Johan Nephente Fridell - Vocals
Pontus Bizmark Andersson – Guitars, Bass, Keys, Backing vocals
Johan Nord – Backing vocals
Tobias Jakobsson – Backing vocals
Micke André – Backing vocals
Fredrik Widigs – Drums


The Grander Voyage (Album, our Octorber 2016)
Pillars Of The Sky (Single, out September 2016)
Windward (Single, out July 2016)
The Ferocious Tides Of Fate (album, 2013)
Elegance And Sin (Single, 2013)
Abysmal Allure (EP, 2011)
Shadows And Snow (EP, 2011)
Monument Black Colossal (Album, 2010)
Covered in Darkness (EP, 2009)
The Ghost Collector (Album, 2008)
Lighthouse Eternal (EP, 2007)
Blood Orchid (EP, 2006)
Boulevard Black (Single, 2005)

the hard side of life
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