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Black Flesh Redemption (EP)
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Agonia Records / Soulfood


Unstoppable Swedish death metal unit DEMONICAL returns this spring with a brand new EP. The first new tracks since the release of the acclaimed "Darkness Unbound" album (2013) deliver the ravishing sounds of HM-2 and razorsharp chants of Stockholm-style death metal darkness. With a slightly refreshed visual formula, the band continues to go strong with the finest form of pitch black old-school Stockholm-style death metal, that strikes both viciously and victoriously.

Produced and mastered by vocalist Sverker Widgren, the four-track new EP was recorded in two studios: Amplified (drums) and Wing (rest of the instruments) between January and February, 2015.

DEMONICAL commented: "Basically the new material continues where Darkness Unbound left us, however, with a slightly new course to explore when it comes to the musical and visual formula of the band. But all you loyal followers - old and new - rest assure, we are still talking about the finest form of pitch black old-school Stockholm-style death metal that will hit you viciously and victoriously bringing you one step closer to a cleansing redemption".


1. Cursed Liberation
2. Drown in Flames
3. Throne of Perdition
4. To Become the Weapon

the hard side of life
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