[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Black Messiah Fotos Walls Of Vanaheim BLACK MESSIAH Facebook Release: AFM Records 20.03.2009 Info: One of the leading German pagan metal bands, BLACK MESSIAH, returns with a new studio album on March 20th. The new release, entitled “First War Of The World”, marks the bands´ first concept album ever. BLACK MESSIAH take us on a journey back to where it all began: to witness the first war of the world. According to Northern Mythology this battle was fought between the gods dynasties of the Asen (Odin, Thor…) and the Vanen (Njörd etc.). To give the perfect soundtrack for this epic battle also BLACK MESSIAH´s music has become more epic, and despite the heaviness it´s also melodic and very atmospheric. In professional narrator Tom Zahner (who is well-known as a storyteller) BLACK MESSIAH found a great addition for the spoken parts of “First War Of The World”. But not enough, the band managed to secure the services of professional baritone Markus “Monk” Wahlers, who appears in the songs “Das Unterpfand” and “Andacht”, where he slips into the role of giant Mime. “First War Of The World” is the most ambitioned BLACK MESSIAH album to date. Their old fans will love this record, as it has all trademarks that BLACK MESSIAH are known for, but many new fans will follow due to the more accessable sound. Watch out for BLACK MESSIAH in 2009! It all started in 1992, when BLACK MESSIAH where founded as a pure old-school black metal band. They first followed the path of their idols Venom, Celtic Frost, Bathory and Possessed and recorded a demo in 1995. In 1996 the first important change came for the band: two members were leaving, so the opportunity for Zagan (who joined a classical musical education) came to change the bands´ sound into a different direction. Folkloristic and classical elements were conducted into the BLACK MESSIAH sound. Together with drummer Nabahm (Goat Of Mendes, Innana Unveiled) he recorded the debut album “Sceptre of Black Knowledge“ was released by Last Episode in 1998. It was a mix of the bands´ black metal roots and their new influences. The album features a lot of guest musicians, such as Frank “Blackfire” Gosdzik who is well-known from his works with Sodom and Kreator. After contractual disputes with their record company, BLACK MESSIAH recorded a 3-track demo on their own in 2000. One year later came another important step in their career: Zagan´s intention to bring the band on stage grew bigger and bigger, so he decided to form a solid line-up. Meanwhile Zagan composed a lot of new songs and finally found a strong line-up for BLACK MESSIAH, that allowed to play live and raise the band to the next level. After being tested in several live gigs, BLACK MESSIAH released their second album “Oath Of A Warrior” in 2005 by Einheit Produktionen. This piece of work completed the change of style, from black metal to pagan/viking metal. “Oath Of A Warrior” became very successful, was praised by critics and fans alike and made BLACK MESSIAH one of the most respected bands in the German pagan metal scene. For example, the METAL HAMMER said: „Beautiful, epic pagan metal to take off“ (6 out of 7 points) and the LEGACY attested the band „extraordinary class“ (13 out of 15 points). Several concerts, festivals gigs and a European tour with the Irish band Cruachan followed. Their good reputation and the bands´ very professional attitude to work resulted in a new contract with AFM Records, who released BLACK MESSIAH´s third album “Of Myths And Legends” in November 2006. A European tour with Tyr and Odroerir saw BLACK MESSIAH perform in Germany, Hungary, Switzerland and Austria, as well a on numerous festivals (Summer Breeze, Ragnarök 4, Pagan & Viking Festival Pt. II, Fiesta Pagana, Ultima Ratio...). For 2009 the band is already confirmed for a lot of festivals, including Summer Breeze. Tracklist: 01. Prologue - The Discovery 02. The Vanir Tribe 03. Gullveig 04. Von Rachsucht Und Luege 05. March Of The Warriors 06. Vor Den Toren Valhalls 07. The Battle Of Asgaard 08. The Chase 09. Burn Vanaheim 10. Das Unterpfand 11. Peace At A High Price 12. Andacht 13. Soeldnerschwein Line-up: Zagan (vocals, guitar, violin) Zoran (guitar) Meldric (guitars) Garm (bass) Agnar (keys) Brööh (drums) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]