[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Cryptic Wintermoon Fotos Of Shadows... ...and the dark things you fear Cryptic Wintermoon www.cryptic-wintermoon.de PRODUCT INFO: Title: CRYPTIC WINTERMOON - Of Shadows...and the dark things you fear Label: Massacre Records Distribution: Soulfood Release-Date: March, 28th, 2005 TRACKLIST: 1. The Dark Things You Fear 2. Thrashomatic Overdrive 3. Portals Of Nightfall 4. Bonegrinder 1916 5. Synthetic God 6. Where The Oceans Meet Eternity 7. Grave Without A Name 8. Once In The Windblasted North 9. War (Without Any Regret) 10. Heavy Armed Assault 11. Open Fire 12. Grim Frost BIOGRAPHY: CRYPTIC WINTERMOON were established back in 1993 by former members of the band Black Prophecies. With Bernd Seeberger (Vocals/Keyboard), Larsen Beattie (Guitars), Christian Reichel (Bass) and Marek Karakasevic (Drums) they played the first shows. Afterwards Bernd Seeberger was replaced by Ronny Dörfler and drummer Marek by Alexander Pöhlmann. With this line up the band recorded their first demo „Voyage dans la lune“. Ronny Dörfler decided to concentrate on the vocals so with Andrea Walter a steady keyboarder was added to the line up. More line up changes occurred in 1996 and Christian Ender took over the bass and Jochen Kressin was added as additional guitarist. In March 1997 the band recorded a 4-song MCD. In October ‚97 Michael Schürger took over the 2nd guitar. The band played a lot of shows a o. with DESASTER, NIGHT IN GALES, EMINENZ, PURGATORY, AGATHODAIMON, ANCIENT RITES, IMPENDING DOOM. The next release was a split-EP with Lord Astaroth and another 3-song promo tape. The split-EP was released in '98 by Perverted Taste Records. In December ‚98 the band signed with Ars Metalli. During the recordings Christian left the band and was replaced by Jens Löhner. The first album „The age of Cataclism“ was recorded at the band‘s own Frost studio and was released in December '99. The album received excellent reviews (Rock Hard 9 0f 10 pts., Heavy oder was? 10 of 12 pts.). Also drummer Alexander had to leave the band and Andreas Schmidt was recruited as new drummer. Due to a lack of support the band terminated their contract with Ars Metalli and recorded a new 5-track promo CD and afterwards the next album „A coming storm“. Heavier and faster than the debut and moving away from Black Metal but with the band‘s trademarks bombastic keyboards and choirs. With another new bassplayer (Nikolaj Rüster) the band signed with Massacre in 2000. „A Coming Storm“ was released in May and was again able to get excellent reviews a.o. Rock Hard 8,5/10 pts; Heavy oder was 10/12; Metalius 8,5/10. Also the band played a bunch of festival shows a.o. Wacken 2003, Party San 2004, Up from the Ground 2004. Early 2004 the recordings for „Of Shadows and the dark things you fear“ started, which combines the highlights of the previous albums. Mid tempo rockers as well as high speed death-thrash, all is included. The albums more melodic than the previous one and the black metal roots found their way back into the sound. The recordings were finished by Bruno Kramm‘s mastering in January 2005. LINE UP: Ronnie - Vocals Larsen - Guitars Michael - Guitars Nikolaj - Bass Andreas - Drums Andrea - Keys [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]