[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Eisregen Fotos Knochenkult Eisregen www.fleischhaus.de Release: Massacre Records 19.09.2008 Info: Just one and a half year after the release of their extremly successful “Blutbahnen” album (which reached a career high # 32 in the official German album charts) and a well-frequented headlinging tour in early 2008 the masters of the macabre from Thüringen return with a vengeance with their now 7th longplayer KNOCHENKULT. After the departure of their long-time keyboarder DF the infernal trio (M. Roth: voc / Bursche Lenz: Git/Bass / Yantit: Dr.) is now joined by Dr. Franzenstein on the keys, who is known as the female drummer of the Transilvanian Beat Club. As the last EISREGEN albums KNOCHENKULT was recorded at “Klangschmiede E” under the direction of Markus Stock and is a winner in all categories: the band could really improve on heavy guitar riffing and manages to present all of the bands’ strengths in the 10 tracks: the unique combination of clean and almost inhuman vocals, remarkable melody lines, pounding drums and for sure the very unique way of lyrics, for which EISREGEN are famous (and infamous) for. Lyrically as always on a top level M. Roth did not step back at all on the heavniess of the told stories from the dephts of real horrors. Song titles such as “Das liebe Beil”, “Sei Fleisch & Fleisch sei tot”, “Treibjagd” prove, that even in the 13th year of band history still the bands does no compromise! Musically EISREGEN present themelves as variable as always: to-be club hits like the opener “Stahlschwarzschwanger” or “Schwarzer Gigolo” stand next to blastbeat tracks (“Treibjagd”, “Das letzte Haus am Ende der Einbahnstraße”) Grindcore sidesteps (“Sei Fleisch & Fleisch sei tot”) all meet in perfect harmony with ballads („19 Nägel für Sophie“) and orchstral-almostmovie-score like outputs („Erscheine!“) which are finally added with death/black metal outbursts (“Das liebe Beil”, “Süssfleisches Nachtgebet”). EISREGEN present an album with KNOCHENKULT that will drive their fans nuts and will even increase their legendary cult status in Germanspeaking countries but will also bring them new fanatic followers undoubtelly. Death is a master from Thüringen and EISREGEN are still the masters of German extreme metal! Tracklist: 01. Stahlschwarzschwanger 02. Treibjagd 03. Erscheine! 04. Das liebe Beil 05. 19 Nägel für Sophie 06. Sei Fleisch und Fleisch sei tot 07. Schwarzer Gigolo 08. Süssfleisches Nachtgebet 09. Das letzte Haus am Ende der Einbahnstraße 10. Knochenkult 11. Blut ist Leben (Digipack-Bonussong) Line-up: M. Roth - alle Vocals Yantit - Puls Bursche Lenz - Vier- & Sechssaiter DF - Tastenwelt [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]