[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Nocte Obducta Fotos Sequenzen einer Wanderung Nocte Obducta www.nocte-obducta.de Release: Supreme Chaos Records 05.12.2008 Info: NOCTE OBDUCTA was founded in 1995 as successor of the band Deshîra. After several line-up changes the first demo of the band was recorded in January 1998 which resulted in a first record deal with GSM / Nuclear Blast. Thus the debut album “Lethe“ was recorded in Summer 1998 with the line up Marcel (guitars, vocals), Torsten (vocals), Alex (keyboards, vocals), Limbach (drums) and Sathonys (bass, now Agathodaimon). Like the debut album the second record “Taverne” was accompanied with several line up changes and received euphoric responses from the press. After this album Sathonys wanted to concentrate on Agathodaimon and therefor left the band. Within only one year NOCTE OBDUCTA recorded two albums – “Galgendämmerung” and “Schwarzmetall”. In 2003 the band signed a new deal with Supreme Chaos Records and the first result of this collaboration was “Stille”. Along with “Schwarzmetall” this album was the first album which was also released on vinyl. In March 2004 NOCTE OBDUCTA finished the recordings for the double album opus “Nektar”. The first part was released in August 2004, the second one in April 2005. With this opus the band emphasized its exclusiveness and gave a clear signal that proved German black metal to be intelligent and remarkably sophisticated. In Summer 2006 the band surprisingly announced its split up but at the same time advertised its farewell album “Sequenzen einer Wanderung”. It seems to be clear that with this last album NOCTE OBDUCTA will raise a monument beyond compare… Line-up: Marcel Va. Tr. - vocals, guitar Torsten, der Unhold - vocals Matthias - drums Flange - keys, vocals Patrick - bass Stefan - guitar Discographie: 1998 Lethe (Gottverreckte Finsternis) 2000 Taverne (In Schatten schäbiger Spelunken) 2001 Schwarzmetall (Ein primitives Zwischenspiel) 2002 Galgendämmerung (Von Nebel, Blut und Totgeburten) 2003 Stille (Das nagende Schweigen) 2004 Nektar - Teil I (Zwölf Monde, eine Handvoll Träume) 2005 Nektar - Teil II (Seen, Flüsse, Tagebücher) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]