[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > PYRE OF DESCENT Peaks Of Eternal Light PYRE OF DESCENT Facebook Release: Terror From Hell Records 24.02.2020 Info: Terror From Hell Records is proud to present the first mini album of PYRE OF DESCENT! After a very promising debut demo released in March 2018, this Berlin-based obscure combo returns with a 4 song EP, "Peaks Of Eternal Light", featuring 31 minutes of enigmatic grace paired with sorrowful tension. By using hypnotic mellow arpeggios, beautiful solos, rough as well melancholic vocals and minimalist yet effective drumming, the band musically stands in a league of their own and has been able to put together a record which spans and instills a good range of emotions. PYRE OF DESCENT's music is a mysterious journey in the soul's inmost part that will makes you feel you're walking on a desolate land surrounded by the thickest fog you've ever seen. "†" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/npBbjkHhQCg Tracklist: 1. Fyre 2. Eyes Of The Blind 3. † 4. To See Into The Dark (VI Wheel) Line-up: Dave S. with contributions from Julia N. on guitar and Jamie S. M. on drums Biography: The first waves of inspiration started flowing towards the end of 2010, both from a source and for a purpose unbeknownst at that time. Feelings formed into chords; chords formed into progressions; progressions birthed melodies and the melodies whispered the unspeakable. Within the three opening months of 2011, the first four songs of the self-titled demo had been crafted and prepared as the initial oblations. The three following years were devoted to the forging of new musical and lyrical ideas, but circumstances at the time restricted the reaching of higher platforms. It wasn't until the last months of 2017 that the pieces began falling into place. By then the means and methods of expression had been solidified: to serve sincerely as a dark, psychedelic soundtrack for one's journey of spiritual exploration. "Peaks Of Eternal Light" was recorded from September 2018 to March 2019 in three locations and deals with the esoteric themes of visions and light. Therein are four tracks, spanning 31 minutes in total playing time. PYRE OF DESCENT is an inward pilgrimage diving into the bottomless pit of one’s own inner darkness. Away from the world of forms and into the realm of mind and mindlessness, symbols and archetypes; and then even further beyond, where distinction, definition and boundaries fall away; where all and naught converge as one and dance the dance of eternality. Light your pyre and descend. [BILD] Download 300dpi printable (400 kB) [BILD] Download 300dpi printable (575 kB) [BILD] Download 300dpi printable (1,1 MB) [BILD] Download 300dpi printable (243 kB) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]