[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Dark Buddha Rising The Black Trilogy DARK BUDDHA RISING Facebook Release: Svart Records 26.10.2018 Info: ”I exhaled and the skies cleared, revealing the stars. And then, from a distant event horizon arose the black sun. Rays of black light illuminated pyramid structures in the desert, as I watched hovering above. Carved in the monolithic stones were alien symbols that became decrypted before my eyes. And the I became the eye, the self dissolved in the light. Sun worshippers emerged from the sands shifting in the solar wind that carried their voice.” 11 years have passed since DARK BUDDHA RISING's first foray into the black arts of psychedelia at the Wastement rehearsal space. Since the beginning the band have walked a path decidedly their very own, regardless of outside influence. Before their more widely available albums on Svart and Neurot Recordings, the band released three double LPs on their own label Post-RBMM. Limited to small vinyl pressings only, these works were quickly consumed by the underground, making them valuable collector's items today. In 2017, on their 10th anniversary, the band, together with Svart Records, embarked on a mission to finally make these three albums available to a wider audience. The albums - "Ritual IX" (2008), "Entheomorphosis" (2009) and "Abyssolute Transfinite (2011)" will be available on CD, double vinyl and via digital platforms. The three will also be released as a limited seven LP vinyl box set titled "The Black Trilogy", which will also be the only way to get hold of the band's 2007 demo. All recordings have been remastered at Virtalähde Studios. DARK BUDDHA RISING are embarking on an autumn tour of Europe in November 2018! 8.11. Chemiefabrik, Dresden, Germany 9.11. Chmury, Warsaw, Poland 10.11. Soulstone Gathering, Krakow, Poland 11.11. TBC, Czech Republic 12.11. Underdogs, Prague, Czech Republic 13.11. Rockhouse, Salzburg, Austria 14.11. La Machno, Geneva, Switzerland 15.11. Ligera, Milan, Italy 16.11. TBC, Italy 17.11. Evol Club, Rome, Italy 18.11. Freak Out Club, Bologna, Italy 19.11. Ebrietas, Zurich, Switzerland 20.11. Slow Club, Freiburg, Germany 21.11. Merelyn, Nijmegen, Netherlands 22.11. Vortex Club, Siegen, Germany 23.11. Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany 24.11. TBC, Hamburg, Germany Tracklist: 1. Ritual IX - Enneargy 2. Ritual IX - Enneanacatl 3. Ritual IX - Enneathan 4. Ritual IX - Enneathan 5. Entheomorphosis - Transperson I 6. Entheomorphosis - Transperson II 7. Entheomorphosis - Transcent 8. Entheomorphosis - Nog Uash'Tem 9. Abyssolute Transfinite - Ashtakra I 10. Abyssolute Transfinite - Ashtakra II 11. Abyssolute Transfinite - Chonyidt 45 12. Abyssolute Transfinite - Sol'Yata Photo Credit: Maija Lahtinen Download 300dpi printable (3,1 MB) Download 300dpi printable (5,3 MB) Download 300dpi printable (4,5 MB) Download 300dpi printable (433 kB) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]