[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > One Year Delay Fotos Deep Breath ONE YEAR DELAY Website / Facebook Release: Pavement Entertainment 02.10.2015 Distribution: Red/Sony Digital Info: ONE YEAR DELAY was formed in Kalamata, Greece in early 2012 with the goal to combine different sounds and influences from metal, punk, grunge and rock music in a bound set with hard rock feeling The debut album of the ambitious band is called “Deep Breath” and has been recorded in Sound Emporium Studios, Nashville TN. It was co produced, mixed and engineered by the legendary producer Toby Wright (Alice In Chains, Korn & more) in November 2014 and mastered by Andrew Mendelson. Tracklist: 1. Gunpoint 2. Headhunters 3. Truth, Dare, Despair 4. Water Under The Bridge 5. Miss You 6. Try To Stay Alive 7. 5m 9k Line-up: Orestis Alimonos - vocals George Manesiotis- bass Nick Trimandlilis - rhythm guitar Nick Koumoundouros - lead guitar Sotiris Papadeas - Drums Steve Tsotras - Keys/ samples/ backing vocals [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]