[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > The Horsehead Union Fotos The Horsehead Union The Horsehead Union Website / Facebook Release: Ván Records / Soulfood 21.09.2012 Info: The Horsehead Union was formed during the summer of 2009. with only one goal in sight. To make the best rock'n'roll known to man and to take it one step further. The first sign of their music saw the light during spring 2010 in the shape of a 5-track demo. Well received by the audience we managed to get some gigs in the area of where they are based. One of them as warm up act for a sold out show with danish D.A.D. with 700 people attending. Quite a good start. After several gigs they built up a strong reputation and a finance to make their first full-length album. The album saw the light 2012 and was spread well in the swedish (and european) rock'n'roll scene. With a strong album as a foundation they finally passed the borders to Gemany and Holland and managed to sign up new members to the union. The Horsehead Union is a well-oiled machinery that won't stop for anything... The Songs: 1. IL TEMPO GIGANTE A demonic car, fast speed, fast solos, a gigantenormous tempo. This song has it all. 2. DICE OF FATE Can’t make up your mind? Leave it to the dice! And listen to this classic rock song. 3. NOTHING AT ALL If you don’t care about anything (except rock’n’roll), try writing a song about it. We did! And it’s awesome. 4. DEAD IS BETTER A beautiful song about lost love and….Zombies. You, the world and The zombies will love it. 5. DESERT MAN Mescaline, dry haze, psychedelic madness and sand in your eyes. The perfect ingredients to the perfect rock hit. 6. WALKING DISASTER When everything you do turns out wrong, you’re a Walking Disaster. The Horsehead Union are Walking Disasters, execpt when it comes to rock. The proof? Just listen! 7. MOANS OF SETH An instrumental song. If it had vocals, they would be about Seth moaning. Vocals or not, it rocks! 8. YOURS IN MURDER What would you do if your dog told you to go out and kill? Obey, of course! And here’s the soundtrack to the mayhem. 9. NEEDLE FEVER Blood, ink and needles.Booze, beer and smokes. Sebastian, Maria and Rock. All great things come in threes. 10. NEVER COMING BACK AGAIN Tell the boss to fuck off. Roll a joint. Get on your bike And leave everything. What could top that? This song! 11. VOODOO WOMAN Slow and heavy. Black magic spells and voodoo love. Enjoy! 12. ACTA FABULA EST, PLAUDITE! Outro. Actafabulaest, plaudite! [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]