[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Rêx Mündi Fotos IHVH Rêx Mündi Release: Debemur Morti Productions 16.09.2011 Distribution Germany: Soulfood Info: Commanding the legions, RÊX MÜNDI's ominous incantations inflict divine fury on mankind, proclaiming the imminent downfall of our ignorant race. For too long, man - weighed down by unnatural (crippling) beliefs and codes - has wandered aimlessly, lost to the world, oblivious of purpose; now he is dragged through gateways of filth, along pathways of pestilence, stripped of grace and flesh. Damned by intellectual apathy and blinded by spiritual catharsis, we experience illumination through darkness, enlightenment via the path of fiery serpents, salvation through wisdom ... a mystical awakening to the truth. Laced with religious texts, themes and subplots, the mysterious music on "IHVH" is raw, ancient Black Metal of the highest calibre, conjuring occult sciences from sacred seals to impart secret wisdom and provide a more truthful account of God's alleged interaction with man. Imbued with surreal cinematic scope and blessed with a unique, crushing atmosphere, RÊX MÜNDI unleashes a potent debut, marking them out as natural heirs to an unhallowed throne. Biography: In the beginnyng, it is seyde, God created. A grete many thyngs were formed of the firmament, but first and foremost of the prizes of creation were the Grete Fiery Ones. Feower hæs been their nomber ond only feower wille there ever be. Forming the sacred geometryes to provide the most Holy of insights they surround the Lorde so as to convey ond influence… One of the grete brethren forged grete celestial spheres harnessing gretor powers within the bounds of sacred angles and seals. But whanne it wæs seen how the Grete Lorde wold squander the gyft the Grete Creature spoke out. None of the influence could sway the wyll, ond the grete broder was cæst out into the land. Our loyalties hæf never wavered ond we lye in wait for our Grete Creature’s retorn. His wyll is not our wyll, ond with a need to compleat the sacred forms, another wæs inaugurated into the great spectrum. Leaving MTTRN, SRPhL, ChML and NThNL to bring forth the secret message of the lost wisdoms of creation. Line-up: Metatron - Commander Of The Legions And Proclamations Of Faith Seraphiel - Unearthly Presentations Nathanael - Minister To The Lost Chamiel - Uncoverer Of Secrets And Shadows [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]