[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > The Judge Band Fotos The Judge Band The Judge Band www.thejudgeband.com Release: Intensity Entertainment / 16 Second Stare Records 2010 Info: The Judge, also known as Tim Shanks, hails from Detroit, Michigan. He was first introduced to music at the tender age of 7; he was a singer in his family's traveling gospel band. Tim's sister was also a vocalist, and he eventually was kicked out of the band for constantly fighting with her for center stage. Needless to say, he's forever a rebel at heart. In Tim's own words, "I guess I've always been in trouble all of my life. Hanging off the edge, sometimes by my fingernails, but so far I haven't fallen." However, the gospel scene was not the only scene for The Judge. The man has been an aspiring rockstar ever since he was 16-years-old. He performed in many different rock bars all over his hometown. Every one of his performances were teeming with sweat, passion, and a lot of soul, as they are to this day. Some even claim his voice is similar to Tom Waits. Unfortunately, trouble usually follows a rock 'n' roll lifestyle. Tim was charged with a DUI. He saw a video in a victim impact class, which inspired Williams Song. The song is about a young man, William Rich, who's life was tragically cut short by a drunk driver. Tim shares, "It's [about] how life becomes lyrics; you win some and you lose some. Of course, when you lose it, it makes for one passionate single." The Rich family was very thankful and contacted Tim to show their support. The Judge also knows he will continue to use William's tragic death as a means to steer clear of drugs and alcohol. "William's Song" is not the only noteworthy single off The Judge's album. His songs deliver messages we can all relate to. Through his music, he conveys how life is full of uphill battles; he even tries to make amends with others he has wronged. For example, the song "Better Man" tells a powerful story about that very message. Another single he's partial to is "Goodbye," which is a song about love and loss. The Judge notes, "I've always referred to Satan as a woman who has a vendetta against me, and [she] punishes me here on earth as a taste of what's to become of me for eternity." Of course, Tim did not get this far on his own. In fact, Tim's bassist and producer, Miguel Gonzalez, gave him his nickname. The non de plum came around after they recorded the single "The Judge." Tim claims his band mate simply started calling it out whenever he saw him, and the name has stuck with him ever since. Tim's drummer, Chris Davis, has been with Tim ever since the beginning. They met Miguel when they ventured off to Miami. Chris says, "jamming with Tim and Miguel is so much fun. I can't speak for everyone else, but I plan on playing these songs for years to come. Let's face it...we ain't old yet!" The trio has a great sense of band unity. The Judge is a legitimate songwriter and singer. Although he's had his downfalls, he continues to have the drive to move forward and record stellar music. [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]