[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Fragments Of Unbecoming Fotos The Art Of Coming Apart Fragments Of Unbecoming www.fragmentsofunbecoming.com Release: Cyclone Empire 30.11.2012 Info: “These guys take the all various forms of brutal early 90's Swedish Metal and add a pinch of German precision and create a blend that is lethal! A killer album of melodic brutality!” (Dan Swanö - 2012) In summer 2000 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING was founded by guitarists Sascha Ehrich (MORTIFIED) and Stefan Weimar (VENERAL DISEASE), the latter also taking up the position of the vocalist. A suitable drummer was soon found in Ingo Maier (VENERAL DISEASE) and also bassist Wolfram Schellenberg (ex-TOMBTHROAT) soon joined in. In winter 2001 / spring 2002 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING entered the German Studio Stellwerk to record their studio debut "BLOODRED TALES - CHAPTER I / THE CRIMSON SEASON", which was released in May 2002 through Sascha´s label SYLPHONY CREATIONS. This MCD gained excellent reactions from the press, getting the band to appear on "Best of Unsigned" compilations by both the German magazines Rock Hard and Heavy, Oder Was?! Metal Blade Records got wind of the euphoria FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING were creating and signed the band exactly 12 months after the release of their MCD. In the fall of 2003, right after their Party.San Open Air show, the 1st full-length album was recorded - once again at Studio Stellwerk - and entitled "SKYWARDS - CHAPTER II / A SYLPHE'S ASCENSION". After the release, the band wanted to ease the situation for Stefan as singer/guitarist and started the search for a separate singer. The ideal vocalist was soon found: Sam Anetzberger, also vocalist of the Death Metal band DEAD EYED SLEEPER (former known as LEGACY). In summer 2004 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING entered the stage of the highly recommended Summer Breeze Open Air. In September 2005 the 2nd full-length album / 3rd CD release "STERLING BLACK ICON - CHAPTER III / BLACK BUT SHINING" was recorded at their Sound Tunnel Studios, got mixed and mastered at the famous Iguana Studios (NECROPHAGIST, DEADBORN) and finally released (again through Metal Blade Records) in spring 2006. In 2006 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING again entered the Summer Breeze Open Air stage. In 2008 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING already had composed enough new material to record their 3rd longplayer / 4th CD release entitled “THE EVERHAUNTING PAST - CHAPTER IV / A SPLENDID RETROSPECTION”. Eleven new songs were recorded at their Sound Tunnel Studios and got again mixed and mastered at Iguana Studios. In the beginning of 2009 Wolfram decided to leave the band due to personal reasons. Because of Sam was deep into his exam, the remaining triple took the time by searching for a new label partner and new bass player. After a short while, long time friend Christopher Körtgen (SMILODON / ex-CHAOS HD) seized his chance and became the new bass player of FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING. Simultaneously, in the fall of 2009 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING hit the target and signed a new deal with their candidate of choice: CYCLONE EMPIRE. In October 2009 “THE EVERHAUNTING PAST - CHAPTER IV / A SPLENDID RETROSPECTION” got released through CYCLONE EMPIRE. Right after its release, the band started to rehearse existing and new songs together with Christopher. In 2010 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING concentrated on / progressed with writing new material for their 5th studio release. Finally, in the end of 2011 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING entered their Sound Tunnel Studios to record the new material under the working title “THE ART OF COMING APART”. In summer 2012 FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING finished the recording and mixing process for their 4th longplayer “THE ART OF COMING APART - Chapter V”. The mastering was done by the famous Dan Swanö at Unisound. In the meanwhile FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING decided (together with CYCLONE EMPIRE) to release a special limited edition ADVANCE DEMO MC featuring two exclusive demo instrumentals and two album tracks with a different mix/master - just as an appetizer for the upcoming album. On November 30th FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING will be ready to shed blood by releasing their long awaited 5th chapter! Tracklist: 01. The Art Of Coming Apart 02. Barren And Bleak 03. Four Winters 04. Hours Of Suffering 05. Memorial Stone 06. A Silence Dressed In Black 07. Sundown 08. Trapping The Unseen 09. Seasons Of Tranquillity 10. Fathomless Line-Up: Sam Anetzberger – Vocals Stefan Weimar – Vocals, Guitars, Bass Guitars Sascha Ehrich – Guitars Christopher Körtgen - Bass Guitars, Backing Vocals Ingo Maier - Drums [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]