[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Seance Fotos Awakening Of The Gods Seance www.myspace.com/seanceseance Release: Pulverised Records; 19.01.2009 Germany: Pulverised Records/Soulfood; 23.01.2009 Info: Hailed as one of Sweden’s biggest export and yet remarkably underrated bands of all time, technical Death Metal masters SEANCE’s legacy is restored with a perfectly fitting album ‘Awakening Of The Gods’. Never abandoning their technicality-infused style and now peppered with a mammoth dose of Thrash elements, this is undoubtedly an album that will remain as another classic album in many years to come. A lesson in sonical violence indeed! Featuring past and present members from Witchery (Tony Kampner aka ‘Toxine’, Rille Rimfält and Micke Pettersson aka ‘Mique Flesh’), 11 intoxicating tracks were recorded and mixed at Linköping’s HellSmell Studio, with the finishing touches by world-renowned mastering engineer Peter In De Betou at Tailor Maid Productions (Dimmu Borgir, Dismember, Meshuggah, Hypocrisy, etc). SEANCE is now awakened, bow and none shall defy! Tracklist: 1. Wasted 2. They 3. Your Time Has Come 4. Invocation 5. Flight Of The Wicked 6. Murder 7. Choose Your Eternity 8. Forever Haunted 9. Revel In Death 10. Prisoner 666 11. Burn Me Biography: Sweden’s reputation for producing quality death metal continues with SEANCE. The band was formed in March 1990 with the fusion of two local Linköping bands ORCHRISTE and TOTAL DEATH, both formed in early 1987. SEANCE released their first demo "Levitised Spirit" in August 1991. This first demo received extremely good reactions among the international media and 12 record companies showed interest to sign the band. SEANCE's ball-busting internationally released premiere albums, "Fornever Laid to Rest" (1992, Black Mark Prod) and "Saltrubbed Eyes" (1993, Black Mark Prod) are a heavy dose of metal aggression, packed with fury, ferocity, and fatal riffs! Several reviews hailed "Saltrubbed Eyes" as one of, if not the most brutal death metal albums to date. SEANCE had with these albums caught thousands of crazy death metal fans with their intense and extreme death metal. The bass player Bino left the band to study and activity fell into slumber when Jensen, the main songwriter, left the band to start The Haunted. Other bands were formed with the members from SEANCE. In 1995, Satanic Slaughter was formed. There they found the new guitarist Rille Rimfält. The albums named "Satanic Slaughter" and "Land Of The Unholy Souls" were released before the group became Witchery in 1998. Witchery became really active for a couple of years. With band members from Arch Enemy, The Haunted and Opeth, it was difficult to get everyone together and therefore SEANCE started to focus more on their next album. Now 15 years later in 2008, SEANCE is stronger than ever and ready to puncture eardrums like never before, with the new album "Awakening of the gods". Completely recorded and mastered, this album is prepped and ready to flood the airwaves! After a very warm welcome back, 9 record companies showed interest to sign the band. The deal went to Pulverised Records in Singapore after giving the band an offer they couldn’t refuse. “SEANCE has awoken from an overdue slumber and we are very proud and honoured to have a legendary band like SEANCE to be on our growing roster." Release date hopefully before the end of 2008. Stay tuned for more details at myspace.com/seanceseance or www.pulverised.net Line-up: Johan Larsson – Vocals, Bass (1990–2008) Tony Kampner (aka Toxine) – Riff Guitar (1990–2008) Satanic Slaughter, Witchery Rille Rimfält – Lead and riff Guitar (1995–2008) Satanic Slaughter, Witchery Micke Pettersson (aka Mique Flesh) – Drums (1990–2008) Satanic Slaughter, Witchery, Freevil Former Members: Bino Carlsson – Bass (1990–1995) Patrick Jensen – Guitar (1990–1995) Discography: Levitised Spirit (Demo, 1991) Fornever Laid To Rest (1992) Saltrubbed Eyes (1993) Awakening Of The Gods (2008) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]