[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Cheeno Fotos The Next Step Will Be The Hardest Cheeno www.cheeno.de Release: Prevision Music 05.12.2008 Info: CHEENO was founded by live and studio musicians of “Autumnblaze”, a band which released 6 CDs world wide via Prophecy Productions / Soulfood and played four full tours throughout Europe (e.g. with Oceansize, Antimatter, The Vision Bleak). Together with Jennie Kloos, an experience vocal soloist who has already performed for various big projects (like with the Munich Symphonics – Circus meets Classic) and for different TV- and advertisement productions (including Star Search Germany, TUI and the “Deutsche Kinderkrebsstiftung”) they band together in August 2005 and CHEENO was born. One month after the first rehearsal sessions they joined their former label mates Klimt1918 (IT) on their tour through Germany and The Netherlands. Until the end of 2005 CHEENO have won several newcomer contests and at the beginning of 2006 they published their first EP “try to rescue”. The title track “the ruler” has been rotating for five weeks at the German radio station Das Ding. Due to the heavy live presence (more than 50 concerts annually) a European wide fan base has grown (Italy, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France). In 2006, CHEENO competed with 800 bands and the song “Silizium” was finally nominated for “German Rock and Pop” award. The band was honoured with the “Best Alternative Act 2006“. In 2007 the band still had numerous live appearances and performed as support for Paul Dianno (Ex Iron Maiden), Ross the Boss (Ex Manowar), Powerwolf, Mercenary, Xandria and many more in front of an average of 1000 people. Additionally to the explosive rock shows, in 2007 the band starts to perform special unplugged sessions which are always sold out completely. In Summer 2008 CHEENO have signed a world wide record deal with Prevision Music, a sub division of Supreme Chaos Records, to release their first full length album “The Next Step Will Be The Hardest”. Tracklist: 1. Bo-toxx mind Society 2. 64ad 3. Invisible 4. Buddhistic hands 5. @ 6. You 7. Pacman 8. "…" 9. Silizium 10. Go 11. Into a new State 12. WHEREAMINOW 13. Floor no7 14. Bye Sequence 15. Dragonfly Rise 16. So Shy/The Final Act 17. The Next Step will be the hardest Line-up: Jennie Kloos - vocals Joey Siedl - guitars Phil Hillen - guitars Carsten Pinkle - bass Mike Müller - drums [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]