[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Bands > > Alte Promo > > Gloria Morti Fotos Lateral Constraint Gloria Morti Website / Facebook Release: Cyclone Empire 02.11.2012 Info: GLORIA MORTI started its journey in Heinola, Finland, in 1999. The goal was to have fun and play Thrash Metal. Quickly after it’s founding, the band started to get more serious and the line-up changed drastically. As the remaining band members learned to play their instruments, the music steered towards a more demanding and aggressive sound. Several demos were made before the band had the confidence to make a professional recording and approach labels. “Ephemeral Lifespan” promo was recorded at Sundi Coop and soon GLORIA MORTI got signed to Japanese World Chaos Productions. With The help of such individuals as Lars Eikind and Nino Laurenne the debut album “Lifestream Corrosion” was created. Second album “Eryx” continued to take the band towards an even more aggressive sound. The sophomore album was the first album to be recorded and mixed by the bands guitarist Juho Räihä. Eryx was released through Stay-Heavy and Cyclone Empire. An Unique sound that is known as GLORIA MORTI was created… After “Eryx”, GLORIA MORTIs line-up went thru a change with drummer Jarmo Juurikka and keyboard-player Jenni Kemppainen parting ways with the band. The place on the drumthrone was quickly taken by Kauko Kuusisalo. With the keyboard and orchestration duties the band decided to trust their long time friend and producer of the first album, Lars Eikind. With the new and driven line-up, GLORIA MORTI entered Juho Räihäs project studio to record their next album, entitled “Anthems of Annihilation” witch took a more cinematic yet aggressive direction. The album landed the band their first European tour and took GLORIA MORTI one step further. Between the tour and the recordings for the fourth studio album, guitarist Juho Matikainen decided to leave the band and concentrate on other aspects of his life. Matikainen was replaced by a young and talented Eero Silvonen (Casket, Final Harvest, Routasielu, Death Confronting). The fourth album, “Lateral Constraint” was recorded and mixed by the bands guitarist Juho Räihä and mastered by Svante Försback. GLORIA MORTI have been “blessed” with a vast number of exceptional supporting slots. They have had the honour to share the stage with such bands as BEHEMOTH, ZYKLON, MAYHEM, THE CROWN and DISSECTION. Tracklist: 01. Lex Parsimoniae 02. The First Act 03. Our God Is War 04. Aesthetics of Self-Hyperbole 05. Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow 06. HalluciNations 07. Slaves 08. Non-Believer 09. The Divine Is a Fraud 10. Conclusion Line-Up: Eero Silvonen: Guitar Kauko Kuusisalo: Drums Juho Räihä: Guitar Aki Salonen: Bass Psycho: Vocals Discography: Lifestream Corrosion (2004) Eryx - CD (2008) Anthems Of Annihilation - CD (2010) Lateral Constraint - CD (2012) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]