[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdates ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Contact/Imprint ] Home > > Unleashed UNLEASHED "HAMMER BATTALION" Release Date: 09. June 2008 The battle call has been raised! With their unstoppable new album “Hammer Battalion”, Sweden’s mighty Unleashed have forged the blood and spirit of their Viking ancestry into a modern weapon of Death Metal mastery. A true rallying cry for the dedicated metalhead legions around the globe, Unleashed has done what previously seemed impossible: raising the intensity level without losing their trademark skill of melding uncompromising brutality with extreme listenability. Experience and believe! “Hammer Battalion” takes a battle-hardened axe to the misguided concepts of self-subjugation, transparent corruption and unneeded suffering in the name of religious figureheads and provides a perfect link between the ancient struggles of their Nordic forefathers and the ills of our modern society. The blistering “The Greatest Of All Lies” and “Long Before Winter’s Call” take on old religious myths re-cast as pure fact, while “Your Children Will Burn” serves as a warning of the consequences of blind faith. “Whatever is done in the name of different religions is often done against Mother Nature,” notes vocalist/bassist Johnny Hedlund. “And she has the means of striking back.” Hedlund and company have not only worn their Viking heritage on their sleeve for years, they’ve also proven to be one of history’s most important flag bearers for metal-heads around the globe. At its heart, “Hammer Battalion” serves as a testament to these legions of proud fanatics, and delivers a commanding message loud and clear. “Rebellion is rising,” notes Hedlund when discussing the album’s title track. “We will form a number of battalions all over the world with warriors who are not afraid to fight. We are tired of being sitting ducks for bullshit authorities who know nothing better than to oppress us for reasons they won’t explain. We will take command of our own lives and get to work. Either like the chameleon – smoothly changing colors to benefit our survival, or by the furious rage of a Viking warrior – whichever suits us best. To the common man, his various pathetic and hollow forms of music is a hobby. Our music is a way of life. Join your local Hammer Battalion or start one yourself!” “Hammer Battalion” proves to be a high point in the career of a band who has had many. For nearly 20 years, the warriors of Unleashed have been the ultimate embodiment of Death Metal - employing a driving fortitude that has helped them to become one of the top extreme bands on the planet. Always unyielding and without a hint of compromise, they have remarkably brought the spirit of the Viking past and the glory of pure Death Metal together in this new century. While the “Hammer Battalion” hordes are assembling around the globe, Unleashed are preparing their live assault on Europe and North America. To Valhalla! www.unleashed.se www.myspace.com/666unleashed Discography: WHERE NO LIFE DWELLS (1991) SHADOWS IN THE DEEP (1992) LIVE IN VIENNA ´93 (1993) ACROSS THE OPEN SEA (1993) VICTORY (1995) EASTERN BLOOD – HAIL TO POLAND (1996) WARRIOR (1997) HELL`S UNLEASHED (2002) SWORN ALLEGIANCE (2004) MIDVINTERBLOT (2006) HAMMER BATTALION (2008) Line-up: Johnny Hedlund – Gesang/Bass Anders Schultz – Schlagzeug Fredrik Folkare – Gitarre Tomas Måsgard – Gitarre [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Privacy Policy ] [BILD] [BILD] [BILD]