[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Kontakt/Impressum ] Home > > Bands > > Archiv > > Solstafir Fotos Köld Solstafir www.solstafir.com Release: Spikefarm Records / Soulfood 27.02.2009 (GER) Biography: There’s something about Iceland and its arid vasts that produces especially ethereal kind of music. Be it Bjork, Múm, Sigur Rós or even progressive doomsters Sólstafir, the Icelanders’ music breathes spirituality, originality an almost astral beauty. In Sólstafir’s case that would be savage beauty. Having been around for 15 years and having released their art very sparingly, during the years Sólstafir have honed their craft to its formless, free-flowing perfection. 2005’s “Masterpiece of Bitterness” already drew rave reviews across the globe for its musical braveness and “Köld” (extreme cold in English) sees the nonconformist Northmen pushing the envelope yet further. Instead of proceeding linearly from point A to point B like most contemporary pop music, Sólstafir’s hypnotic doom rock paints bigger pictures. Like snow and volcanic stone of their homeland, soothing tranquillity and unpredictable sonic violence take turns in the Icelanders’ music. Formless compositions flow free, straying like a stream of consciousness across surreal musical landscapes. There are no catchy choruses here. It could be stated that instead of music in its traditional sense, Sólstafir is an exceptional embodiment of adventurousness, charting the whole scope of musical expression. Transcending the boundaries of rock, Sólstafir defies classification. They’re hypnotic and unpredictable. Cinematic yet spontaneous. Traditional and unrestrained at the same time. Clear like Icelandic sky, black like molten lava. Trailblazing post doom. Unique. Tracklist: 01. 78 Days In The Desert 02. Köld 03. Pale Rider 04. She Destroys Again 05. Necrologue 06. World Void Of Souls 07. Love Is The Devil (And I’m In Love) 08. Goddess Of The Ages Line-up: Aðalbjörn Tryggvason - Guitar, Vocals Guðmundur Óli Pálmason - Drums Svavar Austman - Bass Sæþór M. Sæþórsson Guitar Discography: Til Valhallar MCD 1996 Í blóði og anda CD 1999 Black Death: The EP 7” 2002 Masterpiece of Bitterness CD 2005 Köld 2009 [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Datenschutz ] [BILD] [BILD]