[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Kontakt/Impressum ] Home > > Bands > > Archiv > > Körgull The Exterminator Fotos Reborn From The Ashes KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR Facebook Release: Ván Records Release date: 27.11.2015 Distribution: Soulfood Info: Ván Records proudly presents the new and fourth full-length of KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR! Raw, dirty, straight and ultra-violent Axe Black Thrash Metal from the depths of Spain! Born in 2004 as a side project of drummer Joe's main one-man Black Metal band Akerbeltz, KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR was unleashed to satisfy his hunger for more Thrash Metal related stuff. It wasn’t until 2007, when Mark Wild joined KTE to record guitars of what was supposed to be the first and only release. But after some rehearsals new stuff was rising, and with recruiting Lilith on vocals and Steel Maniac on bass guitars, KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR became a real band. After releasing a first split CD “The Black Legions March Over The Killing Fields”, they started to work on the debut album. Some media attention was gained and, especially after Darkthrone’s Fenriz honoured them on his “Band Of The Week” page, labels started to show interest. They signed to the Spanish label Xtreem Music for two full-lenghts, “Dogs Of War” (2009) and “War Of The Voivodes” (2010), kept gaining more underground attention, played festivals such as Live Evil and supported bands like Inquisition, Hellish Crossfire, Old, Nocturnal, Cruel Force, Entombed or Portrait all over Europe. Releasing a split 7” with Norwegian friends Deathhammer gained them a deal with Demonhood Productions to release both LP and CD versions of the third full-length “Metal Fist Destroyer” in 2013. KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR’s style became more and more Thrash Metal oriented, while keeping their Black Metal roots and adding classic Heavy Metal and some Punk influences. From Bathory to Desaster, from Exploited to Darkthrone, worshipping old Kreator and Sodom,… a very own and violent sound emerged during the years. In 2013 they released a 12” split (“La Germandat de la Nit Profunda”) with their fellow deathers Graveyard, which was the last recording with Steel Maniac on bass guitar. “War & Hell”, another split - this time with drummer Joe’s other band Akerbeltz, was recorded as a trio, before the rehearsals for a new album began. Entering Moontower Studios again (which they did since “War Of The Voivodes” days) they finished the recordings of “Reborn From The Ashes” with the addition of Javi Bastard (Graveyard, Lux Divina) on bass guitar duties. Be prepared for nine new songs of pure old school metal plus a cover of Canadian cult thrashers Razor! KÖRGULL THE EXTERMINATOR sound stronger and tougher than ever! Tracklist: 01. The Rebirth (intro) 02. Reborn From The Ashes 03. Traitor’s Gate 04. Hatred Rules Again 05. The Stalker 06. Warriors Of The Night 07. Wolf Of The Battlefield 08. Hellstar 09. Hellish Onslaught 10. Take This Torch (Razor Cover) 11. Addicted To Madness Line-up: Lilith - Vocals Mark Wild - Guitars and Backing Vocals Javi Bastard - Bass and Backing Vocals Joe Bastard - Drums [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Datenschutz ] [BILD] [BILD]