[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Kontakt/Impressum ] Home > > Bands > > Archiv > > Artillery Fotos One Foot In The Grave, ... (DVD) Artillery www.stutzer-music.com Release: Metal Mind Records / Soulfood 27.06.2008 (GER) Info: Artillery - back in the 80's they were one of the biggest European thrash sensations on the scene characterized by intense, energetic riffing and unique vocals of Flemming Ronsdorf, somewhat reminiscent of Slayer and Megadeth from the same era. The band was formed in 1982 in Taastrup, in the suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark. The band members were: guitarists Jorgen Sandau and Michael Stützer, bassist Morten Stützer, drummer Carsten Nielsen and singer Carsten Lohmann. Their debut album "Fear of Tomorrow" and the follow-up "Terror Squad" have gained a legendary status, becoming some of the most thrilling thrash releases of the late 80's period. Their first album for Roadrunner Records, "By Inheritance", repeated the impressive success of the previous LPs. Flemming Rasmussen finally crafted a more than competitive sound for the band which was often compared with Metallica's "Master Of Puppets". Unfortunately, after that Artillery was put on hold for almost 9 years, to ultimately return in 1999 with another amazing release, "B.A.C.K.". Today, the band still remains active, although there are no signs of a new recorded material yet. During the wait, the fans were granted a unique chance to rediscover the band’s whole discography in one exclusive box set which was released by Metal Mind Productions in August 2007. Special collector’s edition of the “Through The Years” contains 4 Artillery albums plus 32 page booklet. Metal Mind Productions presents Artillery's first DVD entitled “One Foot in the Grave, The Other One in the Trash”! The DVD features a fantastic gig the thrash veteran's of Artillery gave at Metalmania Festival 2008! The outstanding guitar play of brothers Stützer, charismatic Carsten Nielsen's powerful drums and the uncompromising thrash energy of Søren Adamsen's voice ruthlessly hammered their way into the hearts of the headbangers assambled on that occasion. Artillery launched a veritable blitz, bombarding their fans with a skull-breaking selection of some of the best songs from their entire discography, including great thrash metal masterpieces like "By Inheritence" and "Khomaniac"! The DVD also includes many great bonus features such as extra video material: Allergic to Knowledge (video clip), Terror Squad (video clip), The Almighty (bootlegged at ”The Rock”, Copenhagen, 2008), Missing Link – Lobotomized (video clip) plus interview with Michael Stützer, interview with Morten Stützer and Carsten Nielsen and more. Tracklist: Metalmania Festival 2008 1. Deeds of Darkness 2. Into the Universe 3. The Almighty 4. Cybermind 5. The Challenge 6. By Inheritance 7. The Eternal War 8. Beneath the Clay (R.I.P.) 9. Time Has Come 10. At War with Science 11. Out of the Sky 12. Khomaniac 13. Terror Squad Bonus: Allergic to Knowledge (video clip) Terror Squad (video clip) The Almighty (bootlegged at ”The Rock”, Copenhagen, 2008) Missing Link – Lobotomized (video clip) Interview with Michael Stützer Interview with Morten Stützer and Carsten Nielsen [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Datenschutz ] [BILD] [BILD]