[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Kontakt/Impressum ] Home > > Bands > > Archiv > > Saattue Fotos Jäähyvästi Saattue www.saattue.net Release: Spikefarm Records / Soulfood 07.03.2008 (GER) Info: Saattue wss formed in 2001, at the darkest corner of Bar Papillon (Riihimäki/Finland). Since the beginning of the band, it was clear that the band members want to play slow and the darkest kind of metal and to write their lyrics in Finnish. At the early stage, the band chose to call them selves „Kiduttajat“. After recording two demos the name changed to Saattue, which means procession, or convoy, in english. The first CDEP Kivisydän was released in 2004. Original members Vesa Mänty (guitar/vocals), Harri Lampinen(guitar) and bassist Valtteri Heinonen (all former Braindrain members) recruited a third guitarist Tero Kalliomäki (ex-Yearning) and a drummer T. Kristian (Yearning, Thyrane, Carcase Inc.) into the line-up and started to play live all over southern Finland. The band's sound has progressed to a doomier kind of metal, which is well dominated by the harmonic and heavy wall of three guitars - while the vocals vary from aggressive and metallic outcries to clean, dark and haunting voices. The EP got good reviews in the magazines, some airplay and the band started to gain more listeners. However, a few changes were ahead while the procession advanced. Vesa Mänty started to concentrate on guitar only and Tuukka Koskinen joined in as the vocalist. Bassist Valtteri Heinonen left the band and Samu Lahtinen stepped in. The band played more shows until they took a break from the stages. After long consideration Vesa Mänty left the band in 2005 and shortly after, drummer T.Kristian wss replaced by Miku (UltraMayhem). Guitarist Jani Koskela joined in and the renovated line-up plays their first show. Saattue recorded a 3 track promo EP Ikiuneen, which the band released in January 2006. Shortly after the recording sessions, Saattue plays their first show abroad, in Tallinn, Estonia. The new promo received good critics, this time also from record companies. However, no serious contracts were offered and the band continued to work on Ikiuneen on self-financed basis. While knowing that the next release is going be an important release for Saattue´s career, the band writes new material and promotes Ikiuneen with shows in southern Finland. Four tracks are being rehearsed and pre-produced and after a few setbacks, the band enters D-Studio in Klaukkala in May 2007. Saattue plans to release the new songs as an EP, tittled as Jäähyvästi, while secretly hoping that the new material would lead the band to sign a recording contract and the planned EP would expand to become an album. This eventually happens as Spinefarm Records offers Saattue an album contract, right after hearing the new recordings. The band gladly accepts the offer and agrees to return to D-Studio in September, in order to record and mix their debut album. The album includes 7 tracks of pure SaattoMetal and it’s a heavy, powerful and the most dynamic Saattue release so far. Besides the raw and doomy metal elements, you will also hear more emotional and melodic passages, supported by the appearance of guest vocalist Ines Lukkanen. Doom on... Tracklist: 01. Ikiuneen 02. Vieraaseen multaan 03. Luutarhuri 04. Hyiseen veteen 05. Jäähyvästi 06. Kaaosmaa 07. Varjojen saattue Line-up: T. Koskinen - vocals Miku - drums Samu Lahtinen - bass Tero Kalliomäki - guitar/keys Hapa - guitar Jani Koskela - guitar [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Datenschutz ] [BILD] [BILD]