[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Kontakt/Impressum ] Home > > Bands > > Archiv > > Obscurity Fotos Streitmacht OBSCURITY Facebook Release: Trollzorn 14.07.2017 Distribution: Soulfood & AFM Records Info: “Streitmacht” (meaning Army/Armed Forces) is the 8th full-length album of the five warriors from the Bergisches Land (a region in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) and will be released on time to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. The new blade features all musical variations of the genre, as elements of Black, Death and Viking Metal are combined to become “Battle Metal”, which is typical of OBSCURITY. “Streitmacht” is supposed to express the band’s huge thanks to all the loyal as well as new fans for the support throughout the last two decades. At the same time, it is an impressive proof of OBSCURITY staying true to themselves and shows that achieving success does not require conforming to trends in music. On the contrary, shouter Agalaz and his comrades-at-arms have always lived for their way of making and understanding heavy music. Fortunately, the band does not need to pretend consistent further development in order to justify an entirely new musical style. With their ten songs OBSCURITY deliberately pose the provoking question: Does the wheel have to be reinvented over and over again? Progress does not necessarily go hand in hand with a change in musical style – and this is ultimately proven by the Lions from the Bergisches Land! The new output is an authentic and martial album by metal fans and for metal fans blasting through your speakers. It goes without any overall concept. The album deals with aspects of everyday life, yet woven into a garment of lyrics that is characteristic of OBSCURITY. Historical topics as well as themes taken from Nordic mythology are to be found on “Streitmacht”, which will also features the band’s long-time companions Bony and Tim Schuldt. However, after 20 years it is no longer Arganar but Draugr pounding the drums. Tracklist: 1. 793 2. Meine Vergeltung 3. Streitmacht Bergisch Land 4. Non Serviam 5. Hinrichtung 6. Todesengel 7. Endzeit 8. Herbstfeldzüge 9. Ehre den Gefallenen 10. Was uns bleibt Line-up: Agalaz - Vocals Dornaz - Guitars Cortez - Guitars Draugr - Drums Ziu - Bass Discography: 1998 Demo "The rebirth of the dark empire" 1999 Demo “Christian decay" 2000 Album "Bergsich Land" 2004 Album "Thurisaz" (Twillight Vertrieb) 2007 Album "Schlachten & Legenden" (Massacre) 2009 Album "Várar" (Trollzorn) 2010 Album "Tenkterra" (Trollzorn) 2012 Album “Obscurity” (Trollzorn) 2014 Album “Vintar” (Trollzorn) 2017 Album “Streitmacht” (Trollzorn) [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Datenschutz ] [BILD] [BILD]