[ Bands ] [ News ] [ Tourdaten ] [ Hell Over Hammaburg ] [ Kontakt/Impressum ] Home > > Bands > > Archiv > > Throne Of Katarsis Fotos Helvete - Det Iskalde Morket Throne Of Katarsis www.throneofkatarsis.com Release: Candlelight Records / Soulfood 27.03.2009 (GER) Info: FANTASTIC NEW ALBUM OF BLASTING BLACK METAL FROM NORWAYS FINEST THRONE OF KATARSIS was spawned in 2003 in Norway by the demonic visions of Grimnisse and Vardalv. Their prophecy was and still is to craft purified and atmospheric occult Black Metal in the true vein of the early 90-ties Norwegian Black Metal, and focused on spreading the unholy message through their blasphemous lyrics. Their line-up is simple, yet effective: Vardalv play the drums and Grimnisse take care of the rest of the instruments. March 2004 the now infamous demo recording entitled Unholy Holocaustwinds was unleashed upon the world. There were initially only released 40 copies of the demo, but after massive unforeseen response and requests the demo has been re-released on pro-printed MC and 10 LP by German Warfront Production and on MiniCD by UK based Paradigms Recordings. Unholy Holocaustwinds was recorded on a four-track cassette recorder, partly in the Liarlund Forrest. There was also recorded a second demo in mid 2004, entitled Blodslakt, but this demo was only handed out to a few selected. Blodslakt was never officially released, bearing in mind a future full-length album would contain the same material. Late 2004, accompanied by two talented session-musicians on bass and guitar, THRONE OF KATARSIS did their first live performance at John Dee, Oslo, Norway. Apart from a live gig at the Karmygeddon metal festival, THRONE OF KATARSIS spent 2005 focusing on recording their debut full-length. The recording process took place at Black Dimension Studio owned and operated by Stein Sund of Thundra. After being offered a couple of record-proposals from different labels in 2006, THRONE OF KATARSIS finally decided to settle on Candlelight. Tracklist: 1. The Winds of Blasphemy 2. Lysets Endeligt 3. The Darkest Path 4. Det Iskalde Mrket 5. Summoning the Horns [ Promotion ] [ Publishing ] [ Datenschutz ] [BILD] [BILD]