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Awakening The Chaos

Thundering Records / Twilight Vertrieb

Extreme Melodic Death metal ! First album out in 1999 "operator dead" became a top sellers among selfproduced album in all majors stores ! Strong of this sucess, Osmoe productions signed the band & issued "From within"; Kristendom went on tour with Sup & Gloomy Grim.
In 2002, Kristendom joins with Thundering to issue "Inferno". Sold out at several times, 3 different editions were printed (digi + 2 cristal packs). In 2004, Kristendom went on the Hurmalent tour with No Return. 2005 /2006 is the officiel release of "Awakening the chaos", super deluxe digipack including a bonus DVD, showing the band live on tour, in backstage & making of the album. In addition to the new album, Thundering / Manitou reissued all of the back catalog (mainly sold out) in new carton sleeve edition at very low price. Be prepared for Chaos.

- It's Awakening (intro)
- Existence
- Failure
- Le Souffle Animal
- Short Life
- Death is near
- Welcome
- Impure
- Necrodemence
- W.A.R.
- Hidden Behind
- Chaos Theory
- No more sunrise (outro)