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Candlelight Records / Soulfood

Swedish progressive, melodic metallers Wolverine release their third studio album on Candlelight!

Wolverine is back and, strengthened by the new partnership with Candlelight Records, they are ready to release what the band sees as their finest piece of work to date.

Recorded at Spacelab Studio, Germany, during the summer of 2005, “Still” is the eagerly awaited follow-up to the critically acclaimed “Cold Light Of Monday”. Although it is heavier than previous albums, it still retains the band’s knack for heartfelt and emotional song writing, combined with perfect performances. Don’t let the fact that these Swedes have death metal origins put you off investigating this album: Dark it most certainly is, but this is powerful, melodic and emotional music that puts the band right up with the best in the progressive metal genre!

1. A House Of Plague
2. Bleeding
3. Taste Of Sand
4. Nothing More
5. Sleepy Town
6. Liar On The Mount
7. Hiding
8. This Cold Heart Of Mine
9. And She Slowly Dies

Stefan Zell – Vocals
Marcus Losbjer – Drums & growls
Mikael Zell – Guitar
Thomas Jansson – Bass
Andreas Baglien – Keyboard