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Sleeping With Angels
Heaven 'N' Hell
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the 10th of Nov. 2003



Just out of curiosity, what do you think is going to happen when four guys whose background and taste in music ranges from death metal and hardcore to Sabbath, Zeppelin and blues get together and start cranking out tunes? That's right, they R O C K!

HEAVEN 'N' HELL was started in 2002 when the Luomanen brothers (Harto and Jaakko, both guitarists) and Oze Vilmunen began writing songs with Tom Hendriksson (vocals) and suddenly got the feeling that they were on to something. The band describes their music as 80's flavoured heavymetalpunk which, in the end is exactly what they're all about. They quickly recorded a demo and landed a deal with RANCH, who were astounded by the band's material from the very start. All the members of HEAVEN 'N' HELL have a long history in music. Looking back on the last 10 years, one is able to find bands playing anything and everything from funk, metal, hardcore, britpop. There is no doubt that this is one of the main factors in what makes HEAVEN 'N' HELL sound so unique and fresh while still maintaining a spirit that's true to their musical roots. 80's flavoured heavymetalpunk. A classic categorization if there ever was one.

HEAVEN 'N' HELL has, despite it's relatively short history, gathered a reputation as a strong liveband. This does not come as a surprise since the band has rehearsed like crazy ever since they first started and the fact that their music simply craves to be aired live. Strong, straightforward, groovy and LOUD as hell.

The album, "Sleeping With Angels", was recorded in Petrax Studios in Hollola, Finland in March 2003. The band wasted no time in putting the tracks on tape as the entire recording process took only 10 days. "Sleeping With Angels" features 10 ridiculously catchy songs with an incredibly heavy sound that is sure to grab even the most jaded cynic by the balls. Who says the glory days are over?

New single ”Two Lost Lonely Souls”/”Shreen” is out October!