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High-octane melodic metal from the heart of Raleigh, North Carolina! On their fourth full-length "Showdown", MEGA COLOSSUS matches epic metal grandeur with the hooks and melodies from Rainbow and Kansas!

Sometimes, a good classic movie reference is all you need. Case in point, MEGA COLOSSUS guitarist/vocalist Bill Fischer who compares the band’s new "Showdown" studio album to its 2021 "Riptime" predecessor with a nod to an iconic series from the 1980s: “Showdown is to Riptime as Temple of Doom is to Raiders of the Lost Ark.” Fischer is spot on. "Showdown" takes MEGA COLOSSUS’ brand of triumphant, big melodic metal to new heights without forgetting where the band came from. It’s like the perfect sequel - but better!

MEGA COLOSSUS was originally formed in 2004 as simply “Colossus” by vocalist Sean Buchanan and Fischer. The band became a fixture on the East Coast live scene, including appearances at the famed South by Southwest festival in 2008 and 2009. The group issued its first album, "...And the Rift of the Pan-Dimensional Undergods" in 2008, followed by the addition of drummer Doza Mendoza and the "Drunk On Blood" EP in 2010, then the "…And the Sepulcher of the Mirror Warlocks" EP in 2012.
Upon learning of another outfit named Colossus, Buchanan and crew requested a battle of the bands to determine the name’s rightful owner. However, the “other” Colossus declined and MEGA COLOSSUS was born in 2016 as an ode to Godzilla and fantasy books. The "HyperGlaive" album followed in 2016, after which bassist/vocalist Anthony Micale joined in 2017. The "V" album was released in 2019, leading to the arrival of guitarist/vocalist Chris Millard in 2021 in time for the "Riptime" LP.

Recorded with Al Jacob at Warrior Sound in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in early 2023, "Showdown" catches MEGA COLOSSUS in full stride, expanding upon its template of dueling twin-guitar harmonies and gallops. Buchanan’s vocals (think of him somewhere between Diamond Head’s Sean and Harris and Dragonforce’s Marc Hudson) are strident and effortless, carrying forth grandiose, bold choruses that even possess the occasional Styx reference.

But above all else, "Showdown" is the amalgamation of five very different musicians with something unique to offer to MEGA COLOSSUS. It is no wonder, then, that "Showdown" has emerged as an epic display of uncanny and striking melodic metal, with all the depth and charisma of a band now entering its 20th year.

"Fortune and Glory" - Official Track Stream: https://youtu.be/Ig71r2So12I

"Outrun Infinity" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/hIriy_x8epM


1. Fortune and Glory
2. Outrun Infinity
3. Grab the Sun
4. Showdown
5. Warden of the Wicked Road
6. Take to the Skies


Sean Buchanan - Vocals
Bill Fischer - Guitar/Vocals
Chris Millard - Guitar/Vocals
Anthony Micale - Bass
Doza Mendoza - Drums

Tourdates 2024:

27.7. Headbangers Open Air
28.7. Kassel . Goldgrube
29.7. Bamberg . Live Club
30.7. Göppingen . Zille
31.7. Karlsruhe Alte Hackerei
01.8. Cologne . Stereo Wonderland
02.8. Burgbrand Open Air
03.8. Hamburg Logo


...and the Rift of the Pan-Dimensional Undergods (2008)
Drunk on Blood EP (2009)
...and the Sepulcher of the Mirror Warlocks EP (2012)
HyperGlaive (2016)
V EP (2019)
Riptime (2021)
Showdown (2024, Cruz Del Sur Music SRL)

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