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Infectious Stench


Xtreem Music
5. July 2018


Spanish Death-Grinders NASTY SURGEONS present their sophomore album, “Infectious Stench”!
The band was founded in Burgos (Spain) in 2016 by members from bands like Mistweaver and Mass Burial in quest for a rawer and extreme sound. Having released their debut album, “Exhumation Requiem”, in January 2017 with a very good acceptance in the gore, grind, and death metal scene, NASTY SURGEONS are back with a new album featuring a cover-art by Juanjo Castellano and 11 songs that will for sure appeal to any fan of bands like old Carcass, Necrony, Exhumed, The County Medical Examiners, and General Surgery.

"Smell the Carcass" - Official track stream: https://youtu.be/Ntw3kGTK-1A


1. Ex Putrefactione Generati
2. Smell the Carcass
3. Infectious Stench
4. Subdural Haematoma
5. Impaled, Crucified and Beheaded
6. Forensic Necrophilia
7. The Lobotomist
8. In Pieces
9. Mouth to Anus
10. Infernal Bacterial Infection
11. Dr Death


Raúl Weaver - Guitar & Vocals
Ramón Mur - Drums
Gonzalo Navazo - Guitar
Fabián Hernández - Bass

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