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Disciple Of Steel


No Remorse Records


EVIL-LŸN is a Traditional Meavy Metal act formed in 2007 in Tampere, Finland. The band's first release was "The Night of Delusions" EP (2012) and it caused a strong blow in the underground scene, followed by breath breaking live performances in festivals like Up The Hammers.

EVIL-LŸN 's current line-up is Lasse Heinonen (vocals), Anssi Salonen (guitar), Lassi Tiainen (guitar), Jarkko Tasala (bass) and Timo Hanhijoki (drums). “Disciple of Steel” is the first full-length album of EVIL-LŸN and expect nothing less than a stellar dose of Traditional Heavy Metal, highly recommended for fans of ENFORCER, NIGHT DEMON and early-IRON MAIDEN.

"Tengel" - Official Lyric Video: https://youtu.be/pw2TOOfu6hk


1. Survive The Night
2. Hellfire
3. Last King Of Thunder
4. Disciple Of Steel
5. Tengel
6. Iron On Iron
7. Shadow Soldier
8. Valley Of The Dead Witch

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