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Vinsta wiads – it gets dark. On its debut album, VINSTA leads us into the mountains of the Salzburg Alps. The seven dramatic compositions allure with sceneries rich in contrast and with vocals sung in the regional dialects of the home lands of band founder Christian Höll. Thus, the music might sound familiar and eclectic at once: While some influences obviously shine through, VINSTA undoubtedly develops its own approach, blending grim melodic death metal with folk inspired acoustic arrangements (performed a.o. on violin and hammered dulcimer). Christian realizes his stirring compositions with the help of talented musicians who share his passionate approach to creating music.

“Vinsta Wiads” explores dark aspects of challenges which might bring you to your knees – and finally let you grow. In Christian’s own words: “It's passionate music which takes the listener on a journey through darksome, yet beautiful emotions.”

The album was recorded by Jakob Klingsbigl / Mischmaschine.at, mixed by Jakob Klingsbigl & Christian Höll, and mastered by Christian Höll. For fans of Opeth, Amorphis, Häive, Disillusion and Dark Suns!


1. Vinsta Wiads (9:01)
2. Gedonknschwa (10:29)
3. Gedonknstad (1:33)
4. Bluatlauf (9:38)
5. Aufgongsjodler (3:54)
6. Dei Ruaf (8:56)
7. Nochklong (1:52)