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Il Nostro Silenzio


Totenmusik / Ván Records


With their second album “Il Nostro Silenzio” MORAST continue where they first took off! They take the listener on an epic ride that is even darker, more oppressive and abysmal than their previous material.

“Il Nostro Silenzio” is loosly based around the lyrical theme of “noises inside the head” and marks the band's biggest production to date. Recorded and mixed by Michael Zech (The Source Studio) and mastered by Victor Santura (Woodshed Studio), the band pushed their obscure path into wider fields of the extreme in terms of both sound and songwriting. No matter if they get more aggressive (“Nachtluft”), more atmospheric (“Il Nostro Silenzio”) or even more sinister (“RLS”), all songs follow a common thread: Darkness!

"Cut" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/kHHMUwtcWgA


1. A Farewell
2. Cut
3. Il Nostro Silenzio
4. RLS
5. Nachtluft
6. November


F. - Vocals
J. - Guitar
R. - Bass
L. - Drums

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