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Judge and Jury


Battlegod Productions
September 2016


Battlegod Productions proudly presents the second full-length of WYRUZ from Hamar, Norway!
Be prepared for hard hitting thrash with touches of black and death metal and melodic dual guitar solos - backed up with a heavy production. 'Judge And Jury' is a giant progression to the debut album 'Fire At Will' in all aspects and will lift the band to the next level. Beside single/festival-gigs (e.g. "Inferno Festival" and "Massive Destruction Festival”), WYRUZ played already one Norwegian tour (supporting their label colleagues Harm under the Battlegod flag) and also participated in the two-week European tour called “The Norwegian Invasion Tour”, which consisted of five Norwegian bands with Blood Red Throne as the main act.

"In Hell" Clip: youtu.be/PkZEkArECco


1. Carved In Stone (4:20)
2. Cripple The Slaves (4:06)
3. The Final Sigh (4:19)
4. Limitations (3:28)
5. Not The Enemy (3:28)
6. Wither (4:44)
7. Judge And Jury (4:03)
8. In Hell (4:31)
9. Desolation (3:04)
10. Fury (3:54)
11. Public Enemy (3:32)
12. No Serenity (4:01)
13. Scars (4:36)


Guitar and vocals: Vegar Larsen
Guitar: Kim Nybakken
Drums: Kenneth Skårholen
Bass: Atle Sjørengen Johannessen