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LUNAR SHADOW - Highly Anticipated Third Album, “Wish To Leave”, coming in March 2021

German Metallers LUNAR SHADOW will release their third studio album, "Wish To Leave", on March 19th 2021 via Cruz Del Sur Music.

"Wish To Leave" marks a change in direction for LUNAR SHADOW - after two well-received albums of Heavy Metal-meets-Scandinavian Black Metal, founder, guitarist and songwriter Max Birbaum had other, more experimental things in mind, namely, taking the band into indie/post-punk territory:

"It certainly sounds different and I suppose many people won't like it," he says. "I’m really looking forward to the release; a little controversy in difficult times might just be what everyone needs right now. The guitars are taken back a little this time, the gain on our amps is lower, the bass is more prominent. No fast shredding, no wild riffing. But our pants are still tighter than they should be and our boots are pointy - it's a good album to have a drink to and forget about your problems. Or make them worse… that depends."

The follow-up to 2019’s "The Smokeless Fires" was recorded from July to November 2020 in Leipzig under the careful eye of engineer/producer Max Herrmann; V. Santura of DARK FORTRESS and TRIPTYKON fame is responsible for mastering. The artwork was created by renowned Russian artist Denis Forkas Kostromitin.

Birbaum previously announced plans to cease all LUNAR SHADOW live activities after their now-postponed appearance at the 2020 Party.San Open Air festival.

1. Serpents Die
2. Delomelanicon
3. I Will Lose You
4. To Dusk And I Love You
5. And Silenced Screamed
6. The Darkness Between The Stars

https://lunarshadow.bandcamp.com +++ https://www.cruzdelsurmusic.com

SERPENTS - Official Video Clip revealed - "Worship the Reprobate"

Swedish Black Metallers SERPENTS have revealed a first official video clip!

Check out "Worship the Reprobate" at this location: https://youtu.be/j17XcxwjMMg

The track is taken from their highly acclaimed release "The Brimstone Clergy", which was unleashed by War Anthem Records in November 2020.

Fierce, fiery and unrelenting Black Metal for fans of Setherial, Dawn, Marduk and the likes!

1. Worship the Reprobate
2. End the Slavery of Being
3. Bring the Apocalypse
4. Shattered Paradise
5. Interlude in B minor
6. Requiem

https://serpents1.bandcamp.com/releases +++ http://www.war-anthem.de

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST - New song revealed

THE RUINS OF BEVERAST have revealed another song from their upcoming new album "The Thule Grimoires".

Listen to "Anchoress In Furs" here: https://youtu.be/4-m2_YtMHEw

"The Thule Grimoires" are THE RUINS OF BEVERAST's 6th spawn in full-length and continue the sonorous wandering across anecumenical spheres that form up and embattle for the ever raging war against poisonous and verminous trespassers of human origin. The seven works evolve around discarnate, spiritful protagonists that join the brave and inexorable powers of nature against their foe. These sceneries are rooted within the familiar TROBesque experience, grim and low-bottomed monolithic tone, enriched with morbid melodic facets and surreal soundscapes.

The release is set for February 5th 2021 via Ván Records!

1. Ropes Into Eden
2. The Tundra Shines
3. Kromlec'h Knell
4. Mammothpolis
5. Anchoress In Furs
6. Polar Hiss Hysteria
7. Deserts To Bind And Defeat


GRAVESEND – Debut Full-Length "Methods Of Human Disposal" via 20 Buck Spin

NYC’s GRAVESEND have announced their debut full-length, "Methods Of Human Disposal" - set for a release on February 19th 2021 via 20 Buck Spin.

The album was recorded by Nolan Voss, mixed by Arthur Rizk (Power Trip, Tomb Mold) and mastered by Brad Boatright.

GRAVESEND arise with ill intent like a foul emanation from the aging sewage filled rot slowly winding its way beneath the city’s vast concrete walls and pavement pathways. A New York of discarded needles, noxious fumes, scavenging rats, broken bottles and cracked minds. Bear witness to savage Black / Death Metal with a hellish Grindcore fixation, searing warped speeds, and the slowly swelling carnage of a derailed subway pile up.

A first track, "Needle Park", is available here: https://youtu.be/PHsZ93toXqo

1. Fear City
2. STH-10
3. Methods Of Human Disposal
4. Ashen Piles Of The Incinerated
5. End Of The Line
6. Subterranean Solitude
7. Unclaimed Remains
8. Verrazano Floater
9. Eye For An Eye
10. Trinity Burning
11. Needle Park
12. Absolute Filth
13. The Grave's End
14. Scum Breeds Scum
15. Concrete Feet

https://warforgravesend.nyc +++ https://www.20buckspin.com

VALDAUDR - Debut Album "Drapsdalen" via Soulseller Records - Details & Trackstream revealed

Time travel to the glorious nineties Norwegian Black Metal era with the epic debut album of VALDAUDR!

"Drapsdalen" is set for a release through Soulseller Records on February 26th 2021 (CD/Digital). The vinyl version will follow during spring (date tba).

VALDAUDR roots on the Black Metal project Cobolt 60, which was initiated by guitarist Død (Blood Red Throne, ex-Satyricon) back in 2000. Though the music is a continuation of Cobolt 60, VALDAUDR is something different as new vocalist Vald (also known from his works with Blood Red Throne) has a totally different vocal style and even puts on some clean vocals here and there. It's still old school and primitive Black Metal, but with some folk elements and epic themes. Think of Darkthrone meets early Ulver meets Primordial! On their debut album "Drapsdalen" Rune Nesse (Taake - live) handled the drums and also took care of the mix.

A first track, "Liket Skulle Vaert Brent", can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/N8WIClKzy1A

1. Liket Skulle Vaert Brent
2. Trass og Vrede
3. Evig Langt Inn I Tiden
4. Den Evige Ild
5. Du Vantro Og Vrange Slekt
6. Drapsdalen
7. Kom, Bestig Vaare Fjell

www.facebook.com/valdaudr +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com

XEPER - New Album "Ad Numen Satanae" via Soulseller Records - Details & Trackstream available

Soulseller Records proudly announces "Ad Numen Satanae" - XEPER's striking new and fourth full-length album full of power, grandeur & passion!

XEPER was formed in 2007 in Treviso, Italy by guitarist Guh.Lu, best known as former member of international bands such as Setherial, Impiety and currently bass player in the Norwegian Black Metal band Gorgoroth. The project features musicians from the worldwide Black Metal scene such as V. Einride (Whoredom Rife) on drums, Maelstrom on vocals and guest appearances of Blasphemer (Vltimas, ex-Mayhem), Mantus (Patria) and various others.

"Ad Numen Satanae", adorned with an artwork by Marcelo Vasco, will be unleashed on February 26th 2021 on CD and digitally, followed by a vinyl release during spring (date tba).

A first track entitled "The Hidden Genesis" is streaming at this location now: https://youtu.be/DiXIxgxA6UA

1. Fiat Interitus
2. The Hidden Genesis
3. Under The Will Of Satan
4. Riding The Spiral Of Lilith
5. Purity And Death
6. Snake That Brought The Flame
7. Ad Numen Satanae

www.facebook.com/xeperofficial +++ http://www.soulsellerrecords.com

THE GENERALS - New Album "To Hell" via Black Zombie Records - Details & Video revealed

Black Zombie Records proudly announces the third full-length of Swedish Death'n'Rollers THE GENERALS!

"To Hell" will be released on February 26th 2021. It was produced by Tomas Skogsberg and recorded at Sunlight Studio, Black Zombie Studio and Dead Dog Farm. The mix and mastering were handled by Lawrence Mackrory at Dugout Productions (FKÜ, LIK, Baest).

THE GENERALS founded in 2002 with a mission to play dirty Action Rock, but quickly evolved into a Death’n’Roll machine. Even though there is still a vein of Rock'n'Roll throughout the music, the band's new album is more Death Metal than ever before. The mix of crushing riffs, epic choruses and evil melodies makes for a headbanging recipe for success.

A video clip for the title track is available at this location: https://youtu.be/zh7dKiCIdVg

1. Faith In Fire
2. To Hell
3. Evolution Of The Flesh
4. Thrill Kill
5. Locate Decapitate Incinerate
6. No Atonement
7. Deadlock
8. Demonical Trait
9. Bombardment
10. Undying Death

Rickard Hednar - Vocals & Bass
Rickard Fäldt - Guitar
Marius Tömte - Guitar
Martin Svensson - Drums

www.facebook.com/thegeneralsSWE +++ www.facebook.com/Blackzombierecords +++ www.blackzombierecords.se

INFLABITAN - Debut Album "Intrinsic" via Soulseller Records - Details & Trackstream revealed

After dwelling in the underground for many years, early Norwegian cult act INFLABITAN finally presents its debut album!

"Intrinsic" will be released on February 26th 2021 through Soulseller Records on CD and in digital formats, followed by a vinyl LP during spring (date tba).

The first single and opening track of the album, "Mental Radiation Fix", can be checked out here: https://youtu.be/3o9YQ_t8QgA

INFLABITAN, named after its founding member, started as a one-man band in the early nineties and was part of the early Norwegian Black Metal scene. After two demos and a single, the project went into hiatus until now when ten brand new tracks were recorded in studio Velvet Recording. Mainman Inflabitan is still taking care of all guitars, bass and vocals, while the drums are handled by AntiChristian (Tsjuder, Beaten To Death, The Cumshots) and the lyrics were written by Aldrahn (Dødheimsgard, Urarv). INFLABITAN’s new material is best described as a mix between Thrash, Death and Black Metal. New magic is being created!

1. Mental Radiation Fix
2. Avanti Cristo
3. Crown Of Horns
4. Egocide
5. Divine Prostitution
6. Introvert Vile Domain
7. Symbols
8. The Evil Mainframe
9. The Great Surrender
10. Children Of The Damned

www.facebook.com/inflabitanintrinsic +++ www.soulsellerrecords.com

THE RODS - 40th Anniversary Re-issues via High Roller Records

THE RODS – this means 40 years of heavy metal history with many classic albums and legendary metal hits!

Quote from RODS drummer Carl Canedy: "I am thrilled that High Roller Records are doing official reissues of the entire THE RODS catalog! From original sources and with high-quality artwork, as well as bonus material. Finally the fans will have the chance to purchase THE RODS‘ music as it was intended. It has been an amazing journey and after 40 years we are happy that the fans have this opportunity! There has been various bootleg and low-fi stuff released over the years so this is very exciting for the band as well!"

To celebrate this and 40 years of THE RODS, the band has available on all digital platforms the new 2020 40th anniversary version of "Crank It Up" mixed by the brilliant Fred Coury!

The re-issues will be available in late summer/autumn 2021.

THE RODS are an American heavy metal band formed in 1980 by David "Rock" Feinstein (guitar, vocals), Steven Starmer (bass, vocals), and Carl Canedy (drums, vocals). Their first album was originally released independently as "Rock Hard" in 1980 and the following year the band was signed by Arista Records, who reordered the album tracks and released it simply titled „The Rods“. Their second album "Wild Dogs" followed in 1982. All in all the band has released 8 studio albums so far.

www.therods.com +++ https://www.hrrecords.de

SATAN'S FALL - "Final Day" - Full Album Stream

Finnish Heavy Metallers SATAN’S FALL proudly present a full stream of their upcoming debut album!

You can listen to "Final Day" in its entirety at this location now: https://youtu.be/lJZ4rfqKwwI

"Final Day" will be released via High Roller Records on December 11th 2020 on CD, the vinyl version will follow January 22nd 2021. The self-recorded material was mixed and mastered by renowned producer Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios.

SATAN’S FALL hark back to metal’s past while conveying a musical and lyrical depth which sets them apart!

"Juggernaut" - Official Video Clip: https://youtu.be/LfEa_AE6UGk

1. Forever Blind
2. Madness (Finds a Way)
3. They Come Alive
4. Retribution
5. Juggernaut
6. There Will be Blood
7. The Flamekeeper
8. Final Day

www.facebook.com/SatansFall +++ https://satansfall.bandcamp.com +++ https://www.hrrecords.de
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