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Art of Propaganda


German black metal band THORNESBREED will release their long awaited new album "GTRD" this June through Art Of Propaganda.

Started back in 1997 as a Death Metal band, THORNESBREED released 3 demos and signed a deal with Animate Records. The debut "The Splendour of the Repellent" was released in 2003 and received good resonances all over Europe. Over the years the band played over 100 concerts across Europe and some selected festivals in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

Now, 12 years and a musical progress later, the sound has changed into morbid exhausting black metal. "GTRD" reflects the evolution of time and marks a new area of the band. The 8 track album was mixed and masterd by A.O.D at Temple Of Disharmony.


1. Death, lucid Death
2. Not a second from Oceans to frozen Wastelands
3. Abendwerk
4. A Marrow’s Void
5. Perpetual Stigmata
6. Horns ov Gaia
7. Dividua Anima Pt. I
8. Towards the liquid paltry Grounds


Sermon - vocals
Faust - rhythm & lead guitars
Morvan - rhythm guitars
Ngaur - bass
Contamination - drums