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The Divine Right of Kings


Soulseller Records

Distribution: G/A/S/Worldwide: Soulfood, UK/Worldwide: Code 7 via PHD, France: Season of Mist


Second album of unique & brilliant stoner hard rock!!!

Groan returns with their second album of catchy, up-tempo stoner rock,The Divine Right of Kings – the follow up to the 2010’s critically acclaimed debut, The Sleeping Wizard. The new album is thoroughly Satanic in its themes and also explores the middle ages, the execution of Charles I, the plague and time-travelling aliens. Groan come forth with doomy riffs for the beard-strokers to nod their heads to and enough groove to make you take your shirt off and pump your fists! Groan bring the thunder boogie!


1. Weeping Jesus (2:29)
2. Sacrificial Virgins (3:41)
3. Magic Man (4:15)
4. Dissolution (4:46)
5. Atomic Prophets (4:14)
6. Gods of Fire (4:55)
7. How Black Was Our Sabbath? (3:43)
8. Let's Have A Pint At The Crooked Cock (0:20)
9. Black Death (2:57)
10. The Divine Right of Kings (8:07)