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Inflicted Deviations
Deviant Syndrome


MDD / Alive


The band was formed back in 2005 in Russia and reached a high skilled level of melodic Death / Black Metal soon. With their Demo „Pictures Of Declared Existence“ they got well-known in their home country and after „Inflicted Deviations“ was released in Russia by their label Mazzar Records they toured with finish KALMAH and PANTHEON I with a great feedback. Now MDD Records takes over DEVIANT SYNDROME for Europe and here‘s the album: full loaded with great melodies and high skilled techincal Death / Black.


1. Harbingers Of Extinction
2. Blessing The Emptiness
3. Entire Cosmic Elements
4. Seal Of A Star Dweller
5. The Wicked
6. A Day To Fall
7. Consequence
8. Liberation
9. Drowned In The Frozen Sun


George Shchelbanin - vocals, guitar
Eugene Sibrisky - guitar
Olga Orekhova - keyboards
Nikita Kharitonov - bass
Konstantin Kalkatinov - drums


Germany - Alive, Benelux - Sonic Rendezvous DCM BV, Greece - Soundforge Music Group, Italy – Audioglobe, Sweden - Sound Pollution Distribution AB, England – PHD, Spain - Green Ufos, France – Soundworks, Switzerland - Max Music, Spain - Forever Changes / Munster, Japan – Artunion, Portugal - Fionmusica LDA