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Northern Silence Productions / Soulfood


Coming from Copenhagen/Denmark, ANGANTYR was founded as an Ambient project by its sole member Ynleborgaz in 1997. His interest in Norse mythology and Scandinavian history is reflected in the choice of the band name - ANGANTYR is the name of an 8th century Danish king - and also the lyrics. After the rather “quiet” start the music quickly developed into raw northern Black Metal, influenced mostly by various early/mid 90s Norwegian acts.

The 1st demo tape “Endeløs” [“Endless”] was self-released in 1998, followed by the debut album “Kampen Fortsætter“ [“The Battle Continues”] in 2000, originally self-released on CD-R and due to the massive interest reissued twice, in limited editions, by THR from Sweden (2003) and Eisenwald from Germany (2007) as well as on vinyl by Blut & Eisen from Germany. The 3rd repressing, which is now being released by Northern Silence, got a complete layout overhaul and a new artwork by Martin Hanford (artworks for Isen Torr, Solstice, The Lamp Of Thoth, Twisted Tower Dire & many others) and, much requested by fans, includes the “Endeløs” demo as bonus tracks, for the first time ever on CD.

2001 saw the self-release of the 2nd demo tape “Nordens Stolte Krigere” [“The North’s Proud Warriors”], followed by the aforementioned reissue of the debut by THR and the sophomore full length in 2004, first released on CD by BBSA from Denmark as well as vinyl by Northern Silence, and later reissued on CD by Det Germanske Folket from Germany. The 3rd pressing, which is now being released by Northern Silence, also got a complete layout overhaul and new artwork by Martin Hanford and includes the “Nordens Stolte Krigere” demo as bonus tracks, also for the first time ever on CD. Both demo tapes had previously been re-released on vinyl only, as limited double-10” by Northern Silence in 2005, and since many fans kept asking for the tracks on CD format they are now being included on the CD reissues for free.

2007 was a busy year for Angantyr with the 2nd reissue of the debut by Eisenwald, the reissue of the 2nd album and release of the 3rd album “Hævn“ [“Revenge”] by Det Germanske Folket, as well as the split CD/LP with Sweden’s NASHEIM through Northern Silence. “Hævn” is now also being reissued by Northern Silence, with new artwork by Martin Hanford and completely improved layout. Due to the extensive playing time of the album itself, with over 70 min near the maximum capacity of a CD, there hasn’t been any bonus material added.

In 2009, after it turned out that the label Det Germanske Folket had apparently ceased to exist, without any notification or other sign of life, Ynleborgaz signed a deal with Northern Silence for the next albums. Thus, the brand new 4th album, entitled “Svig” [“Deceit”], is now being released by Northern Silence along with the aforementioned improved reissues of all previous albums & demos.

Once again the music is mid-90s style northern Black Metal and the lyrics are a continuation of the story of Arngrim, a medieval Scandinavian warrior sailing from his homeland to seek revenge on the Christian invaders who murdered his family (begun on the “Hævn” album.). “Svig” will first be released in limited Digipack and Jewel Case, a vinyl version will then follow in early 2011, together with the also much anticipated vinyl release of the monumental “Hævn” opus - long planned by DGF but never realized by them.

Besides ANGANTYR, Ynleborgaz is also active in several other bands, most notably his successful depressive Black Metal side-project MAKE A CHANGE...KILL YOURSELF, as well as TÅGEFOLKET and as session member in VARDLOKKUR & BLODARV.

Shortly before the release of the new album a festival gig is planned at Barther Metal Open Air in August. Since ANGANTYR has a stable line-up, complemented by session members, many successful live gigs have been played in the past and more will follow in the future.


1. En Fjendes Død
2. Raukes Ran
3. Skyggespil
4. Svig
5. Ni Lange Nætter
6. Arngrims Armod


Ynleborgaz – all instruments and vocals, recording mixing and mastering.


2007 Hævn CD - Det Germanske Folket
2007 Split with NASHEIM CD/LP - Northern Silence
2004 Sejr CD/LP+7”- BBSA/Northern Silence
2001 Nordens Stolte Krigere Demo - Self released
2000 Kampen Fortsætter CDR - Self released
1998 Endeløs Demo - Self released